12+ Best Voice Over Services To Try In 2022

Voice Over Services

The popularity of video content is boosting the need for Voice Over services (both human and AI Voice Over). The audio Voice Over, like the video quality, is vital when creating a video for your product or company. By expressing your message, the Voice Over helps you get the required attention from your audience, which is why it should be a component of your branding and marketing strategy. Companies need Voice Over for various brand awareness materials, such as appealing explainer videos, instructional videos or how-to manuals, presentations, persuasive videos for brand promotion, social media advertisements, and radio or TV commercials.

What Exactly Are Human Voice Over Services?

A human Voice Over service is provided by an artist who provides a voice for audio-video material. The Voice Over artists use specific tones and styles to make the sound vibrant and convey your message to the audience.


1 – Infuses your promotional, informative, or marketing video with the appropriate emotion and personality.

2 – Provides a distinct voice for your brand with a distinct tone, character, and adaptability.

3 – Effectively convey your message, so the audience understands and recognizes it.


1 – Hiring a professional Voice Over actor is more expensive for a high-quality result.

2 – Hiring a human and recording their voice is time-consuming.

3 – You’ll need to purchase equipment or pay extra to rent a studio to record it yourself.

What Exactly Is AI Voice Over?

This refers to the Voice Over produced by various tools and platforms that use Artificial Intelligence. Typically, you must provide the script in either textual or audio format, and the software will give the Voice Over.


1 – Completed Voice Over with no training or script practice in a shorter time.

2 – Less expensive than human Voice Over service.

3 – Users have complete control over the Voice Over process.


1 – While main accents are accessible, regional accents required for specific branding are not.

2 – There is no instant flexibility in terms of time and synonyms.

3 – The AI Voice Over will generate a natural-sounding voice rather than a human voice.

Human Voice Over Services

Here are some of the best platforms for human Voice Over work:

1. Bunny Studio

Voice Over Services

Bunny Studio is an unequaled platform for Voice Over speed. It just takes 2 minutes to create a project and 12 hours to get a quality-reviewed voice over! Unlike other marketplaces, the platform handles the whole process for you, eliminating the need to communicate with freelancers. All projects come with an unlimited number of changes, 24/7 support, and a money-back guarantee. Around 5,000 pre-vetted voice artists and 100 languages and accents are available on the site. Browse and share samples easily using criteria like impersonations, gender, and age. Do you need an unusual regional dialect? Bunny Studio will look into it for you. This is one of the best voice over services to try.

2. Fiverr

Voice Over Services

Fiverr is a popular platform for finding individuals to provide Voice Over work for your product. You may use this website to find a Voice Over artist for your company, with many options to narrow your search. Voice artists for over 50 languages are available on Fiverr, including English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese, and Portuguese. You may choose your business goal, age, tone, gender, accent, and extra services to contact the proper individual. Also, you may sort your search results by suggesting, best-selling, or new arrivals. You may choose them based on your country of residence, seller level, budget, and delivery time. This is one of the best voice over services to try.

3. Upwork

Voice Over Services

Upwork is a freelance marketplace with hundreds of professional Voice Over services available. You may find human Voice Overs for voice narration, audiobooks, eLearning material, podcasts, video games, and TV commercials here. This platform has artists that speak top languages such as English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, and Turkish. You may learn about voice actors’ tone, language, age, fees, services, bios, and reviews by visiting their profiles. You may filter the artists based on your company’s preferences, such as client rating, geography, talent quality, and degree of skill. Upwork lets you hire artists based on your budget and delivery time.

4. Voices

Voice Over Services

Voices are the place to go if you are searching for a specialized Voice Over and audio production marketplace. Enterprises and marketing companies may hire from a pool of over 2 million professional Voice Over actors from 160 countries. You may choose a Voice Over artist from this website based on language, accent, age, style, and role. Before making a result, you may sort the results by skill and see the demo. Hiring artists from Voices allows you to streamline the procedure and get your audio file quicker than other freelancing services. The same platform offers other services like translation and audio production. This is one of the best voice over services to try.

5. Voice Crafters

Voice Over Services

Companies may use Voice Crafters to hire voice actors for projects like commercials, explainer videos, IVR, audiobooks, eLearning, corporate videos, and video games. The marketplace only features artists with proven commercial VO experience, ensuring you obtain the best possible result for your project. Post your project specifications, and the website will invite eligible professional voice actors to provide you with straight quotations in your email. In addition, it is possible to listen to samples and solicit ideas from actors. Companies may find actors that speak 50+ languages and have a variety of accents for languages such as English, Spanish, German, and French. The actors may be readily sorted by language, style/tone, and type of work.

6. Voyzapp

Voice Over Services

Voyzapp is a platform for Voice Over actors that specialize in Indian languages. Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, and other languages are among them. In addition, there are artists with English accents (US, UK, Indian, and neutral), Thai, Japanese, and Turkish. Regardless of the artist you hire, all recordings take place in Voyzapp’s hi-fi audio/video studios under the supervision of a skilled recording technician. With cutting-edge technology, you can be certain of receiving high-quality Voice Over. On Voyzapp, you can acquire a voice over for an explainer video, advertising, animation, documentary, podcast, announcement, eLearning material, or corporate video. This is one of the best voice over services to try.

7. Voicfy

Voice Over Services

Voicfy is a native Voice Over marketplace where you can hire expert voice artists for product descriptions, explainer videos, commercials, phone IVR, narration, and corporate work. It lets you with over 10,000 native speakers of more than 100 languages, including English, German, Russian, French, and Spanish. You may quickly find an actor by classifying them based on their Voice Over services for various solutions. In addition, Voicfy displays whether an artist records at home or in a professional studio. You may either listen to the samples and ask them to work with you, or you can create a project and invite them to reply.

8. Voice 123 https://voice123.com/

Voice 123 is a marketplace for voice actors. Companies may post their projects here and request a tailored audition for up to 50 artists for free to hire an artist directly. Alternatively, you may browse through the list of actors and see their audition samples to pick the ideal individual. You may find Voice Over artists on this website who have worked on commercials, documentaries, and podcasts. In addition, there are artists available for various languages, accents, and age levels. Filtering them by region, timezone, payment type, or gender is simple. Each Voice 123 artist has a detailed profile where you can find their brief bio, talents, experience, reviews and ratings, and payment options.


LOVO’s sophisticated text-to-speech technology makes it an ideal platform for obtaining next-generation human-like voices. This platform can make an explanation video, marketing commercial, or eLearning material for your product or organization. All you have to do is choose a voice from a growing collection of 180+ voices that can speak over 30 languages. These voices have distinct characteristics, so you may choose the one that best suits your requirements. Then, offer a script by typing or uploading it to get an immediate high-quality Voice Over. The voices will be full of genuine human emotions and will sound vibrant. In addition, LOVO’s voice cloning technique requires just 15 minutes of a target voice to generate a personalized voice skin for your product.

10. Murf

You may use Murf, an AI Voice Over producer, to reduce the trouble of manually creating a Voice Over. Translating your text scripts into audio files streamlines the voice production process for your explainer video or tool explanation. At the same time, it lets you have complete control over the whole process. Using our AI voice generator, you may receive the studio-quality voice of a marketer, author, lecturer, podcaster, customer service executive, or career counselor. All of this is attainable without investing any time in training. You may use it to integrate Voice Over in PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations. You may choose from over 100 voices speaking 15+ languages. Users may change the tone, emphasis, pitch, and punctuation to ensure that the voices convey your message correctly. You may convert your home recordings and sound like a professional Voice Over actor in the videos.

11. VoiceOverMaker

You may use the AI Voice Over generator VoiceOverMaker to create natural-sounding Voice Overs for explainers, product overviews, YouTube, and podcasts. The script is converted into a natively spoken language using this online Tex converter. This website offers over 600 voices in 30+ languages and accents, including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese, Hindi, Norwegian, and Turkish. This SaaS platform is easily accessible via your browser. It uses the WaveNet model to generate high-quality audio or voice and enables you to save the files in MP3 or WAV format. In addition, the powerful video and audio editor may be used to edit video files, time stretch videos, customize pitch, and regulate speech speed. For example, you may change the accent on a word and make the voice breathe or whisper.

12. Notevibes

Do you wish to save the time and money you would have spent hiring human Voice Over artists? If so, it’s time to employ Notevibes to acquire a human-like AI Voice Over for videos. It supports English and 25 other languages with over 200 natural-sounding voices. This tool includes a powerful but user-friendly text-to-audio editor that can convert your text into voice in seconds. Select the language and voice, then text from the editor to open a customization panel where you may change the emphasis, volume, pace, pitch, and pause time. All audio files generated by this platform are completely yours to use. To prevent data breaches, Notevibes employs the most advanced mechanisms available. As a result, you may use it for YouTube videos, business broadcasts or announcements, in-game conversations, and various other purposes.

13. Resemble AI

Resemble AI is recommended for those who wish to create dynamic and original voice content that stands out from the crowd. This platform is especially well-suited for creating personalized voices for marketing content. Resemble AI allows you to create your own AI voice in addition to selecting from domain-specific AI voices. In addition, you may submit the script in raw audio or text file for Voice Over. This is one of the best voice over services to try.

14. WellSaid Labs

Save time recording a Voice Over for your audio/video material. Create a fascinating AI Voice Over for any digital content for your brand with WellSaid Labs. Choose from its extensive library of voices to pick the perfect one for your production. Using a text-to-speech platform, you can expedite the whole process and maintain brand consistency by using the same voice for all your content. This tool’s natural-sounding voices will deliver an engaging experience for your audience. It allows you to save your Voice Over services production costs while maintaining quality.

15. Replica Studios

Replica Studios is a text-to-speech conversion tool that creates realistic artificial intelligence Voice Overs for your product or marketing content. It has a scriptwriting tool that allows you to type or import text. Start by selecting a voice from this platform’s voice library. You may choose gender, voice age, accent, quality, and style in the editor to obtain the Voice Over that best suits your needs. Also, you may change the pitch, speech pace, loudness, and emphasis on this platform. You may create a customized voice for artists, marketers, and podcasters for audio advertising. This is one of the best voice over services to try.

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The Bottom Line:

The voice or audio of your product explanation or how-to videos is important in communicating the message to clients. In addition, it creates an identity for your company and brand in the market. Therefore, you should prioritize hiring quality Voice Over services to increase your company’s or product videos’ effectiveness. This article looks at the finest marketplaces for human Voice Over services and tools that provide AI Voice Over using text-to-speech technology.

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