8 Best WhatsApp Mods You Must Try in 2023

WhatsApp Mods

Love WhatsApp? These apps give so much more. WhatsApp Mods for Android 2023 unlocks additional features.

Since the invention of the Internet, we have used it to connect with others through online messages. There are millions of online programs, but only a few dominate the internet.

WhatsApp is the oldest and most popular messaging program currently available. Almost all smartphone users have WhatsApp installed on their devices. It is a free program compatible with all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Microsoft. With only an internet connection, it is possible to communicate with everyone worldwide.

It has more than one billion daily active users and has surpassed five billion downloads worldwide, proving that WhatsApp’s popularity is not limited to a certain location. The app gives regular updates but has some limitations.

WhatsApp mods for Android are available to circumvent these restrictions and add additional capabilities. These third-party apps are nothing more than modified versions of WhatsApp.

What are WhatsApp Mods?

Mods refer to modified versions of WhatsApp with additional capabilities. Even though the foundation used by these apps is the official WhatsApp framework, they only permit a few restricted functionalities of the original program.

Are WhatsApp Mods safe to use?

In 2023, these various WhatsApp Mods for Android have not been the subject of any recorded complaints or difficulties. However, many apps lack an encryption system to safeguard your data. Additionally, the original App may take legal action against Mod makers and users.

Top 8 WhatsApp Mods Android You Must Try in 2023

Best WhatsApp Mod Apps (APK) For Android in 2023: There are numerous extra features available on these updated WhatsApp Mods. For example, these third-party apps enable you to run two accounts on a single device, send videos up to 1GB in size, adjust chat themes, etc. The greatest WhatsApp Mods that may be used to get additional features are listed below.

1. YoWhatsApp

Size of App: 48.1 MB

Playstore Rating: 4.1

Supported by: Android 4.0.3 and above

YoWhatsApp is similar to authentic WhatsApp but with additional capabilities. It is the best WhatsApp mod APK 2023 for modifying and personalizing your messaging experience. On their devices, users can simultaneously use three WhatsApp accounts.


  • Share videos less than 50MB in size.
  • Schedule messages
  • Respond automatically when unavailable
  • Additional capabilities for group Administrators
  • Create a mailing list of 600 recipients.
  • Inactive regarding the voice call function.
  • Copy the status updates of your contacts on WhatsApp
  • Share videos less than 50MB in size.
  • A collection of extra Stickers and emojis for

2. WhatsApp Plus

Size of App: 52.3MB

Playstore Rating: 3.9

Supported by: Android 5 and above

Whatsapp plus, downloaded over 2 million times from the Google Play store, offers a better chat experience. This greatest WhatsApp mod APK 2023 offers enhanced group chat functionality with greater robustness for WhatsApp group users.


  • Share photos of High-Quality.
  • Upload a WhatsApp video status that is longer than thirty seconds.
  • Add descriptions for groups
  • Filtering specific messages to find them
  • Chat themes
  • Notifications when messages are deleted
  • Add 256 members or more to a group.

3. GBWhatsApp

Size of App: 48.1 MB

Playstore Rating: 4.1

Supported by: Android 4.3 and above

With over 6 million downloads, GB WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp mods on the app store. It ensures consumers’ security and privacy. It permits the addition of multiple languages to the chat. Additionally, it allows you to conceal chats from the main screen and store them in a private area.


  • Use two separate WhatsApp accounts.
  • Schedule messages.
  • Automatic responses
  • Personalizing chat themes
  • Additional emojis and stickers other than the WhatsApp ones
  • Copy WhatsApp contacts’ statuses
  • Payments can be made via WhatsApp.

4. Fouad Whatsapp

Size of App: 53 MB

Playstore Rating: 4.2

Supported by: Android 4.3 and above

Fouad is a different WhatsApp mod that appears on the list. However, consumers prefer it due to its dynamic user interface, adjustable features, and various themes. For example, this top WhatsApp mode enables users to conceal their last seen and disable blue ticks and status updates for their connections. Additionally, you can personalize chat panels by applying different backdrops, themes, and fonts.


  • Program WhatsApp messages
  • Revoke erased texts
  • Create a mailing list of 600 individuals.
  • Hide all media files from Gallery
  • Alter color
  • Additional capabilities for the Group Admin

5. Transparent WhatsApp

Size of App: 48.8 MB

Playstore Rating: 3.8

Supported by: Android 4.0 and above

Transparent WhatsApp is one of the greatest WhatsApp mods in 2023 for protecting your device’s data thanks to better security and privacy. The intuitive UI enhances its value. You can easily conceal your online status from your contacts with translucent WhatsApp.


  • DND mode available
  • Disable the double tick option for delivered messages
  • App provides direct access to social media channels for posting.
  • Share files more than 1 GB and music smaller than 50 MB

6. OGWhatsApp

Size of App: 48 MB

Playstore Rating: 3.9

Supported by: Android 5 and above

OGWhatsApp is another extensively used Whatsapp Mod. The app’s user-friendly UI sets it apart from competing mods. It enables customers to use multiple contact numbers on the same device and a host of other capabilities. For example, there’s no limit on the number of characters allowed for group names.


  • Allows users to arrange message delivery
  • Download WhatsApp status updates uploaded by your contacts.
  • Share images with a high resolution.
  • Share 90 photos in a single gallery.
  • Call or send a text message to a number without adding it to your contact list.
  • Pre-installed lock for safeguarding chats and the app as a whole.
  • Encrypt a specific communication with a password.
  • More than a thousand conversation themes.
  • Modify the font and background of your chats.

7. Gera WhatsApp

Size of App: 52 MB

Playstore Rating: 4.0

Supported by: Android 4.4 and higher

Gera WhatsApp tops the list of the best WhatsApp Mods. It is one of the most reliable Play Store mods thanks to its flawless UI, security, and privacy implementation. In addition, this best WhatsApp Mod APK 2023 allows users to swap languages according to their needs.


  • Permit you to assign distinctive colors to group members.
  • DND mode is available
  • Allows you to modify the homepage date
  • Allows you to crop images before sharing them.
  • Delete communications automatically

8. YC WhatsApp

Size of App: 21 MB

Playstore Rating: 4.3

Supported by: Android 5 and above

YC WhatsApp is another one of the greatest WhatsApp mods available in 2023. The modification enables users to share data in several formats without size constraints. In addition, you get access to a vast library of cool stickers and emoticons. The theme and backdrop of your WhatsApp mod can also be customized. Moreover, it is free.

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  • Improved privacy setting management
  • Incorporated gesture control.
  • Conceal the last seen blue ticks.
  • Modify font, font size, icons, UI, etc.
  • Instagram-influenced UI
  • Distribute restricted file
  • Increased length of bios

Frequently Asked Questions On WhatsApp Mods for Android

If you have any queries about the WhatsApp above Mods 2023, consider the frequently asked questions listed below.

What are the features of modded WhatsApp?

The characteristics of a modified WhatsApp depend on the modder. Some allow you to send messages to many recipients, others provide appealing themes and the ability to preview media content without reading it, and others permit you to schedule the messages.

Therefore, one cannot identify the characteristics of a mod. However, the best WhatsApp mods for Android have detailed features you may review above.

Which WhatsApp mod is best?

We discovered that GBWhatsapp was the most popular best Whatsapp mod in 2023. However, consider alternative mods depending on your needs and the features available.

Which WhatsApp is best for privacy?

All the Whatsapp mods for Android listed above are among the safest ever made for download and use. You can install and rely on any of these mods in light of your preferences.

Why Should Anyone Use A WhatsApp Mod?

As you may already be aware, not all WhatsApp capabilities are accessible internationally. Various geographical regions have varying characteristics following local legislation.

A Whatsapp Mod can be used to circumvent these limitations. Furthermore, some WhatsApp mods offer more complex functions than the official program. Therefore, downloading the mod can be advantageous.


Many WhatsApp Mods are available on the Google Play store. These modified Apks are third-party apps that are exclusive to Android.

The 8 best WhatsApp mods and their additional features are described in the previous post. You can choose your version based on your needs and use their unique perks at no additional cost.

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