6+ Best Cloud PBX Solutions You Can Use In 2022

Cloud PBX

PBX systems were formerly exclusively accessible as on-premise solutions. However, this required strict self-management, significant maintenance costs, and a high degree of complexity. As a result, although on-premise solutions are still available, modern-day PBX customers are urged to host their phone system in the Cloud. Not just because it is less costly but also because it is simpler to manage and has unique features. To demonstrate, consider the following features:

Off-Site Hosting

Your provider runs and means your phone system; thus, the data centers are located elsewhere. This reduces the need for regular hardware repair.

IP Phones

Cloud-based PBX systems are Ethernet-based. This means that your whole organization may utilize VoIP and mobile phones from any location with an Internet connection.

Simple Management

Cloud-based PBX solutions integrate all necessary features into an online dashboard. This means you can route, assign rights, manage phone setups, and so on straight from your browser.


Whether on a business vacation or away from the office, Cloud PBX ensures that your clients and team can contact you anytime.

No Additional Costs

The solutions in this article are purely based on a plan-based methodology. You pay for the features you need, nothing more and nothing less. Finally, going digital ensures you can integrate your preferred Cloud PBX platform with your chosen customer relationship management tools. Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Freshdesk, and many more are examples.

Well, going digital with your business phone system was formerly all about cost-effectiveness. Nowadays, you may benefit from enhanced productivity, simplicity of scalability, and hundreds of integrations with your business’s current tools. So, let’s take a deeper look at your options for the best Cloud PBX solutions on the market.

6+ Best Cloud PBX Solutions 2022

Cloud PBX Solutions you can use in 2022.

1. JustCall

JustCall is a cloud-based PBX system that offers companies with business numbers in over 70 countries. When you call your clients, the phone numbers generated by JustCall seem like local numbers, providing high transparency. A local number removes the need for clients to question the validity of the calls they receive. Soon after becoming a JustCall subscriber, you’ll be able to create new phone numbers in the nation of your choice. Best of all, it’s not simply a simplified set of phone numbers. When keeping you and your clients in contact, JustCall’s extensive list of features.

2. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a cloud-based phone system that includes a call center platform. It integrates with current business tools, such as helpdesks and eCommerce businesses, to assist expedite client-to-business communication. The most common monthly plan begins at $20 and may be adjusted based on your need. In addition, unlike cumbersome in-house PBX systems, CloudTalk is browser-based. Well, this ensures that setting up your call center takes just a few minutes and that you may start taking calls on the first day.

You and your employees may record and take notes on each call in real-time. As a result, you’ve the flexibility to make long-term choices that will benefit your business. If you’re still not persuaded, CloudTalk offers a 14-day free trial. In addition, CloudTalk collaborates closely with HubSpot, so if you already have a HubSpot infrastructure, you can integrate both platforms for a considerably better customer engagement experience.

3. JivoChat

JivoChat provides all of the virtual PBX features you want for your business, allowing you to receive and make real-time calls and SMS text messages. It enables you to make calls to over 50 countries and even forward/distribute calls. The best part is that you can do all the chores directly from the Jivo app. You can get multiple numbers for different countries for $1 per month and make calls for $0.02 each month. There is also 24-hour customer service through phone, email, and chat.

4. Aircall

Are you searching for a business phone solution that can grow your business? Then, Aircall is the only option. A fantastic option for business owners who want to start their call center and extend it as their business grows. So, how hard is it to put Aircall into practice? The great news is that everything from signing up to obtaining your first phone number is automated. Then, after you’ve established your team structure, you can begin adding phone numbers from over 50 countries.

You may modify each number you create for national needs and can even attach a number to a particular team member. For example, someone who works in the area where you want the number to be placed. But it isn’t all. Support for third-party connectors is required to make your call center as full as feasible. You probably already manage your customer list using helpdesk software or another method. Even in this area, Aircall is incredibly transparent with its support. The current list of connectors includes over 100 tools and platforms used by contemporary business owners, including Zoho, Shopify, SnapCall, Pipedrive, and many more.

5. RingCentral

RingCentral is the preferred phone system for over 400,000 business owners globally. It has many features to match your requirements, whether you’re a small business or a big organization. In addition, RingCentral distinguishes itself as a cloud-based VoIP platform with features for phone calls, mobile messaging, and video and audio conferencing possibilities.

RingCentral’s seamless mobile and desktop experience is one of their most sought-after features. This ensures that employees, whether on the road or in the office, may always access critical calls (whether missed or not). In addition, you may use distribution to assign separate teams to distinct parts of your business, such as customers that want technical or financial assistance. The Essentials plan costs $20 per month, while the Ultimate (all-inclusive) plan costs $50 per month. Remember that these membership fees do not include individual phone numbers, which start at about $5 for one international number.

6. FreshCaller

The FreshCaller’s cloud PBX system is one of the market’s favorites, with over 40,000 customers. It does not need maintenance, downloads, or hardware to start. Instead, you can grow as needed and make things simpler for your team by providing them with this cutting-edge speech AI engine that believes in simplicity.

7. RingOver

RingOver is a telecommunications platform developed in France that allows you to set up your digital call center in less than 5 minutes. From no call center to having a phone number and receiving your first customer call. All due to a highly developed infrastructure that will assist you in reaching your objectives. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything outside the RingOver installation procedure. Well, the dashboard you get after signing up is comprehensive. You may start adding new numbers and team members immediately after signing up.

The most popular package (Power) begins at around $60 per month. This offers unlimited calls to over 100 countries worldwide. You will also be able to integrate your call center with over 15 of the most prominent CRM platforms on the market. In addition, individual evaluations suggest that RingOver receives high marks for technical support. In other words, if you’ve never utilized a Cloud PBX system before, RingOver will happily assist you in getting started as soon as feasible.

8. 8×8

8×8 is dedicated to assisting small-to-medium-sized business owners in developing a dynamic phone system that spans the whole business structure. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, 8×8 can deliver high-speed PBX services using just an internet connection. 8×8 can give more than just a typical phone management system since it is an all-in-one platform.

The Employer Dashboard is one of the features that sets 8×8 apart. This dashboard enables you to integrate all of your employees into a single system. Employees may chat with one another, allocate calls, and manage a voice message backlog. Finally, if you choose 8×8 – one of their PBX professionals will give you an introduction tour of the device that may take up to an hour. This will ensure that you are thoroughly conversant with their key features and how they might benefit your business.

9. Nextiva

Nextiva is one of the market’s oldest and possibly most popular cloud-based PBX solutions. The firm has over 15 years of digital phone system industry expertise. It has weathered several changes in general VoIP technology that we see on the internet today. The crown gem of Nextiva’s success has been the ongoing development of the NextOS platform. NextOS encompasses all areas of communication in a business context. Nextiva, in particular, is committed to integrating team and client interactions into a single dashboard. As a result, the digital call center experience is seamless.

From simple features like voice calls, call forwarding, and call queues to more complicated tools like client information and business data, there is something for everyone. But, in the long run, Nextiva will assist you in gathering enough information about your customers to understand their demands better. This is accomplished with artificial intelligence, which enables Nextiva to collect important customer information in real-time. And, since it is a novel method, it is best suited to medium-sized businesses that want to develop exponentially in a reasonable amount of time.

The Bottom Line: Cloud PBX Solutions

Businesses are increasingly embracing the digital environment. When older systems become more costly to operate, it only makes sense to seek dependable replacements. Cloud-based phone systems enable you to do business from any location.

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