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From a unique way to shop to the hottest teen trend “Boomerang,” Instagram has tremendously evolved through the years. Through its core, Boomerang is a super stunning application by Instagram that allows you to capture the burst of photos that cycle back and forth speedily, creating an amazing animated GIF. This boomerang videos look something in between stop motion videos and GIFs.

Although Instagram already has this ‘one-second video-loops’ feature in its story mode. The standalone app is built upon the idea stimulated by Twitter’s Vine, which lets users make a “six-second video loop” and share on different social media platforms. This Boomerang Video App is available for both iOS and Android users! Hence, let’s get started using the Boomerang app? Get a look below:

How To Use Boomerang App for iOS and Android?

To start using the Boomerang video app, one has to download it from Google Play Store or App Store. It is available free of cost.

Step 1- Open the Boomerang Video Application on your device and show your camera at something you want to boom.
Step 2- Some Interface will show you three buttons: Shutter Button (in the bottom center) to start shooting, flash button (at top-right) for proper lighting, and flip-cam (at the bottom-right) to switch the camera to rear or selfie mode.

Step 3- Get a perfect moment and start shooting by tapping the Shutter button.
Step 4- Preview your video & start sharing with your social media family.

Boomerang Boomerang
Step 5- If you are sharing your mini video on Instagram, you can apply various filters to customize your video.
Also, that’s it. Happy Booming!

Alternatives to Boomerang Instagram


Instagram’s Boomerang video application is an easy way to create amazing mini videos that loop back and forth. Nevertheless, if you want to find some other apps like Boomerang that you can download for free, check out the list below:




Entirely inspired by Instagram’s Boomerang, meet InBoom, a fantastic alternative to enjoy video loops with ease. This App allows you to create one-second videos that rapidly plays forwards & backward, to create cinematic masterpieces shots. So, Using InBoom, you can easily manipulate the direction and speed of video playback so that remarkable video loops can be created.


  • High-quality video recordings.
  • Now, Directly share videos with your social media family and friends.
  • Enjoy its unique slow motion and acceleration effects.
  • Gorgeous effects and transitions.



VivaVideo is a free video editing app that allows you to create pro-looking video clips within a few clicks. Now, You can create memes, montage, collage, duet videos, and loop clips using the tool. Plus, VivaVideo is a one-stop solution if you want to record, edit, or manipulate a video or photo in one place, accompanied by a plethora of filters, effects, and tools. Aside from helping you to create mini loop video clips, the App possesses the following qualities.


  • Easy-to-use with friendly Interface
  • Add texts, FX, effects stickers, soundtracks, etc.
  • Hundreds of free music tracks
  • HD export with no quality loss
  • Best for both beginners and professionals
  • Share instantly on Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp.
  • Crop, edit & manage to create something amazing!



Its Owned by Google, with millions of monthly users worldwide Scrubbies have been one of the fastest-growing platforms in the category of video editing apps. Scrubbies is simple and fun to use, and it permits you to create videos with music effects so that you can make fun videos on your device in less period. So, what are you waiting for? Now, Start creating fun, short video clips with your favorite pictures & music using the Scrubbies app.


  • Capture funny faces and replay moments
  • Swipe with two fingers to record
  • It has Captured footage automatically gets saved to the gallery.
  • Easy manipulation of speed & directions of video playback
  • Simple Interface and fun video effects



Bring moments to life using Slowmographer. This App has a one-tap shoot button, a plethora of filters and cool transition effects to create fun short video clips. So, Just capture the moment, and Slowmographer will automatically transform it into a ‘three-second loop’ video that can be shared as GIF. It is one of the best apps to make you shine on Instagram. Also, Adding to that, Slowmographer has the following features:


  • Now, Lets you share your videos on Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and much more.
  • Quick and easy-to-use
  • Tons of cool Image filters and transition effects
  • Beam shots to another iPhone
  • Has Burst mode feature to click multiple shots simultaneously
  • Shot videos get automatically saved into the camera roll

Loop Video


Loop Video is the incredible stuff to create some marvelous short video clips. The video-effect App turns mini-videos clips into a back-and-forth loop for an amusing effect. This is the most excellent application in the category to allow users to capture real-time videos by adding loops without compromising with the quality. The video editor is mighty & comes with a horde of features.


  • Capture beautiful memories using both front and back cameras.
  • It allows you to take short videos ranging from 1-15 seconds long.
  • Generate GIF’s and save directly to the camera roll.
  • Share videos on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & WhatsApp.



Flipagram is another powerful and popular app to create videos using fun techniques with hundreds of filters and tools. You can either tap the ‘create’ button to capture real moments or ‘add photos’ from your device to turn them into fun videos. Now, Edit the speed of the video and apply filters to create something beautiful.


  • Make slideshow
  • Add music track
  • Add text
  • Make videos in a multiple range of styles.
  • Have a lip-syncing option and slow-mo
  • Ideal for Instagram & other social media accounts
  • Flipagram has its community, where you can post your videos and stuff.



Available only for iOS, Hyperlapse is hands-down the best App for creating time-lapses. The exciting feature isn’t just it lets you speed or slow down videos from 1X to 12X the average speed, but its fantastic image-stabilization is also worth mentioning. Once you are done the shooting, you can start setting things up, such as resolution, ISO, white balance, and even adding loops to the video. This App is used by several major brands, including Taco Bell, Footlocker, and Mountain Dew, to share their behind-the-scenes activities.


  • Incorporate its stabilization technology.
  • Enhance your videos with impressive filters.
  • Record videos in HD.
  • Share videos at all mainstream networking sites.

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Final Words :

In case if you are someone who loves the idea behind loop-videos, then these Apps like Boomerang are worth the shot!  You can always leave all your thoughts & opinions in the comment section below & do not forget to share these the best apps like Boomerang with your friends and colleagues.

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