5+ Best Call Center Dialers To Try

Call Center dialers enable you to scale up your operations, automate monotonous tasks, and provide reports to aid strategic business decisions. They should be carefully selected after assessing your business’s needs. Automation technology speeds up and simplifies tasks. It has the potential to improve the efficiency of your Call Center. Contact Center dialers are attempting to improve Call Center productivity as Call Center technology improves. Previously, agents manually sorted customer numbers, reviewed their information, and dialed numbers. That is a waste of Call Center agents’ time, which might be spent on other tasks. A Call Center dialer assists in contact Centers by automating the Calling procedure. All of these time-consuming and tiresome operations may be automated using auto-dialers. This article covers all you need to know about Call Center dialers and auto-dialers. Let’s get started straight now.

What Exactly Is A Call Center Dialer?

Well, A Call Center dialer is an outbound dialer software that automates the act of outbound Calling or sending out campaigns such as voice mails, broadcasts, or SMS. Contact Center dialers simplify Call Center agents’ lives by automating numerous manual tasks. The Intelligent Call Center dialers automate the Calling process and add the touch of analytics and data, allowing organizations to make educated and data-driven decisions about customer service and business communication strategy. Many types of auto-dialers are available, and you may choose the one that best meets your company’s needs.

Call Center Dialer Types

Businesses may choose from various Call Center dialers on the market, each with its technology and functionalities. There are three auto-dialers: predictive, progressive, and preview dialers. Let’s look at the features of the three dialers to assist you in picking the best dialer for your company’s needs.

1. Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is ideal for big businesses with high search volumes. Its clever system uses data such as agents’ average time on the Call, performance, and historical patterns to estimate their availability and the best time to commence the Call. Once connected, the predictive dialer dials numbers from the list and transfers the Call to the appropriate agent. Using answering machine detection, this dialer also displays the customer connection status, such as Call connected, Call abandoned, Call answered robot, line busy, and so on. Only when a human answers the phone is the Call transferred to a live customer service professional.

Predictive dialers begin dialing before the agent’s Call ends to reduce idle time. For example, if the predictive dialer algorithm estimates that the agent’s current Call will terminate in another 40 seconds, the dialer may begin dialing numbers 10-15 seconds earlier. The efficiency of a predictive dialer is determined by the variance factor, the maximum pacing ratio, the wait time of agents, and the Call drop ratio. Company owners should remember that setting up a fast dialer in a contact Center includes dialing ratio, Call reporting, ringing strategy, integration capabilities, customization options, time zone-based Calling, and skill-based routing. In addition, a predictive dialer provides perfect outbound Calling, among other benefits. These include less idle time for agents, more efficiency and productivity, a higher Call connect ratio, greater chat time, and fewer unanswered Calls.

2. Progressive Dialer

Well, Progressive dialers dial the customer number only when the preceding Call’s agent becomes available. Unlike predictive dialers, it does not forecast Call time or agent availability to make Calls. If the agent is not there, it stops Calling. The progressive dialer reduces the agent’s human effort in finding and dialing numbers. At the same time, it allows the agent to reduce a few seconds off between Calls to relax and de-stress. In comparison to other auto-dialers, a progressive dialer is a low-cost option. It has many benefits, including improved customer engagement, enhanced agent productivity, and a decreased Call abandonment rate. This Call Center auto dialer is suited for small to medium-sized Call Centers, b2b operations, and sales.

3. Preview Dialer

A preview dialer is a simple outbound auto dialer that scans current customer data or numbers in the list to advise which number the agent should contact. Preview dialer software also displays all customer information, including prior Calling data and personal information, to assist agents in personalizing the Call. Preview dialing also allows agents to select whether or not to Call a certain customer based on past interaction data. Customer contact data also allows agents to tailor their sales presentations and conversations. This dialer is generally used in b2b sales campaigns since it increases the efficiency of Call Center agents. Now, let’s take a look at the best contact Center dialers.

5+ Best Call Center Dialers To Try

Call Center Dialers to try in 2022.

1. Freshdesk

Call Center Dialers

Freshdesk is a straightforward and mainly dependable cloud-based Contact Center product. It has a global presence in over 100 countries and aims to help businesses engage with their customers at an affordable price. The Freshdesk contact Center is simple and requires no extra hardware. Freshdesk prides itself on its comprehensive customer experience, which allows sales and support teams to operate efficiently. Your customer service agents may instantly start and answer Calls in real time, classify them, and make notes. In addition, Freshdesk enables customers to record Voice emails while away from the office. Freshdesk’s customer service staff is simply the best. The company works relentlessly to provide its customers with new features and automated solutions. Not to mention the Freshdesk contact Center’s many integration options. Freshdesk prices and packages range from $0 per agent per month to $59 per agent per month, depending on features. The sprout plan is ideal for freelancers and startups since it provides basic Call queues, personalized greetings, forward to phone, and limitless agents.

2. RingCentral

Call Center Dialers

RingCentral is an all-in-one solution that assists customers all around the globe in creating outstanding customer experiences. Its fantastic IVR makes it easy for businesses to get in touch with customers quickly. In addition, you may use tools from the best in the market to improve Call-Center performance, research customers, and more. CRM integrations such as SalesForce and others are available via the RingCentral Contact Center. IVR, ACD, chatbots, Call routing, social interactions, integrations, skill-based routing, voicemail, outbound dialing, and campaign management are among the RingCentral Contact Center features. In addition, it gives business owners unique pre-built reports and dashboards, Calls barging, quiet monitoring, analytics, and supervisor tools, to assist them in making educated business decisions.


Call Center Dialers

NICE offers a single and omnichannel platform with several Call routing features, including IVR, conversational AI, chatbots, self-service analytics, self-service builder, and so on. The NICE inContact CXOne is an effective predictive dialer for all businesses. Inbound and outbound Call Center software options provide many solutions for enhancing the entire customer experience. CXone automated contact distributor can route Calls depending on the agent’s expertise and employs AI bots to automate the agents’ monotonous tasks. It supplies pre-trained models based on industry CX data to the AI routing solution. It assists business owners in improving their entire operations and communication strategies.

4. Nextiva

Call Center Dialers

Nextiva brands itself as a cloud contact Center that can scale. It enables two billion+ talks yearly, with over 6 billion minutes of speaking time. Nextiva guarantees 99.99% uptime and offers business-standard features such as IVR, Call routing, ACD, and Call queuing. It is designed to aid businesses of all sizes by combining phone, video, collaboration, SMS, chat, and surveys. Nextiva has built-in CRM and can interface with other CRM solutions. All Nextiva support contact Center features, such as Call routing, voicemail, Call recording, and landline business phones may be linked with the solution using the Nextiva business phone service. Nextiva offers several contact Center solution packages beginning at $50 per agent each month. Four packages are available: core, premium, optimal, and ultimate. All of these packages have unique features. Nextiva is an excellent choice for all business kinds, and it also provides 24/7 customer assistance, making it easy for agents to have their questions answered promptly.

5. Voicent

Call Centers may use Voicent Call Center software to handle agents, inbound Calls, outbound campaigns for lead generation, telemarketing, and sales calls, among other things. Voicent’s simple Call Center dialer software includes predictive, preview, progressive, and manual dialing modes. In addition, it includes an agent dashboard that provides real-time data and analytics to assist agents in enhancing productivity and setting up triggers when a lead converts to a customer or a Call receiver opts into your campaign. Voicent offers a free 30-day trial. Following that, pricing begins at $19 per agent each month, which includes built-in CRM, a choice of dialers, and two voice channels. In addition, auto attendant, PBX, IVR, text messaging, email and workflow automation tools, and Call Center management tools are all available as plan options.

6. Talkdesk

The Talkdesk is one of the most popular and powerful cloud Call Center software solutions, with features like Call reporting and AI-powered speech analytics. In addition, customer self-service, Call recording, mobile contact Center tools, integration features with other software and tools, AI-based virtual assistants, and reporting make Talkdesk, a dependable software for big organizations. Talkdesk offers a variety of price options, beginning at $75 per user per month with its CX cloud basic bundle. The CX cloud essential package includes voice engagement, studio, business intelligence, routing, real-time dashboards, virtual agent, AI trainers, agent assistant starts, and other basic features. Talkdesk feels that using AI to improve customer experience is a good start.

7. Five9

Five9 is a popular cloud contact center solution that provides an inbound and outbound dialing solution. It offers an omnichannel experience by seamlessly linking all communication channels, including phone calls, lead-generating forms, social media, and live chat. Five9 is a best-in-class AI solution that automates conversations and assists live operators, allowing you to reduce support costs while increasing customer service. It includes voice mail, agent scripting, IVR, text-to-speech, toll-free numbers, DNC compliance, and online Callback features from all three Call Center dialers (Predictive, Preview, and Progressive). In addition, it offers 24-hour assistance and comprehensive Call and performance data to help improve overall business communication operations. Five9 is a full-service Call Center solution with four price options (Core, Premium, Optimum, and Ultimate).

8. Genesys

Genesys has supported several contact Centers transitioning from old approaches to the full cloud or hybrid architecture. It is easy to set up complicated outbound processes and strategies using Genesys’ predictive, preview, and manual dialing with additional IVR and ACD features. It offers self-service options like speech bots and chatbots, and its easy user interface manages emails, chats, social media interactions, and comments. In addition, Genesys allows you to accept Calls even when you are not in the office and respond to and listen to emails and voicemails. The Genesys Cloud CX1, CX2, CX3, Genesys Choice, and Genesys DX are the five packages available. Genesys Cloud CX1 begins at $68 per month and includes basic features like inbound and outgoing voice, IVR, Callbacks, data storage, and voice campaigns. Genesys Choice and Genesys DX have tailored packages for medium and big businesses.

Wrapping Up: Call Center Dialers

In the current era of cloud computing and fast-growing technology, a business must seek a product that provides a fantastic customer experience if it wants to expand and achieve a competitive advantage. Therefore, choosing a product that can expand with the company’s demands is critical.

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