How To Download eBooks From Site? Quick Guide

For free ebooks, B.ok is the place where you can download them. It’s also a new website for the old bookzz that was taken down. So how do you get a free ebook from the website? That’s what we’re going to download you today!

When things fall apart, the center no longer holds anything. In fact, that’s what happened to, a popular eBook site that suddenly shut down and said goodbye to its users. However, a few days after bookzz was gone, came on board to play bookzz.

When closed down, the site’s admin sent out a message. But unfortunately, they didn’t say anything else while they had to let go of the most popular eBook site that has been around for almost a decade and started a new site called right away. is a new site that lets you download eBooks after the bookzz domain address went away for good. The new bookzz site address is now one of the most popular eBook sites, even though the new site’s address is still young. If you go to the site to download free electronics books, you can get a lot of free eBooks to download for free.

If you wanted to get the ebook for free before the new domain name,, came out, bookzz, eBookshare, and Bookshare were the best places to get them for free from. But has been shut down because of piracy, and b-ok is up and running, so you can download eBooks for free from there.

As a result of bookzz org being shut down, users still had access to the new site address database. This means that users can use their old username and passwords to log in and make changes to their profiles if needed.

In addition,,,, and many other well-known book sites allow you to download eBooks for free. If you aren’t familiar with downloading eBooks from these sites, you will learn how to remove books from this new eBook site for free.

How To Download eBook From Site

If you want to download an eBook from the b-ok site, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do so. But suppose the size of the eBook you want to download is very large.

In that case, you might need to use an internet download manager for your PC or an Android download manager app for your smartphone to keep files from being corrupted and to restart the download if your internet connection goes out. has changed its site address to “” Here’s how to download eBooks from this new address:

1 – Visit a new browser window on your PC or smartphone and visit ‘’

Note that this new eBook site has more than just eBooks you can download for free. You can also download articles from it for no charge.

2 – Enter the name of the eBook or textbook, such as the solution manual, in the search column and hits the search button.

3 – Scroll down the page and carefully select the name of the author that matches the author of the book you want to download.

Click on “Advance” and then check the box for the exact match to get the results you want. You can also change the year of the book, the file extension, and the language that the book is written in.

4 – To download articles such as scientific articles, papers, and other related articles, click on ‘articles.’

5 – will show the result for published articles related to your search query for free download, which you can go ahead to download for free.

That’s it. is gone for good, but is here as a great replacement. Of course, it is the old eBook site’s new domain name. Are you sure you could download your favorite books and articles from this site page? Please tell us what you think in the comment section.

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