13 Top Apex Legends Discord Servers in 2024

Apex Legends Discord Servers

Playing with a supportive group of people in the Apex Legends community can help. Fortunately, Apex Legends Discord servers make it easy to connect with other like-minded gamers. We will take a look at the Apex Legends Discord server at the top of this tutorial.

Top Apex Legends Discord Servers List

Choosing Apex Legends servers can be difficult because there are so many of them. Because of this, we’ve put together a list of the best Apex Legends Discord servers that will meet your needs whether you’re a competitive or recreational gamer. So, if you’re ready to enhance your Apex Legends experience, come along as we explore the greatest of them all.

Note: The official Apex Legends Discord server was our first choice when compiling the list. The others on this list, though, are listed in no particular order. You are free to choose any server from the list because we have included only the best Apex Legends Discord server for you.

1) Apex Legends (Official)

The biggest Apex Legends server is undoubtedly on Discord, so that’s where we’ll start. It’s amazing that this is the official Apex Legends server because you can find out about the news and events about the game yourself. There is never a dull moment on this live server. You will undoubtedly find friends to play on this server as there are so many users. This is the largest server available, whether you are looking for an Apex Legends server or an LFG server. Let’s review some of the biggest features or highlights of Apex Legends Official Discord Server:

  • There are several channels on the server where players can search for groups (LFG).
  • For LFG (finding groups), these groups are divided into competitive, casual, mobile, and regional categories based on player type.
  • On the server, there are announcement channels for events, Apex Legends eSports, game news and more.
  • Ceremonies and muftis are properly planned and within the law.
  • Dedicated server channels are available for creators to share their broadcasts, fan art, and clips.

2) Liquid Apex

If you’re interested in eSports, you’ve probably heard of Team Liquid, an international eSports organization. Liquid Apex is their official Apex Legends server. Team Liquid has a global fan following and has dominated the eSports scene for a number of well-known titles. You can definitely join this server and find other players if you are considering joining or if you are looking for Apex Legends LFG Discord servers. Among its attributes are:

  • The server has regular tournaments, but not as often as before.
  • There are groups and teammates to explore through various sources.
  • Competitive players can join organizations using channels on the server.
  • In the standard chat, you are able to share and post your screenshots and videos.
  • Response times may be delayed because the server is not very busy.
  • Looking for players interested in competitive sports or Team Liquid is a solid idea.

3) The District

Another server that has great channel management is The District. Each rank in Apex Legends has its own channel on the server, so regardless of your current rank — beginner, hunter, diamond, gold, or something else — you can find other players to play with. This is one of the best Apex Legends Discord servers, with lots of activity and people to hang out with. Go with us! Server highlights include the following:

  • This is a neat server with channels specially designed for each Apex Legends rank.
  • To create a team, players must create tickets and send invitations.
  • There is frequent chat on the server and a large player base to engage with.
  • Free-to-enter tournaments with prizes and pools are also held on the server.
  • To watch movies with others, it offers a special Movie Night channel.
  • The Codes channel is specifically for sharing Twitch streams, so you can share yours there.

4) Battlecord | Apex

The Battlecord Discord channel for Apex is the best place to go if you’re looking for a group or if you want to play with some serious gamers and rank grind. Server highlights include the following:

  • For Rank Grind it’s ideal for finding groups and dedicated players.
  • Players must verify their phone numbers before accessing channels and services.
  • For scrums or competitions, the server has a special channel to find stand-in players.
  • The server has a large membership base — over 30,000 users.
  • It also includes a channel for console users only.
  • It regularly plans gifts.
  • This server features a banner show-off channel where you can share images of your Apex Legends banners to show off your stats.

5) Teams.gg

Teams.gg is the best LFG Discord server, Apex Legends gamers can find and play groups. In addition to identifying the games you want to play, you must accept the server’s rules when you join. If you want to improve your gaming and make new friends in Apex Legends, you need to join Teams.gg web-based server and Discord server. Here are the highlights of the Teams.gg Discord server:

  • Players can chat with potential teammates on the server before starting the game.
  • It also includes channels that list players who are available to cooperate with you when you log in.
  • It is suitable for both recreational and competitive gamers to use the Teams.gg Discord server.
  • Thanks to the supportive community, clear interface, and dedicated channels finding the right allies to rule the battlefield will be a breeze.
  • Some of the funniest movies and memes that players have shared on the internet can be found on the memes-n-stuff channel.
  • There are regular gifts of gift cards, in-game money and other items.
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6) The Void II

The Void II is one of the top Apex Legends Discord servers. A server called The Void was created to support the development of players and content creators. They provide tons of tools for content producers and streamers, as well as multiple avenues for self-promotion. The Void II community server, on the other hand, is one of the other Discord servers dedicated to first-person shooter titles, including Apex Legends. Server highlights include the following:

  • For other games like COD, CS:GO, Valorant, Fortnite, and Overwatch, it acts as an LFG server.
  • There are dedicated game lobby channels on the server to facilitate instant matchmaking with experienced teammates.
  • User-friendly and well-structured channels make it easy for users to find potential partners.
  • There is a lounge channel where users can discuss games and other topics.
  • Each game on this server has its own LFG channel.
  • Along with other server members, you can engage in activities by streaming the channel’s live feed.

7) Z League

If you also enjoy shooting games, Z League might be perfect for you. However, this server is not specifically an Apex Legends server. It offers an Apex Legends channel where you can talk about the game, find a partner, and do everything related to Apex. If you’re looking for a deadly team to join forces with and win with these crucial 3v3s, you won’t waste any time. Server highlights include the following:

  • Its user interface is easy to use.
  • Every shooter game, such as Apex Legends, Warzone, Fortnite, and Halo, has its own channel.
  • Find-teammates is the name of the dedicated LFG channel he has.
  • You can share your live streams on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms using this server’s channel.
  • This is a very busy server where you can find the latest game news.
  • It also has a channel called “suggestion box,” where users can chat or share anything with the server moderators.

8) NESSY Apex Legends

NESSY Apex Legends is a nice and busy server, It is a structured channel structure for Apex related content. This is one of the largest Apex Legends Discord servers currently available and an all-in-one Apex Legends server. Here are the server highlights:

  • For Apex Legends lovers, this is a one-stop shop, as it is a decent Discord server.
  • Game-related issues and error codes can be discussed and fixed on the help-bug-apex channel on the server.
  • The server’s LFG (Group Search) chat is a great place to meet other players who aren’t toxic.
  • The server has a ton of channels devoted to various features and activities, making it an excellent tool for gamers.
  • It hosts cross-platform competitions with substantial cash prizes.
  • It also has a way to exchange private lobby codes.

9) Apex Legends OCE

Generally, this Apex Legends OCE is for countries in Oceania. However, you can select your region and then select the tourist option. When you’re done, you’ll see that this server has an incredible 50 voice chat channels—that’s amazing! This server stands out among its peers as it has an exceptional number of voice chat channels. You don’t see servers like this very often. Server highlights include the following:

  • Although primarily developed for Oceania, users from other locations are invited to join this server.
  • With over 17,000 members, the LFG channel is a great place to find quality players to join your squad.
  • To ensure that only eligible players join your team, you can either send rank invitations with your desired rank or accept invitations from other players to join them.
  • Both casual gamers and those aiming to reach the Predator ranks will find the server quite enjoyable.
  • New applications are being received by LGF Group on a minute-by-minute basis.
  • It also has a dedicated Meme channel where you can fool yourself with some incredible memes after a heated game.
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10) Tranquility

You can hang out with the Apex community on Tranquility, another active server apart from Apex. Joining an active Apex Legends LFG Discord server is always a good idea, whether you’re looking for other gamers to play Apex with or if you just want to join a decent one. We are sure you will enjoy the following comfort features:

  • Several channels of popular games like Apex Legends and Minecraft are available on the server.
  • For live group listening and voice chat, there are voice channels that are active and dedicated to radio.
  • Users can share their broadcasts, fan art, and clips on the i-made channel on the server.
  • There are some really cool server role names available, with different features dedicated to each role.
  • There is an active announcement channel with the latest news and updates on the games.
  • Ceremonies and muftis are properly planned and within the law.
  • A dedicated LFG channel is also accessible here.

11) Apex Legends (Unofficial)

If you don’t want to join the official Apex Legends server or you’re having trouble finding friends to play Apex with, this can be a great backup option. If you’re looking for an alternative to playing Apex to join the Apex Legends LFG Discord server and meet new people, this unofficial server is a good option. It provides the necessary channels and capabilities to function but lacks the additional specialized channels found on official servers. Some of its attributes are:

  • For gamers on PC and consoles, there is a separate channel.
  • To discuss the game, use the general chat feature on the server.
  • Posting videos or fan art is allowed.
  • This server’s primary goal is to facilitate player-to-player communication.
  • The server often hosts Scrims.

Note: Scrambles are practice matches between teams in eSports or gaming that mimic the conditions of a professional tournament or ranking match.

12) PlayAtDark

An interesting Discord server is PlayAtDark. After joining a server, the first thing you need to do is choose the gaming platform and titles you enjoy. When you join a server for the first time, the server bot greets you with a fun welcome message that includes your ID and a cool profile picture. This distinguishes the server from others in the list. It will be possible for you to find the apex-lfg dedicated channel for colleagues. This top Apex Legends server on Discord offers a number of features, including:

  • The server is well-managed and quite functional.
  • In addition to channels for art, images, streaming, anime talk, and more, it includes group channel search functionality.
  • Making friends and feeling part of a community is easy with this server.
  • You can engage in conversation with other gamers who share your interests because it’s lively without being overbearing.

13) The Amazing World of Apex Gamers

There are plenty of channels on The Amazing World of Apex Gamers server to keep you busy. Additionally, this server offers channels for every device, including PC, console, and mobile, just like the unofficial Apex Legends server. So, no matter where you are playing Apex Legends, you will be able to meet some friends and have fun on this server. Among its attributes are:

  • It offers a variety of channels to keep you busy.
  • Compared to the official Apex Legends server, this community is small.
  • Although it’s not as busy as the official server, you can still talk to people there most days.
  • Entertainment channels are available for clothing, gaming sets, pets and art.
  • Compared to the official Apex Discord server, it is more comfortable.
  • Your posts won’t get lost in the shuffle as easily when there are fewer users.


This concludes our discussion! We believe that this list of top Apex Legends Discord servers has ended your search, and you will no longer need to play solo as it is easy to find other players to play on this many LFG Discord servers. And it will be faster. While the official Apex Legends server is undoubtedly the best, you should also check out some of the other interesting servers on this list. Teams.gg, for example, has a large community; However, NESSY Apex Legends, a server with significantly fewer players, is very active and running well. This list of Discord servers ensures that you won’t be disappointed, regardless of which server you choose to join. You can ask questions or give suggestions in the space provided for comments below.

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