Why Opting A Dedicated Web Hosting Server Is Beneficial For Your WordPress Site?

When developing a website, users often focus on designing the front-end while overlooking the importance of choosing a quality hosting service. However, choosing a hosting provider and hosting plan carefully is essential.

It can massively impact the overall performance of your website. Moreover, it can prevent many catastrophic consequences which you might face in the future.

Fortunately, if you’re using WordPress, you don’t have to worry about finding a quality hosting provider. Several reputable quality hosting providers can help you improve your site’s overall performance, keep it secured from malware practitioners, and streamline the website seamlessly.

In this article, we’ll first walk you through the different WordPress web hosting plans. Later on, we’ll focus on some common issues you can avoid if you choose dedicated web hosting options for your WordPress website.

Let’s begin!

When we talk about types of hosting plans, there five popular and prominent hosting options available for WordPress users:

Let’s take a look at all of them.

5 popular Web Hosting Options

Shared Hosting Server

It is one of the most popular hosting forms used commonly by WordPress users. It is also considered the perfect fit for most web owners.

Web owners so commonly choose it because it is quite affordable. After all, you share the resources with other web owners on a shared server. Therefore it doesn’t cost you much.

Shared hosting is easy to use and specifically designed for beginners. It’s undoubtedly one of the most straightforward hosting environments to choose from for your website.

VPS Hosting Server

VPS hosting, also known as Virtual Private Server, is quite a different hosting option. Through a technical process, a dedicated server is created. However, being a virtual server also pulls resources from other multiple physical servers that you might share with others.

The most significant advantage of using VPS hosting is that you get access to ample server resources to improve the overall website performance massively. Moreover, you can scale the server resources according to your site’s requirements.

Cloud Hosting Server

Cloud hosting is primarily a server using virtual hardware. Your entire hosting environment is based in a cloud. This new style of hosting is becoming quite prevalent among WordPress users.

First, let’s cost-efficient. The cloud hosting service charges you only for the resources you utilize. If you’re not using all the server resources, you don’t have to pay for them.

Moreover, it’s incredibly reliable. For instance, if a cloud server cluster isn’t working correctly, then your website will be automatically moved to another available server.

Cloud hosting essentially offers users cost-effectiveness and extreme flexibility. Plus, the up-time is incredible, so you don’t have to worry about the site’s performance anymore.

Managed WordPress Hosting Server

 The name says it all. Managed WordPress hosting is specifically built for WordPress users. It is one of the most common forms of WordPress hosting used by numerous WordPress users globally.

This hosting environment is undoubtedly a perfect fit for WordPress websites since it’s 100% optimized to run WordPress websites.

Compared to other available options, it is more secure and reliable. Moreover, it improves the overall performance of your website without requiring any technical maintenance from your side.

Managed WordPress hosting acts as if you’ve specifically hired a team of experts to manage your website. If you’re a wp-beginner, then you must invest in it.

Dedicated Hosting Server

In a dedicated hosting server option, you rent a physical server to host your website. It means you don’t have to share your server resources with others. However, it’s a pretty expensive hosting environment to choose from.

But having an entire server to yourself can be quite beneficial in terms of storage and performance. Plus, you can also customize your server according to your web requirements.

Dedicated hosting servers are solely made for those websites that receive heavy traffic regularly.

Any hosting web hosting provider like NTC Hosting we have discussed above can host your WordPress website. However, those who can fulfill specific WordPress features are the best ones to choose from for your website.

These options offer key features and essential services that your website will need.

Anyone who owns or manages a website knows very well plenty of things that can easily go wrong with it. From security issues to slow page loading speed, anything can happen.

Even if you’re an expert, still managing a website can be pretty intimidating for you. Choosing a dedicated WordPress hosting can help prevent and mitigate several problems.

Why should I choose a Dedicated Web Hosting Server?

While a dedicated hosting server can be quite expensive, it can save you from security vulnerabilities. Storing your website on a shared server can be risky.

Improves the overall performance of your website

Performance and security problems stemming from other websites stored on your server can also affect your website. However, a dedicated server gives you complete control.

This also eliminates the problem of your website getting contaminated with malicious content.

The maintenance process in a dedicated hosting is fully-automated. It will manage the core WordPress updates and keep your site secure, so you can focus more on making your website more engaging for visitors.

When you store your website on a shared server, you must strive hard to get enough space for your website to perform seamlessly. However, if multiple websites are stored on a single shared server, there are fewer server resources.

This ultimately slows down the page loading speed as it cannot accommodate user requests since they’re in large numbers.

Compromising on page loading speed can also affect your sales conversion rate.

Therefore, choosing a dedicated server is a wise decision to make since your server will fulfill the user requests in less time, and your visitors won’t have to wait for long.

This will also help you in improving your search engine rankings.

Offers automated backup option

Whether it’s a brute force attack or simple action that deletes your website’s database, none of the site owners allows their hard work to go in vain.

For that, experts always recommend having a backup of your website, so if something goes wrong on your website or breaks, you can still recover it.

However, backing up a website can be pretty hectic and time-consuming. For that, it’s necessary to choose a hosting server that can automatically backup your site. But saving backups on a single server is not a smart move.

One should have several copies of it on different servers.

With dedicated web hosting, you store all the files or upload them with a single click. Instead of manually uploading each file, you have to click on the button, and everything will be fixed.

Gives more room for website to grow

Growth is the ultimate goal of every site owner. When the traffic on your website increases, your website needs more space on the server, accordingly, for data and files.

Also, the server must be able to handle the traffic.

Using a shared server can cause space issues as there will be less room for your website to grow. Whereas a dedicated hosting server is highly scalable; therefore, you’ll never run out of space.


You can choose any hosting service you want based on your business requirements. It totally depends on your budget and business needs.

However, we suggest WordPress users choose a dedicated hosting server for better results.

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