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It is work from home time for most of you, and while you are at it, I make sure the kids in your house have a free run. Enjoyable and romp are alright; however, complimentary time can also be used for knowing. While most of us are uncertain when the schools open, an excellent choice is to utilize technology to teach pre-school and kindergarten kids standard language abilities. So, here are some of the Best Language Learning Apps for kids.

The Best Language Learning Apps for Kids.


Learn English for Kids – First Words

Learning Apps

Kids choose many words from their surroundings and already have a little vocabulary to begin with. This app assists them to boost this vocabulary with games, sounds, animation, and flashcards. I believe kids see most of these things around the household, and it is simple for them to relate and discover.

Lingokids PlayLearning Ap

Learning Apps

This app counts on content from Oxford university press. To begin, you need to signup and pick your kid’s language skill level for a customized English course accordingly. For instance, if he can read individual words, simple expressions, or can communicate easily. The type of lessons covers all the essentials.

You can discover exercises on numbers, alphabets, colors, shapes, and other fundamental lessons. To keep the knowledge in check, you can also set practice reminders, so the learning is continuous. You have a seven-day trial duration, after which it costs $15/montly.

Montessori Preschool

Learning Apps

If you see an app that does lots more than teaching alphabets, this is one app your kid certainly should try. It’s a fun Learning App licensed by Montessori instructors. If you’re utilizing it for enjoyable, I will not recommend subscribing. However, I’m sure your kid can learn a lot for $4.5/ month.

Learn English for kids

Learning Apps

Grownups love quizzes, and I’m sure kids will enjoy them too. Learn English for kids app has just two language support, English and Hindi. If you do have one, this app is a treasure.

Khan Academy Kids

Learning Apps

You need to signup to utilize the app and track the progress of the kid. This language section is comprehensive and interactive games are being used to teach alphabets, words, vowels. So, If your kid is bored, the drawing board can be the best time-buster.

Unuhi: Bilingual Books for Children

Learning Apps

The Made by The University of Oxford, Unhi is an app that utilizes a multilingual method in the form of flashcards & stories to teach. All you have to do is choose and download two languages. You can alter the expression anytime and download stories for offline viewing.

The app doesn’t require signup. Nevertheless, most of the stories and flashcards need to be bought to check out in its entirety. If your kids love to listen to stories, there is a narrative choice that pronounces sentences in both the picked languages.


Learning Apps

Bolo is a voice-based app by Google. This uses a tutor bot named “Diya,” which makes this comparable to a one on one mentor experience. So, You can read the sentence aloud & get a real-time evaluation. It’s a fantastic approach and also motivates the kid to speak the language from time to time. The app has primarily Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, etc., but there’s an alternative to merely selecting English.

It is filled with many interactive activities such as stories, speed reading, jumble word games, and more. However, this app isn’t for somebody who is just starting with the alphabet. However, your kid can already form and comprehend words. Attempt this immediately!

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Final Words :

These interactive games are an enjoyable method for kids to find out without getting tired. The apps vary from fundamental English language skills to learning how to check out. So you can attempt all of them and most likely create a list of fav—apps for your kid for a holistic approach.

Well, Mixing and matching these apps will make a fantastic schedule for your kid’s language development. Download and let your kid pursue himself. So, Here my list of the Best Language Learning Apps for kids. Then, What are you waiting for?

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