9 Best Google Snake Game Mods 2024

Google Snake Game Mods

Few people are aware that you can play some hidden games on Google Chrome browser. One such popular game is the Google Snack Game, which originated from the popular classic Snack game that people used to play on their Nokia phones. Additionally, users can improve the experience using various methods. In this post, we will discuss some of the top Google Snake game mods that you should really try.

Best Google Snake Game Mods List

All you have to do is type Google Snake in your browser to play the game. However, additional mods can go a long way in improving your gaming experience. Snakes can be invisible, and players have the ability to change the pace of the game. The theme of the game can easily be changed to dark mode. Let’s explore which Google Snake Game Mods are the best.


When the user’s internet connection is not available, the snake with AIYIWOWTGWL mode becomes invisible. Snake disappears with loads of game. For many players, hidden snakes are a fun feature. Despite the snake being invisible, the player must take calculated risks to advance to the next level of the game. Players can access both modes on PC and mobile devices. This is one of the biggest mods for Google Snake.

2) TimeKeeper Mod

In essence, TimeKeeper Mod tracks your high scores and your fastest time to finish a level. Although Google Snake doesn’t track your gaming achievements by default, users can use the bot to record their scores. As it makes the game more competitive, this mode is incredibly helpful. Importing the HTML file as a bookmark is necessary for the mod to work properly. Both PC and mobile gamers can access the mode.

3)  GoogleSnakeWall-EndgameSooner

Using Google Snake Wall-EndgameSooner, you can remove obstacles in Google Snake Game. With this mod, all the walls in the game are gone, allowing you to play longer without worrying about crashing into a wall. The snake has only one way to lose the game: by touching its body or its tail. The snake will only get longer because there are no obstacles. Both PC users and mobile users can access the mode. This is one of the biggest mods for Google Snake.

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4) Animated Colours Mod

Animated Colors Hack can come in handy when you get tired of the standard board colors of the Google Snake game. The player can also change the order in which the colors appear on the board by using mods to add some dynamic colors. Compared to a standard board, a board with vibrant color looks more visually appealing, attractive and interesting. The modder has more control over the frame rate of the game. Users of PC and mobile devices can download this mod.

5) DVD Screensaver Mod

When you use DVD Screensaver Mod, the snake jumps like the DVD logo. You have the option to change the color of the DVD logo by choosing a different color or dark mode. Both PC and mobile gamers can access the mode. This is one of the biggest mods for Google Snake.

6) Google Snake Menu Mod

DarkSnakeGang created the all-rounder Google Snake menu mod, which allows the player to add a variety of items that greatly enhance the game’s plot. The mod modifies the entire game map, adds additional obstacles, allows for the addition of more characters, and changes the pace of the game. To get rid of the obstacles you set earlier, just use the same mode. With this mod, you can completely redesign the game to suit your tastes and needs. The PC and mobile platforms support playing the game. Among the most popular game mods for Google Snake is this one.

7) Dark Mode Mod

Basically, Dark Mode mode is an important feature that is accessible on PC and mobile game versions. In addition to improving the game’s aesthetics, many players find Dark Mode to be aesthetically pleasing. Google Snake game works only in light mode by default, without any dark theme. This mod can be used by anyone who wants to play the game in sad mode. You can not only change the theme to dark but also change the theme to different colors using this mod. Of all the Google Snake mods, this one is quite interesting.

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8) Change Board Size Mod

In the game, walls mainly act as obstacles. Sometimes, when we are playing games, we get annoyed by the obstacles. Walls that act as obstacles are removed by Modify Board Size mode, allowing you to move freely in a single direction. The snake will now strike anything and die. The dimensions of the board can be adjusted according to your needs. With this update, the wall no longer feels restrictive. Thanks to the mod, you are free to use the board. The board can be utilized to its full potential. This is one of the biggest Google Snake game mods.

9) Mouse Mod for Google Snake

Google Snake is primarily played on PC using the keyboard. The snake moves in a straight line using the keyboard. Accordingly, it can only move left, right, up, and down. However, Google Snake Mouse Mod makes it easy for players to snake across the board. Mouse cursor movement controls how the snake moves. In the Google Snake mod pack, this is a helper mod. Thanks to the mouse patch, mouse control has been introduced into the gameplay, making it much easier. The game is made more fun by the snake’s ability to move in non-linear directions after being trapped in the grid.


The list above includes a few of the Greatest Google Snake Game Mods that can be used to alter the gameplay. These mods allow you to add various colors, elements, and other components to enhance the gameplay. With these adjustments, Google Snake functions smoothly on PCs and mobile devices alike. Using the comment form below, you can ask us any questions you may have about the moderators who were previously listed.

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