12+ Best Cloud CRM Solutions To Try In 2022

Cloud CRM

Cloud CRM Solutions To Try: Companies increasingly integrate technology and platforms with customer data to create a tailored experience. As a result, the CRM software business is expanding at an astonishing pace. According to reports, 91 percent of businesses with more than 11 employees currently use CRM software. It is expected to reach $80 billion or more in revenue by 2025. The reason for such widespread adoption might be the ease with which such software allows for real-time access to customer data through mobile and cloud solutions. As a result, you can boost lead generation, sales, and revenue with the appropriate tools while keeping your customers satisfied. It creates a win-win scenario for everyone!

What Is CRM?

CRM (customer relationship management) software is used by businesses to organize, synchronize, and automate every aspect of customer engagement, including sales, marketing, analytics, customer support, and services. In addition to creating contact through emails and notes, the software may connect these areas. It can also handle less sophisticated project management and accelerate the whole process. Certain software includes calling features and chatbots to help sales reps communicate with customers straight from the software. Powerful CRM systems may give a dependable performance with ease. These features are included in this software to accomplish a similar goal: to optimize the whole customer relationship management process to increase your company’s overall productivity. CRMs have made considerable progress to become more advanced. These systems can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of business operations. CRM will continue to expand as artificial intelligence, and machine learning become more prevalent.

Why Is CRM Important For Your Business?

As your brand expands, there is an inherent necessity to manage the many aspects of your business. Everything in its wake increases, from your customers to your staff, from your sales and marketing activities to your analytics. Manually running your business becomes difficult, expensive, and inefficient in this case. It might lose you sales and customers if not handled carefully! As a result, you should not rely only on manual spreadsheets or sticky notes! This is where CRM software enters the picture. It may help your business develop by optimizing worker and business procedures and putting automation at your fingertips! CRM software provides the following advantages:

Organizing Data Efficiently

Businesses must manage massive amounts of data, such as contacts, customer profiles, etc. Managing them manually is difficult, but not with CRM software. Through effective administration, it delivers a comprehensive picture of all your data. It can even help you operate your sales procedures smoothly.

Better Insights

Several measures, like deals booked, calls made, email auditing, and so on, may be used to assess sales performance and execute an audit. For example, you may identify prospects at all phases of your sales funnel using customer relationship profiles.

Simplifies Sales Processes

You may use several communication channels to utilize the efficiency of up-selling and cross-selling. By identifying customer behavioral patterns, these systems may help optimize your marketing efforts.

Customer Segmentation

Sales teams and digital marketers may utilize customer segmentation to shape personalization efforts. For example, they may use the software to divide prospects into categories depending on criteria such as area, deal, etc. This allows sales teams to focus on certain areas and provide customers with a more detailed solution.

Facilitates Team Collaboration

The more your staff understands your target customers, the better they will be able to identify their demands and streamline their efforts. In addition, they may extract important information from the CRM system to obtain optimum outcomes with the least amount of friction. As a result, it promotes improved cooperation among your team members.

Funnel Management

CRMs aid in the development and management of your sales pipeline. You can track and manage all of your contacts without missing a beat! You may use the software to send emails depending on customer behavior, follow-up through phone calls, and so on. As a result, it might help you grow your customer base and create better ties with them.

Automation And Integration

Automate your tasks and integrate them with other apps like email, SMS, telephony, eCommerce, accounting, marketing platforms, etc.

Why Use A Cloud-based CRM?

Gone are the days when you required a specialized IT team to manage big and pricey CRM software. Modern Cloud-based CRM is technologically advanced but user-friendly and tailored to your specific business needs. According to one survey, just 12% of businesses used cloud-based CRM in 2008, but that figure has since risen to 87 percent. These systems enable you to store all your acquired customer information in the cloud, which you can access anytime. As a result, you no longer have to worry about data storage, administration, and payment for each license for separate devices. A cloud-based solution makes everything easier, from deployment to maintenance. Cloud-based systems do everything on-premise and are more adaptable to your business needs. So, let’s look at some of the best Cloud-based CRM solutions for growing your business outside its borders!

12+ Best Cloud CRM Solutions 2022

Cloud CRM Solutions to try in 2022.

1. Freshsales

Using Freshsales CRM, you can harness the power of AI to handle your business processes and engage effectively with your customers. It has sophisticated in-built tools like Freshcaller, which offers you to swiftly conduct calls and send targeted emails to prospects and customers based on their requirements. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to get started; everything from account setup to running is quite easy. You may use it for lead scoring, activity capture, and many other things to comprehensively understand your business. It also provides reports to assist you in identifying and segmenting your prospective leads who display purchasing tendencies. You can even receive real-time notifications and alerts when a new email arrives, someone clicks on one of your links, and so on.

2. Zendesk Sell

Using Zendesk Sell, you can streamline your conversations into real-time conversions, streamlining your business processes, increasing productivity, and improving pipeline visibility. This comprehensive and user-friendly tool handles your salespeople’s most common difficulties. It carefully eliminates any potential friction caused by deal changes and helps your sales team to collaborate, access, and evaluate key offer information.

Zendesk Sell gives your sales reps access to all linked tools, allowing them to understand a customer’s account completely. This keeps them in the loop and allows them to capitalize on any chances. In addition, because the tool automates data gathering, it is easy to maintain track of new and old information that reps may utilize to remain current in the sales funnel. It also aids in the prioritization of your prospects and customers.

Making calls, organizing meetings, sending emails, and examining transaction history are all available with a few mouse clicks from the dashboard. In addition, Zendesk Sell offers Smart Lists, which let you filter and segment your deals and leads in real-time. With this desktop sales software, you can see opportunities, keep organized, and complete deals from anywhere, even offline. In addition, it offers a seamless connection with Mailchimp to help you track your campaigns and Pandadoc to see the status of your contracts.

3. Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems CRM is designed for growing teams and is extremely simple to set up and operate. Create an effortless organization with a centralized hub that includes a configurable Sales CRM, marketing and service tools options, and connectors with other apps. So everything is in one place, allowing outstanding team communication and customer interactions that drive sales development. This cloud CRM software provides complete insight into customer interactions while strengthening your team and partnerships. You may develop campaigns and deliver newsletters straight from your CRM system with their Integrated Marketing solution. There is no need for a separate emailing product since everything you want is available in one place! Really Simple Systems CRM offers a customized solution that can be tailored to your specific requirements, with self-service options and a comprehensive Customisation Service. You will notice right away that support is there when you need it. This free service is available in various forms, including an online chat system and many self-service tools.

4. Keap

Is there any way to extract productivity while working less? Yes, with hard work! This is precisely what Keap, a solution that automates your business processes and breaks down large tasks into smaller, more manageable ones, can provide. As a result, your sales team will be able to work with more focus and efficiency, increasing overall productivity. For example, you may use Keap to automate all of your follow-ups and reply to them at lightning speed. It delivers tailored emails to new leads and reminders to current customers. It also refreshes all interactions and puts them in a single location for easy management. Set up appointments, obtain quotations, make bills, and track leads with this advanced software; everything is only a few clicks away. It also includes Campaign Builder, which offers you to automate your marketing and sales operations. With this setting, you may tag new leads, send emails, assign tasks, and do other things.

5. Salesforce

Salesforce is certainly, one of the best cloud-based CRM solutions for revolutionizing your business. Maintain a one-of-a-kind connection with your customers while unifying your sales, marketing, IT, service, and commerce teams with a single piece of software. Allow your sales team to enhance productivity and generate reliable leads without hassle or time constraints. It also helps you deliver correct proposals, bids, and contracts and automate your billing, revenue recognition, and subscription. Sales Cloud includes artificial intelligence to provide your sales teams with actionable analytics, predictive scoring, accurate forecasting, and intelligent automation to help lead the future of business. You may also synchronize your emails and calendar for data input automation. Furthermore, the tool offers a process builder, collaborative forecasting, auto activity capture, and other customizable options. In addition, Salesforce offers Flow Builder, a drag-and-drop tool, to help you automate your business processes. It enables you to construct business processes for assuring compliance or automating repetitive tasks.

6. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is more than simply a contact management solution for your business. It offers free tools for automating track reports and tracking performance. A comprehensive dashboard provides you with real-time insight into your sales funnel. You may even guide your sales team toward your objective due to receiving reports on individual performance and sales activities. This CRM includes a solution for everyone, whether you have a small, medium, or large-scale business. You can have limitless data, users, and 1 million contacts with no expiry date. Hubspot also provides advanced and time-saving tools to help your sales teams be more productive. These tools also reduce friction and promote cooperation. For example, they may inform your reps whenever a customer reads an email or visits the business website. As a result, they can effectively follow up on the correct leads at the right time. In addition, you may better connect with your prospects by organizing meetings, email templates, live chats, a click-to-call option, and other tools.

7. Pipedrive

Looking for CRM software to help you focus on your customers and propel your business forward? Pipedrive has powerful features that allow you to prioritize your deals, forecast revenue, and track overall sales performance. It offers bespoke online forms and chatbots that feed hot deals directly into the sales funnel. Auditing calls, contacts, and email history allow you to track the whole dialogue. As a result, seize control of your data and utilize it to shape your sales efforts. You may use your smartphone or PC to access the software and integrate it with sales-boosting apps. Pipedrive’s artificial intelligence may help you reduce monotonous tasks. Explore your reports using the software and compare them to your objectives. To protect against unexpected occurrences, Pipedrive offers total transparency and security on how your data is utilized.

8. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM, which has a worldwide network of 150,000+ businesses distributed across 180 countries, assists businesses in increasing revenue by improving customer interaction and converting more leads. You may use the tool to plan meetings easily, give presentations, organize webinars, and get real-time reports. Sales is a numbers game, and keeping track of performance and sales metrics will help you remain ahead. To guarantee you play an “unrivaled game,” the software enables your business operations with clever AI tools, unified dashboards, and specialized mobile apps. Collaborate team collaboration by using shared feeds to answer each other’s questions, exchange ideas, and disseminate deal data to keep everyone up to speed. Using the software, you may reach out to your customers through phone calls, social media, emails, and live chat. Get rapid alerts when a customer engages to help them in real-time. The tool also automates your tasks, reduces repetitive tasks, and lets you to better follow up with your customers. Everything is simple, from deployment to onboarding to training, including data conversion from spreadsheets and other CRM systems.

9. Insightly

With Insightly, you may personalize your unique business message and reach a lasting impact on your customers. It helps you stand out from the crowd by providing a feature-rich, personalized, and user-friendly interface. You may use Insightly to track key lead data, marketing campaigns, communication, and tasks to assess and automate the complete business process. The CRM enables real-time lead routing to the appropriate customer so that reps may follow up with them while they still have the opportunity. You may also run bespoke business logic to synchronize external entities such as Oracle, SAP, and others. Sending bulk emails to your contact list is faultless and records and alerts you of each email delivery. You can get information on how many emails were opened and clicked this way. The software maps customer connections using a record linking mechanism, which allows you to attach emails, customer data, and other information to your database. Insightly lets you quickly create bespoke apps and distribute them across mobile devices and the web. You can develop dashboards with convenience and industry-level security, make stunning data visualizations, and track valuable analytics.

10. Salesmate

Using the Salesmate CRM, you can successfully manage your business operations and establish long-term customers that rely on you. This has many features that will help your business drive revenue and reduce complicated tasks. First, engage with your customers and prospects and provide them with useful information as soon as possible. Second, it provides correct information so that your sales team may provide customized experiences to each inquiry received. As a result, your conversations may convert into prospective leads, which can ultimately be converted into satisfied customers. Third, it provides a drag-and-drop option for tracking, progressing, and filtering your deals and the ability to set reasonable targets for your sales reps and measure their performance. Fourth, it employs analytics and accepts 700+ connections, such as Outlook, Google Apps, Zapier, and others, to support your business connection with other systems. Finally, customize it to your liking and sell your goods or service from any location using your PC, Android, or iOS smartphone.

11. Nutshell

Nutshell offers a CRM to help you develop successful business connections and trigger more conversions. It is expertly crafted to fit the unique demands of different businesses. The easy-to-use software allows your teams to handle advanced solutions without needing them to be IT experts. The CRM automates all time-consuming procedures with sales automation, enabling your team to focus on customer nurturing. It offers performance monitoring and reporting so you can see what’s going on in real-time and work on areas that need to be improved. You may use Nutshell to collaborate with your teams easily and stay on top of all the crucial details that need your attention. It also improves the management of your pipeline and contacts and provides personalized customer support.

12. EngageBay

EngageBay is an acceptable substitute. Use this software to acquire customers, form strong bonds with them, and convert them into loyal customers. It can intelligently meet your sales, marketing, and customer service requirements. Using EngageBay, automate your marketing campaigns, tasks, and routines to see increased productivity and efficiency in your business without sacrificing quality. Manage deals, obtain 360-degree customer insights, arrange meetings, and more. Take a step forward in helping your customers by using live chat and customer support ticket management.

13. Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM, as the name implies, offers a streamlined solution to help small businesses manage their contacts, follow up on leads, and track them successfully without “getting you upset.” The effortless system requires little time to set up and is simple to operate. You may also use its video introduction to familiarize yourself with its features. However, if you get stuck, they provide free email and phone support even if you are not yet a customer. Many businesses are puzzled by the infinite features and functions available when it comes to CRM. Small businesses, in particular, find it difficult and wind up spending their hard-earned money on features that they did not need in the first place. This Cloud CRM solution is accessible to you to make things “less irritating.” It helps you enhance customer service, increase productivity, and close more deals. You can keep all your information in one place, including your files, notes, tasks, pipeline data, events, etc. It has a search function to help you discover data quickly. Integrate multiple systems, such as Google Calendar, with this software to manage tasks and events while saving time. Lead reports allow you to stay current on leads, including their priority and status.

The Bottom Line: Cloud CRM

With so much rivalry, a growing business must discover creative strategies to remain ahead of the competition. For example, businesses may use CRM SaaS to create long-lasting customer connections, manage processes, and shape their sales and marketing activities to drive growth.

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