The Best Audiobook Apps for Android and iOS

Audiobook Apps

Looking for the best Audiobook Apps? We give you the best Audiobook apps for you so that you can listen to your favorite book anytime you wish to. Are you someone for whom reading goes really out of reach, but there’s an equal rooting for stories and words? Then your reading redemption is certainly through audiobooks!

Audiobooks have become very Famouse in recent years, it is trying to get into a competitive nature with paperbacks and ebooks. Audiobooks have developed accessibility which has led them to be more acknowledged by the audiences. If you’re the one looking for the best Audiobook Apps to get your hands-on, then you must look at the list below! 


List of 12 Best Audiobook Apps: 

Here is the list of 12 Best Audiobook Apps in 2021: 

1. Oodles

Audiobook Apps

Oodles is a great application if you are someone who is in a constant quest for free ebooks and audiobooks, sourcing through legal sites. From the public domain, the app widely offers approximately 50,000 e-books and around 15,000 audiobooks. It assures the availability of Classic books from authors such as Mark Twain, Victor Hugo, and Jane Austen. Although, expecting it to serve you with new titles and best sellers is an absolute waste of time! Oodles allows you to look for books in either of the two languages, English or Hindi. 

Audiobooks are very much accessible here, even when the network connection drops! It has a huge collection of free books, both e-books, and audiobooks. Oodles cite you with both the formats, rather than presenting you only the one you asked for. For instance, if an audiobook is also available as an ebook, the app will present you with the two formats. 

2. Google Play Books App

Audiobook Apps

Audiobooks by Google was brought to Playstore in January 2018. The Playbooks app on the Android Store was updated with the audiobook support on the same day. Google Play Books app plays the role of a huge hub for the majority of digital content. All books are easily accessible through the app, ranging from comic books, textbooks, e-books, and even audiobooks. One of the pros that come through this app is the access to contents on any device linked with the Google account. 

This sync allows you to continue through any device, any time. This feature also applies to audiobooks, which refers to the fact that you can begin to listen to an audiobook on a browser through a laptop and later get back to it through the Play Books app on your Android or iOS device. The audiobook you start to listen to on the Playbooks app is eventually being downloaded on your device, this gives an offline availability to your books so that you continue rolling even without an internet connection. 

3. Librivox

Audiobook Apps

Librivox is a volunteer-powered service that enables access to free audiobook versions of classic books that entered the public domain in the United States. Librivox Audiobooks is a free app that is brought in by Book Design, a different company. Although it still offers free audiobooks from Librivox too. Looks Like Best Free Audiobook Apps.

The citizens of the United States have access to approximately 75,000 paid audiobooks, which includes best-sellers and new releases. At the same time, this app also offers over 24,000 free Classic audiobooks. The app enables easy access to Bluetooth controls which helps you to connect your Bluetooth attached headphones or speakers. It also provides support to Android Auto and Google Cast. 

4. Audible

Audiobook Apps

Audible is currently considered as one of the largest and most advanced audiobook applications. It can cater to many audiences through the features it fosters. You can give it a try by simply installing the app through Playstore and thereafter, opting either for the traditional track of buying audiobooks (i.e. one by one) or by subscribing at the rate of $14.95 per month, which allows downloading one audiobook for free followed by other titles at the price of 30% off. 

The other advantage of audible comes with being a member of Amazon Prime subscription, it offers access to audible channels- original programs, lectures, etc. The audible app is free, and ad-free too. It enables the sync of audiobooks on all the devices connected. It presents you with a variety of titles and book series. The audiobooks on Audible are accessible even when you are offline. 


Audiobook Apps is the proper platform to watch out for great accessibility to paid best-sellers and free titles as well It enables the discovery of over 100, 0000 premium audiobooks amongst which 7,000 can be downloaded for free. The made claim of that company is that the catalog is updated with numerous new audiobooks every week. You can get easy access to a massive collection of your tracks through the AudioBooks app present in the Google Playstore. 

This specific application offers good quality sound with adjustable narration speed, wide compatibility, and an advanced player. It also allows making instant contact with the customer service through the chat feature provided within the app. It grabs a good hold of the audience through its distinct capability of adding bookmarks and creating notes through memos. Also, with Android Auto, you can relish the audiobooks on the road. 

6. Overdrive

Audiobook Apps

It’s really good for people who want to read books for free or want to read them according to their budget. Then I suggest to you that this is the right place for you. This app is a media platform where you can rent various media from your library to the internet. It also gives you around the clock services. 

You can listen to your favorite books from anywhere in the world and you can listen to the books which you downloaded from your home as well. This app doesn’t cost you at all. It is for free and it’s an amazing app for audiobooks where it leverages you if that library card you haven’t used in years. 

7. Serial Box

Audiobook Apps

Serial Box provides you an amazing opportunity to take in your dose of stories, relish the episodic coherences accordingly. It allows no rush but respite, taking in fragments of plots that fit the timelines of your break. It provides a variety of genres from non-fiction to horror and sci-fi The first episode requires no price, but the following ones cost $1.99 for both the formats,(i.e. ebooks and audiobooks) It is an interesting alternative for audiobook indulgers, specifically now since the Android version of the app has made its appearance. 

8. Kobo

Audiobook Apps

Kobo has been providing audiobook services since September 2017. Your experience with Kobo will have a semblance to that with Google Play Books. You can either wade through an e-book or peacefully listen to an audiobook. It has a common library. In the case of Android, everything that has been purchased can be accessed from the Kobo Store. 

It is beautifully designed to suit the user’s needs. Through a slider, navigation through the book becomes easier. Moreover, Kobo gives an opportunity to fasten or slow down the narration and check out the remaining time. 

9. Kindle

Audiobook Apps

Kindle is one of the well-known platforms for reading books on Android. It also enables access to audiobooks. Kindle does not display rigidity in its options like Google Play Books (which supports either only an e-book or audiobook), Kindle rather provides more solutions to those who are not avid audiobook admirers. 

Usually, one has to make a specific decision of either buying an e-book or audiobook, but with Kindle, you can buy an e-book and add along an audiobook at half the regular price. This feature of Kindle allows the availability of one book in both formats. The Audiobook companions for Kindle ebooks provide people with an opportunity to set the tone based on their mood. 

10. Libby

Audiobook Apps

If you like listening to audiobooks for free then Libby is the best pick for you. Libby is a highly advanced app that allows you to borrow audiobooks from connected libraries. The common library of Libby displays all the borrowed books in a combined form and aids in management. 

Moreover, if you cannot wait to gulp down the content of recently released books, then look no further than Libby. You can get all the newly released books and bestsellers for free. Have a good time scanning through a wide array of your best collections and listening till you are satisfied! 

11. Hoopla

Audiobook Apps

This app works based on a US library. It’s an interesting app that gives access to free e-books, audiobooks, movies, music, comics, and Tv. It is one of the leading all-in-one digital library apps which allows you to download free ebooks and audiobooks and you can listen to these from any corner of the world for free with no minimal costs. 

It is a user-friendly app that has the best selling novels and the biggest popular movies. This has a little bit of everything for everyone who is in need of reading a good book or listening to an audiobook or looking for something interesting to watch. 

12. Media Monkey

Audiobook Apps

Media Monkey is a music player app which also has the capacity to play different types of media. You can listen to audiobooks, video content, and podcasts on the go, or when you are driving to your workplace it when you are traveling this app can be your best companion. 

This app is not the same as Kobo or Amazon Kindle where you can purchase audiobooks within the app. You can’t just do all of this but you can listen to what you have downloaded. It can be helpful for people who are all looking for different types of media. 

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Final Words: Best Audiobook Apps

I believe that the above-mentioned Audiobook Apps are the nest in the market right now. I hope you will find the suitable one for your needs and be delighted with their services. 

These audiobooks will really help in finishing any awesome book in very little time. We all know it takes time to read a book and also our eyes might strain but these Audiobook Apps will help you finish off by just listening to them. Hope you enjoyed the list of the top Audiobook Apps that I have put up for you. I would be elated if you can share your experience with us with any of the audiobooks mentioned here or if you would like to recommend any other app which is missing from the list.

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