7 Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing in 2022

Zoom is being used assertively all over the world when it comes to working from home, for video conferencing from anywhere, recording meetings for future references and much more. Several tips and tricks are also making Zoom experience better for many of us. As well, why would you need Zoom alternatives? We know there are reasons.

Just now, Zoom is under the blanket of Zoom-bombing, which is assuming the daily tasks of people. Furthermore, reported malware attacks, leaked email addresses and questions of privacy are taking away the charm of Zoom. Many organizations, as well as Google, have banned employees from using Zoom as their video conferencing App. So This is why we have got you a Complete list of best alternatives to Zoom that you can use any term and work discontinued.

7 Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing in 2022

1. Google Hangouts: for Beginner and Meetings
2. Skype: For Personal Meetings
3. Microsoft Teams: For Businesses and Enterprises
4. Slack: For Startups
5. Facetime: For iPhone Lovers
6. Zoho: For Official Meetings
7. Facebook Live: For Family and Friends

1. Google Hangouts: Zoom Alternatives for Beginner and Meetings

Zoom Alternative

For a friendless meeting with the trustworthy of Google, this could be a great Zoom alternative you can rely on. The meet is integrated with Google Suite, and this lets you easily join the meeting from the calendar or even an email invite. Isn’t that the easiest possible way? Moreover, for a large assembly of about 152 people can come up at the same time.

You would not be capable of recording calls or throwing presentations up here, but the premium version would allow you for the same. Luckily, meetings are encrypted in transit, making it the perfect App like Zoom itself.

Available: Windows, Android, iOS
Download: Google Hangouts Meet

2. Skype: Best Zoom Alternatives for Personal Meetings

Zoom Alternative

Skype is one of the best, Most Popular and Top video calling software, and it can undoubtedly be used as alternative. On Skype, up to 55 participants can join a meeting, and you can chat with people together, mute the audio while listening to one person and convey your message with ease. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, Skype acts as the best Zoom replacement.

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It can be used on iPhone, Windows, Mac, as well as Android and entirely free. Even also be integrated with Xbox and Alexa for more. One cannot ignore features like live transcription, file sharing, etc. make it different from others.

Available: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Xbox, Alexa, Web
Download: Skype

3. Microsoft Teams: Zoom Alternatives for Businesses and Enterprises

Zoom Alternative

Microsoft Teams is Another Zoom alternative that is touching the standard. Aside from standard calling and group chat features, one can hold up large video meetings of about 255 people at a time. Scheduling meetings, sharing files, conference calling, and more, this application is the best for official purposes.

You can arrange meetings via an in-built calendar, check to call history, make immediate calls and even share your screen to display the presentations going live on the system. Easy, right?

Available: Windows, Android, iOS,
Download: Microsoft Teams

4. Slack: Best Zoom Alternatives for Startups

Zoom Alternative

Keeping your confidence upright, Slack is one of the best alternatives to Zoom while bringing collaboration and communication to one place. However, You can not call any member or the whole team of up to 16 people but also share the numerous documents, edit them and later organize the conversation based on the project, topic, etc.

Even though you can integrate tools like Google Drive, Salesforce, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk, Dropbox, and more to enhance the work experience, so, Offering more than the dailies, you can always rely on this top free Zoom alternative.

Available: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Web
Download: Slack

5. Facetime: Zoom Alternatives for iPhone Lovers

Zoom Alternative

Facetime is Happy news for iOS users as their Zoom alternative is already available on their devices without any attempt to download something new. Although the features are limited to Apple users only yet the video calls can support up to 32 people. Now You can trust Apple for encrypting your messages and appeals so that no hacker can think of intruding your privacy.

In case you are talking to your friends, you can add lovely effects like emojis, emoji, stickers, etc. during the call. Also, it doesn’t cost you anything, and you can enjoy video conferencing as the best Zoom alternative.

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Available: iPadOS, iOS, macOS
Download: Facetime

6. Zoho: Zoom Alternative for Official Meetings

Zoom Alternative

From launching meetings to organizing discussion, you have reached one of the best Zoom alternatives available. Zoho Giving you all the benefits like sharing the screen, syncing meetings with the calendar, recording sessions, and adding up to 101 team members are things you cannot ignore.

Even though if you want to lend any other participant the control of calls, it’s possible. As well after all these features, hosting convention is something for which you can rely on Zoho. Embed and Make registration forms, hold questions and polls and also let attendees speak with the Allow To Talk feature. Perhaps, a platform that acts as the best Zoom replacement.

Available: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Web,
Download: Zoho Meeting

7. Facebook Live: Zoom Alternatives for Family and Friends
Zoom Alternative

If the meeting is not so highly-professional and you can cope with a perfect free Zoom alternative, so there is nothing better than FacebookLive. As well known to all, this social media platform is straightforward to use and can connect different people at the same time. As well They all can easily chat together using the comments section.

Although, if you wish to record the session on Facebook Live, the App doesn’t allow, we can give you a solution to it. Use TweakShot screen recorder or Windows capture and easily record the activities on the screen. Whether it is a video or audio both, the screen would record every tiny detail for an unlimited amount of time. Well, sit back and relax as you have found not just a Zoom alternative but also a smart screen record tool.

Available: Web (all devices)
Download: Facebook Live

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Have you found your best Zoom alternative in the list that above and choose any of them to connect with family, friends, and colleagues? Anyways With all of them in mind, we recommend you to go through:

In case you like the list and let us know in the comments section below. As well, if you have any recommendations, Do let us know.

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