12 Best Tools To Find Someone Email Address

Find Someone Email

There are various reasons you would want to search or find for someone email address, including the following.

1 – Submit your product for consideration for inclusion in their blog post or website.

2 – Expand your network.

3 – Identifying potential B2B customers. 

4 – Assist you in promoting your services.

Anything might happen. So, in today’s post, I’ll show you the 12 best tools that you can use to find someone email address instantly.

12 Best Tools To Find Someone Email Address

Tools that you can use to find someone email address easily.

1. Find That Lead

Find Someone Email

Get the corporate email with a single click on any website, as the name implies. Find that lead has a lovely lead management dashboard from which you can manage your leads.

2. Hunter

Find Someone Email

Hunter is one of the finest email finders to search emails by the domain name. In addition, you may filter the result list by email type, such as personal or generic. This will give you to decide if you want to contact someone individually or merely support/helpdesk. Hunter also displays the source of an email address and extra information such as a social network profile, phone number, title, and so on. Finally, don’t simply receive the email; Hunter allows you to verify deliverability, ensuring that your message is delivered.

3. EmailCrawl

Find Someone Email

EmailCrawl is ideal for developers and site owners seeking website information through JSON API. You may start it for free with 200 inquiries every month.

4. Anymail Finder

Find Someone Email

Anymail finder is a web and API-based tool that allows you to find and verify any email address. It uses direct server validation and billions of web page servers to give deliverability verification. The bulk search feature might be useful if you are looking for leads in many domains.

5. Find That Email

Find Someone Email

Findthat.email, the yellow email pages, allows you to search millions of businesses worldwide. The outcome includes a confidence level, which will assist you in selecting the best contender for the lead.

6. Voila Norbert

Find Someone Email

Norbert allowed you to start a conversation about the lead, so your team knows whether you contacted them or made any additional comments. Once you’ve identified your target lead, find Norbert an email and maintain track of it. This is handy for managing outreach from a single place.

7. Skrapp

Skrapp can rapidly find someone’s email address and verify it inside the tool. You may filter out duplicates and even do a batch search using a CSV file to save time. To begin looking for emails, enter the first, last, and company names. You can also access the solution using their API endpoint if you’re a developer. There is a free plan to get your feet wet before upgrading to a premium plan beginning at $34/month.

8. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is a leading email finder and validator tool used by millions of marketing professionals worldwide. You may find corporate emails and phone numbers from professional sites such as LinkedIn and Xing using AeroLeads software. AeroLeads also has a Chrome extension, which you may install if you like.

9. Minelead

Using Minelead, you can enter any domain and scrape all emails from it. It’s free, and you may use every function without paying a dime unless you wish to bypass a few seconds of waiting time between searches. It confuses me how such an excellent solution can be provided for free. That is generous of them. They provide browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox for convenience of usage. If you like, you may also use their API and accompanying documentation.

10. Wiza

LinkedIn is a popular destination for prospective customers and company owners. Wiza allows you to harvest verified emails from it quickly. With a single click, its AI technology can analyze many emails and create an orderly spreadsheet for you to export. Because it’s a Chrome extension, you only need to install and configure it, which takes just a few minutes. You may pay as you go or select a set plan beginning at $50 per month.

11. Slintel

Slintel allows you to find a prospect’s email and phone number by just inputting their name and company name. It has more than 20 filters and a database of 15 million firms and 250 million B2B profiles from around the globe. Aside from emails and phone numbers, you will also get company data, technographics, a purchasing intent score, keyword intent, contract renewal dates, and news alerts from prospects’ businesses.

12. Apollo

Apollo is a Chrome extension that also serves as a lead database. With the click of a button, it automatically discovers email addresses from LinkedIn searches or profiles and saves them to lists you can export as needed. Unlike many other email search tools on our list, you receive 150 credits per month on the free plan and limitless email credits on any of the expensive plans.

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The Bottom Line:

I hope the aforementioned email finder tools assist you in your sales effort.

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