Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives and Proxy Mirrors in 2020


The file-sharing scene is in a faithful state of confusion and tumult. Many Torrent sites come and go, and merely a few ever manage to engage and attract a sizeable following of users. As well, ExtraTorrents was one such torrent site. Although the original version of ExtraTorrents is no longer accessible, much to its fans’ disappointment. So, What ExtraTorrents fans left with are few Proxy mirrors of the original site and many other torrent sites with many same Torrents as ExtraTorrents did.

ExtraTorrents Proxy & Mirrors Sites

If you are not well-known with a mirrors site concept, let us describe it to you. So, A mirror website is primarily a copy that feels, looks, and functions the same as the original Website ExtraTorrent but is hosted on a different server & sometimes managed by people who have a slight bit to make with the team back the official site.

The Mirror sites are sometimes confused with proxies, but the two could hardly have the least in common. Also, ExtraTorrent Proxy sites act as messengers, permitting you to access content on a particular website without ever communicating directly with the site. Both mirror sites & Proxy can use to bypass internet censorship, though the latter functions only when the original site works. The original site of ExtraTorrent is no longer available, all ExtraTorrents Proxy pointing to it don’t work. So, All we are left with are ExtraTorrents Mirror sites.

ExtraTorrents Mirror Sites


Is ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites Safe?


The original ExtraTorrent Site shut down for good on 17 May 2017, with the following message: “ExtraTorrent with all mirrors goes offline. So, We permanently delete all data. Stay away from false ExtraTorrents websites and clones. Thankfulness to all ET supporters and torrent community. ExtraTorrent was a place to be”

Although of the warning, many former ExtraTorrent users flocked to ExtraTorrents mirror sites as soon as they appeared. Also, One such mirror site was, which even prepared to become one of the most Well-known torrent sites on the internet, with an Alexa rank of around 2,400. And, While is no longer obtainable, many other ExtraTorrent Mirror sites still are, including the five mentioned above. This issue is that not all ExtraTorrent mirror sites are safe and secure. Several hosts have malicious advertising & cryptocurrency mining scripts.

Many Others try to persuade their users to download false and dangerous software, while others still collect wise information about their users and use it for hateful purposes. This ExtraTorrents mirror sites we have listed should be safe now, but there is no guarantee they will endure secure even in the future. So, If you do not want to take any risk, you should use one of the five best ExtraTorrents Alternatives listed Below.

The Best ExtraTorrents Alternatives

To multiple torrent users, ExtraTorrents was the merely torrent website that mattered. Though it was never the only torrent site on the internet, nor the most popular one.



The LimeTorrents is a general-purpose torrent website that seems to be booming and evolving regardless of the file-sharing scene’s current stagnant nature. Now, LimeTorrents introduced a reworked homepage, featuring a sleek design with big buttons for popular categories & a search bar that is virtually unfeasible to miss.

Sadly, the rest of LimeTorrents is not nearly as well-designed as the homepage. Yes, it should not stop you from enjoying it. More importantly, what matters most is the content, and the LimeTorrents does not discourage in this regard, offering everything from movies, games, TV shows, music, anime, and much more. Now, LimeTorrents is Popular Alternative to ExtraTorrents and NO.1 Best torrent sites.



RARBG is a remarkable torrent site with trending movies and TV shows. Being compared to many other torrent sites, RARBG is well-organized and has a clean layout. All torrent hosted on RARBG features a short description, cover art, screenshots, and additional application information. So, Movies and TV shows are sometimes available in several different resolutions and bit-rate from SD up to uncompressed 1080p Blu-ray rips.

Aside from TV shows and movies, RARBG also contains genres for software, games, music, and adult content. This RARBG community is tight-knit, and the tracker seems to be controlled by experienced operators who know very well how to serve the file-sharing community’s requirements. Also, Organized Alternatives to ExtraTorrent.



1337x is probably the most stylish torrent site right now. Although its homepage’s modern design, 1337x been around since 2007, it serves the latest content to countless torrent users worldwide. The site is very Similar to ExtraTorrent.

The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is the oldest and Biggest torrent site on the internet, and also it has done more for file-sharing than some other website there is. It’s founders have waged war with law enforcement and copyright watchdogs for years, and few have even ended up in prison. Though the greatest

Hollywood studios would prefer to see The Pirate Bay depart from this planet, and the site has continued online to this day, hosting many torrents belonging to various categories. So, The Pirate Bay is available in 35 languages, and the site is also accessible via Proxy. The Best Alternatives to ExtraTorrents.

ExtraTorrents is a replacement to YIFY Torrents. Exactly like its predecessor, YTS.MX is a source of the best and high-quality movies that don’t take a long period to download, thanks to their excellent optimization. Though YTS.LT looks& feels just like YIFY Torrents, this site run by different people. The Best Movies Alternatives to ExtraTorrent.

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Final Words :

Not numerous torrent sites manage to become as exceptional as ExtraTorrent. While the original ExtraTorrents is no longer online, multiple excellent ExtraTorrent Alternatives offer an abundance of high-quality content to file-sharing enthusiasts worldwide.

So, There are unofficial ExtraTorrents mirror sites, but you should be careful of them, as many of them found distributing malware, cryptocurrency mining scripts, and also malicious software.

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