9 Best Lightweight Antivirus For Windows 10

A regular fear keeps lagging within us that in case a virus or other outside threat attacked my PC, and our data is lost, or the system itself may get corrupt. That is the reason we prepare ourselves from any such corruption in advance and keep Antivirus Software updated on Windows Computer. But As well, we also wish to get an Antivirus which is simple on system resources.

However, Lightweight Antivirus Software is the one which consumes fewer resources on a PC while protecting the data from external threats. As well, the best Lightweight Antivirus ensures that it keeps itself updated from the latest threats like ‘Coronavirus maps’ which steal passwords from the Computer and do not eat the resources from the system.

Best Lightweight Antivirus For Windows 10

1. Kaspersky Antivirus
2. Panda Security
3. AVG Free Antivirus
4. Avast Free Antivirus
5. Bitdefender
6. 360 Total Security
7. Avira
8. Comodo Free Antivirus
9. Adaware Antivirus Free

Kaspersky Antivirus

Lightweight Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus is The Best Lightweight Antivirus tool which is loaded with extra features of protection, and you surely want to have it more. Also is the reason Kaspersky is running in the list. Its provide real-time scanning, email scanning for phishing attempts and also gives you protection from spyware.

Kaspersky is reliable, and more features could be enjoyed with Kaspersky Security Cloud, which is capable of providing security alerts, password management, core protection, and account check without a single penny from your end.

Panda Security

Lightweight Antivirus

A cloud-managed software is capable of working and scanning, processing in the cloud, therefore saving your space and also keeping things Lightweight on the Windows PC. So, You can be sure of having regular updates by Panda Security without disturbing you in between.

However, Easy to install and real-time protection are few things you cannot let go unnoticeable. Furthermore, it also scans the pen-drive by itself as soon as its plugin is detected. It’s indeed, perfects to use for personal purposes.

AVG Free Antivirus

Lightweight Antivirus

It’s the best Lightweight Antivirus for Windows 10 with real-time security updates, improves performance, scans malware and finds out the malicious downloads before they’re on the run on the Computer.

Even so, you can remain free from the stress of virus intrusion as it blocks unsafe links, downloads and email attachments properly. So No large scans, you can sit back and relax with this lightest Antivirus tool!

Avast Free Antivirus

Lightweight Antivirus

Avast is well-known for the largest threat-detection network, to begin with. That’s why it is known as Top Lightweight Antivirus includes real-time analysis of unknown files, interactive interface and some extra care for gamers and movie buffs.

Other than An interesting concept is being on the run with Avast. It keeps an eye on the behaviour of the Computer to find that if the response is suddenly going rogue. It’s capable of blocking phishing, spyware, ransomware, etc. with smart analytics. And, the intelligent scanning system sends suspicious files to the cloud for further analysis and push for a cure.


Lightweight Antivirus

Whenever Artificial Intelligence and other revolutionary technologies come together to find with the latest threats like malware or virus intrusion, so you would certainly be calling it the Best Lightweight Antivirus software for Windows 10. However, This tool is most suitable when you want to place multilayer security that prevents you from losing any data or money.

Even so, In-built password manager, webcam protection and no system slowdowns make sure that your privacy and performance of the system remain updated. It’s an excellent Lightweight Antivirus, indeed.

360 Total Security

Lightweight Antivirus

360 Total Security Lightweight Antivirus software is a fantastic tool that requires less RAM and memory at the same time. Through essential antivirus protection to shield all the major incoming threats to intelligent behaviour monitoring for any document hijack, 360 Total Security always good to go product.

However, Secure your online shopping or give yourself privacy protection when internet, Wi-Fi security, and privacy cleaner work at the same time. As well as being the lightest antivirus, the PC also speeds up by removing junk files away and even making some more space back in the system.


Lightweight Antivirus

Everything you do on your Windows PC, an excellent Lightweight Antivirus must always protect from invasion. Also, thanks to Avira for doing the same for you. It does not only protect your system from virus threats but blocks infected sites, browser trackers and intrusive ads. So, Get all the available networks to check for any protection and fix them with Avira!

In case you sign in anywhere with your passwords, Avira keeps it private for you. With this, your system also speeds up the boot time by cleaning the junk files and even reducing lags.

Comodo Free Antivirus

Lightweight Antivirus

Now threats have become so diverse that they are not so easy to be handled. However, Comodo is the best Lightweight Free Antivirus which can host intrusion prevention, can sandbox unknown software and lets you browse any site safely.

So, Keep this software in your Computer to stay away from any considerable threat ever!

Adaware Antivirus Free

Lightweight Antivirus

Now Forget about all the malicious threats and focus on enjoying your life; this is what has been promoted by Adaware. Yes, All forms of viruses and malware are being stopped when you keep this Lightweight Antivirus stocked up.

It’s effortless to use with absolutely navigable instructions that even a beginner would be compatible with it. As like AVG, it also keeps an eye on new downloads to find any malicious content.

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Final Words!

I hope you have found the best solutions for Lightweight Antivirus as well as a way to protect your Computer from viruses ever again. So We would like to know which one was your pick amongst the above.

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