Top 18 Best Anime On HBO Max To Watch

Anime On HBO Max

When anime first gained popularity in the West, it was a tightly-knit group. It wasn’t shown on popular channels (except children’s shows, accessible on Cartoon Network and other networks), and the fandom was tiny and reclusive. However, as the genre grew in popularity, anime gradually became mainstream and is now a brand with millions of fans worldwide. This has prompted Western movie studios to concentrate more on anime, and HBO Max is a prime illustration of how Western streaming providers do so. HBO Max is a major player in the sector, with a substantial anime collection. This post will focus on what HBO Max currently has to offer, as we will bring you a list of the best anime shows and movies you can watch on HBO Max.

Top 18 Best Anime On HBO Max To Watch

1. Porco Rosso

Anime On HBO Max

Porco Rosso focuses on a pilot. Giving up the aeronautics and social life (including love for Gina, a childhood friend who got the owner of a hotel set up on a small island in the Adriatic frequented by smugglers enchanted by her singing talents and her beauty), an old pilot retires to the Dalmatian coast after changing into a pig, earning a living with the bounties placed on the air pirates fighting with his Savoia S.21 monoplane seaplane (or S.21 “Folgore,” behind having mounted the engine of the same name).

2. Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World

Anime On HBO Max

Well, Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World revolves around an adolescent. A Japanese high school student called Subaru Natsuki, who is dressed in a tracksuit, is unexpectedly transferred to a parallel world on the day he leaves a convenience shop. While attempting to make his mark in this new world, Subaru is ambushed by a gang of robbers. On the edge of death, he is rescued by a silver-haired half-elf named “Satela,” attended by a cat-like spirit called Pack. To repay her, he resolves to assist her with her daily tasks, including recovering the badge taken from her by Felt, a young girl who lives off thievery.

3. Food Wars!

Anime On HBO Max

Food Wars is commonly included on lists of the best culinary anime. Sôma Yukihira’s dream is to become a chef at the family restaurant, surpassing his father’s culinary abilities. While Sôma has graduated from college, her father, Jôichirô Yukihira, shuts the restaurant to travel the world cooking. Sôma’s competitive nature will be tested by his father, who recommends that he attend a prestigious cooking school where only ten percent of students graduate.

4. Tower of God

Anime On HBO Max

Tower of God provides a unique cosmos comprised of a massive tower with 135 stories, each about the size of the American continent. This structure is climbed by innumerable people who pass a test on each level since folklore says that everything one could desire is at the summit. But not everyone can ascend. Only Regulars, people who have been “chosen” by the Tower, and very few Irregulars, who have opened the entrance to the Tower on their own, may.

5. Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Anime On HBO Max

The Goddess of Fate, the patron goddess of the kingdom of Piena, selects six heroes she stamps with a seal of six flowers when the God of Evil reawakens. The heroes aim to vanish the God of evil who resides in Makoku land, the realm of Calamities. Rokka no Yūsha’s story is mostly set in a temple on the Calamity Realm’s boundary. The heroes reached the temple, where a barrier was built to block the path to the evil God’s realm and protect the heroes’ rear after they crossed across.

6. In/Spectre

Anime On HBO Max

In In/Spectre, Kurō Sakuragawa is contacted by Kotoko Iwanaga, a young girl who professes her love for him after meeting him two years before. She also informs him that she is a “girl of wisdom” who mediates between the normal world and the supernatural world after being taken by Youkai as a child. She must now tackle the spiritual difficulties. Kur is originally wary of Kotoko, but after fighting against a youkai in a library, he reveals his true identity as a human with immortality and precognition powers; he finally agrees to assist Kotoko in his various adventures as a goddess. Wisdom to preserve peace between the two worlds.

7. Ponyo

Anime On HBO Max

Fujimoto, a magician who abandoned the human world to dwell on the ocean bottom, experiments with “water of life,” a liquid that nourishes marine life in the hopes of upsetting the ecological balance and restoring the sea’s dominance, which men have abused. Brunehilde, the oldest of her children, a five-year-old goldfish with a human face, benefits from her father’s moment of inattention to slip through a subterranean window and reach the surface, protected by a jellyfish parasol.

8. Blue Exorcist

Anime On HBO Max

The world of Blue Exorcist is divided into two diametrically opposed realms, much like two sides of a mirror. The first is the world in which humans exist, Assiah. The other is Gehenna, the world of the demons. Normally, travel and interaction between the two are impossible. However, demons may enter this world and possess anything in it. Satan is the God of demons, but he lacks one thing: a strong receptacle in the human world.

9. InuYasha

Anime On HBO Max

InuYasha is set in Japan during the Sengoku period. Well, Inuyasha, a half-demon (han’yō), takes the Sphere of the Four Spirits from a hamlet, which may significantly boost an individual’s powers (demons or men with an evil spirit). Inuyasha does not travel too far: Kikyo, the village’s young priestess, pierces him with a holy arrow, which passes through his body and clings to Goshinboku, a sacred tree in the neighboring forest. Also, Inuyasha is trapped in a magical slumber suspended in time thanks to the power of the holy arrow. Kikyo, who has been mortally wounded, probably by Inuyasha himself, advises his young sister Kaede to burn the sphere along with her body to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

10. Schwarzesmarken

The show Schwarzesmarken is set in 1983 during the German Democratic Republic. It tracks squad 666, “Schwarzesmarken” of the National People’s Army, whose specialty is “laserjagd” (from the German literally: laser hunting), and concentrates on the characters Irisdina Bernhard, Theodor Eberbach, and Katia Waldheim. Throughout history, the East German government has engaged in several conspiracies involving the STASI and the Soviet Union. The Senjutsukis in this work are predominantly MiG-21s and MiG-21PFs, as well as STASI’s MiG-27 Aligator. Warsaw Pact signatories mainly employed these TSFs in the first generation of TSFs.

11. Berserk

Berserk was one of the most popular anime then, so it’s no surprise it made our list of the best anime on HBO Max. Dark Warrior Guts’ never-ending pursuit of vengeance is fueled by the anger he has in his heart. Outlaws, demonic spirits, and a devoted child of God are on his path. Guts fights his adversaries with the might of his body and his sword, even if it means jeopardizing his life. What will he discover after his journey? The solution is concealed in the darkness.

12. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!

Kazuma Satō, a Japanese hikikomori adolescent with a love for video games, meets a water goddess called Aqua, who offers him to reincarnate in another world with JDRMM laws, where he may embark on an adventure and fight monsters after an untimely and humiliating death. Although offered the opportunity to choose a divine object or overpowered ability to accompany him to this new world, Kazuma, as a result of the goddess’ derogatory attitude and provocation, reluctantly chooses her to accompany him in Axel’s city for beginners, where he quickly discovers that Aqua’s lack of savvy, as well as her futility, are of little benefit to him.

13. Kiki’s Delivery Service

According to the witches’ custom in Kiki’s Delivery Service, when they reach the age of thirteen, they must leave their parents’ home and seek out a city in need of their services, where they must remain for a year. Kiki will therefore begin the path that will lead her to become a decent witch. She rides her flying broom and undertakes this trip with her pal, Jiji, a friendly black cat. Her first voyage will lead her to a city in a maritime time, where she will begin to learn about the city and herself. During her trip, she will make new pals like Tombo and Osono.

14. Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is a story set in Tokyo in 1878. During the Tokugawa monarchy, Kenshin Himura, a former assassin dubbed Battosa, meaning “master in the drawing of the sword,” conceals a dark history. Since the foundation of the Meiji period, he has become a wanderer, traveling the nation with his sword with an inverted blade, determined not to murder again. He meets Kaoru Kamiya, a young girl who wants to defend his dōjō, and eventually moves into her house after assisting her. They will gradually meet their future companions: Yahiko Myôjin, a youth from the samurai class who becomes Kaoru’s student, and Sanosuke Sagara, a street brawler.

15. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Keep your fingers off Eizouken! revolves around Midori Asakusa. Midori Asakusa is a young girl who dreams of producing anime but lacks the courage to pursue it on her own. She is friends with Sayaka Kanamori, a girl in her class who is not interested in producing anime but wants to make money. One day, the trio meets Tsubame Mizusaki, a renowned young model who dreams of becoming a presenter. To make their dream a reality, the three created the Eizouken Club.

16. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is placed after the Industrial Revolution. During the Industrial Revolution, a mystery virus swept the world and quickly spread to the remote reaches of the East, including the sovereign island of Hinomoto. Infected or bitten by other infected people become Kabane, fearsome blood-hungry undead who are incredibly difficult to exterminate. Indeed, the Kabane’s heart is coated in a unique steel movie, rendering most ordinary weaponry (bladed weapons and steam guns) bushi useless.

17. Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April is unquestionably one of the best romantic anime of all time and among the best anime on HBO Max. Arima Kōsei is a well-regarded young pianist. A young prodigy renowned as a “human metronome,” he succeeds in all contests in which he competes by reproducing a score exactly. However, his mother, who is both a pianist and his instructor, unexpectedly dies from a major illness whose origins are unclear, and Kōsei misses an international piano competition. As a result, he abandons both the piano and his whole background. Two years later, Kōsei attends middle school his last year and meets Kaōri Miyazono, a violinist of the identical age as him and in the same class as his neighbor and beloved sister, Tsubaki, with whom he instantly falls in love.

18. Bungō Stray Dogs

The story of Bung Stray Dogs follows people with supernatural powers who use them to manage a company, solve riddles, and conduct armed detective agency missions against the port mafia. It revolves around the “agency of armed detectives” and their day-to-day life.

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As anime became increasingly famous in the West, streaming services made every effort to get exclusive rights to shows and movies to attract more viewers. HBO Max has chosen a completely different approach in this respect, concentrating mostly on delivering customers popular anime movies rather than establishing a repertoire of mainstream shows as other platforms do. Fans who want to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of animated movies need to go no further than this website.

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