How to Get CBS All Access Free Trial 2021 Guide

CBS All Access Free Trial

Still, figuring how to get CBS All Access Free Trial? If so, you’re at the right place! Here you will learn about every way you can get CBS All Access Free Trial and other essential information. From device analysis to worth and much more. So let’s begin the article! 

If you’re wondering whether CBS All Access is worth it or not, it would depend. Star Trek Discovery is quite compelling, and so is a production from Jordan Peele. There are many sports channels, as well. 

You have various shows and the latest episodes of many TV productions. In terms of content, it might not be the best, but it isn’t slacking either. After all, CBS was one of the first channels to keep up with the technologies. So you can expect it to bring something better in the future. 


About CBS All Access: 

CBS All Access is one of the oldest streaming service providers from a premium channel network. It partnered with Viacom and became ViacomCBS. There are over 4 million users of CBS All Access, which showcases its dominion. 

Initially, CBS All Access Free Trial was 7-days long. However, in 2020, the company decided to expand it to a month-long free trial. But that is one of the short-lived deals. The company frequently releases these kinds of offers, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for. 

Moreover, some partners or affiliated services can offer an even better package. For example, you have three months of a free trial of CBS All Access if you buy a new Roku device. Therefore, you can get many deals for CBS All Access Free Trial. 

Steps To Get CBS All Access Free Trial: 

You can either download it directly from the website, or you can visit the official app store. This is available on Google Play Store and Apple’s Store, as well. Once you download the app, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Visit the official CBS site
  2. Click on ‘Try CBS All Access.’ It is the best option available. 
  3. Find ‘Try it for free. ‘ 
  4. You would be asked to check out the subscription packages. After all, they will charge you per month after this. 
  5. Try not to get an annual plan for the trial’s subscription. 
  6. They will then ask you to provide complete details, including payment method, credit card information, and much more. 
  7. Then you can finish up the process, and it is ready for you. 

For Roku, you might have to use different methods. Now, you can binge-watch all the episodes of your favorite shows easily through CBS All Access. 

Deactivating CBS All Access Free Trial Streaming Service: 

The process is automated, and it would depend on which package you chose before activating the free trial. That’s why most of the companies ask for a credit card as a payment method. It is safe to choose 5.99 per month by standard, but the packages and pricing might change. So nothing can be said. It is better to keep an eye out for any offer. To deactivate the package, you would have to follow the same process to activate it. You can also go to: 

  1. Go to the official website. 
  2. Log in with your account. 
  3. Go to your Initials and find ‘Accounts.’ 
  4. There you will have a Cancel Subscription offer. 

After following through, you’re good to go. 

CBS All Access Features: 

1. Subscription Package 

There are two subscription packages available for the people. However, if you want to enjoy the free trial, the company often provides a promo code, like Roku, or the one-month trial with the ‘Play’ promo code. 

2. Content Library 

As it is now ViacomCBS All Access, you get the content from both of these platforms. Therefore, you will have access to popular series like the Star Trek franchise, such as Star Trek Discovery. You also get Jordan Peele’s Good Fight. But these are not all that they offer. While the app lacks original shows and content drastically, it makes up for live TV and popular TV Series. You will have access to some of the best TV shows of all time. 

CBS All Access boasts the largest collection of series and so-so collection of movies. While movies aren’t that great, it also lacks original production, but Viacom plans on changing that in the future. You get NFL Football and much more that makes it quite an intriguing platform. All of the content, even live TV and various TV shows, are available in HD quality. There isn’t any 4K UHD definition available for them. 

3. Number Of Devices 

This is perhaps a significant drawback that makes you wonder how the app provider is thriving. CBS All Access Free Trial gives you access to watch on two screens at a time. There is a subscription package for three devices, as well. It also entails that it is what you get for device registration, as well. However, you can probably use it through the website, as well. 

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Final Thought:

To check whether the service is for you or not, it’s better to give it a try by yourself. Binge-watch your favorite shows like Star Trek and have fun! After all, trials are always worth giving a try. It will enable you to determine whether it is the right pick for you or not. Hopefully, the information was worth your time. Remember, if you’re getting a CBS All Access Free Trial, then it is certainly worth the time! Just don’t forget to unsubscribe 24 hours before the billing cycle, and you will be good to go!

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