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Translation Services

Businesses that want to operate worldwide must use GILT to penetrate diverse countries and cultures as the world becomes increasingly global and linked. Researchers use the abbreviation GILT (Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, Translation) to describe activities performed by businesses to expand beyond national borders. Companies are increasingly venturing into overseas markets. However, market research found that consumers in international markets prefer to acquire products and services accessible in their native language. The need for translation services grows internationally due to such market demand. Local consumers desire something that connects them to the product culturally. Localization arose as a result of such an occurrence.

Translation Services

The inverted funnel picture above depicts how each ring gets increasingly concentrated as it ascends. Every phrase listed above has a definition –

Globalization – Globalization is the process through which corporations begin operations worldwide.

Internationalization – Internationalization is the process of developing products, services, and documents to allow for easy localization for certain areas, languages, and cultures.

Localization – Localization refers to adapting a product or service for a specific market so that local consumers readily understand it.

Translation – Translation is the literal translation of written material from one language to another.

How Vital Is It To Be Localized In A Globally Interconnected World?

Localization is essential for any company looking to expand its operations abroad. It is a post-internationalization process in which a firm makes a product that is easily easy to various consumers in different countries. Localization comes before translation. Translation services are critical for bridging language boundaries across countries, maintaining solid relationships, and communicating in a culturally acceptable way. In addition, these services increase the relevance of any product to the target market.

Any national citizen might connect with the product due to cultural advertisements and marketing. It includes changes to local currencies, interface style, visuals, units of measurement, date preferences, and much more. McDonald’s, for example, has a presence in over 100 countries. They create a menu that caters to their consumers’ likes and preferences in each country. They provide kosher cuisine on the Sabbath and other Jewish festivals, much as in Israel. Why do firms need to be localized in a globalized world? So that companies may enter new markets more quickly, expand their customer base, and create more revenue.

Translation Services Use Cases


Translation Services

Netflix is the most popular content-creation platform, effectively incorporating localization at both the developer and translation levels. They create regionally specialized content. They have created methods and technology to translate the content of their interface and applications. The addition of subtitles and voice dubbing to most movies and series is the icing on the cake. Netflix, for example, spent over $700 million in South Korea between 2015 and 2020. They have produced over 80 performances in Korea that international audiences have favorably received.


Translation Services

Localization is key to KFC’s worldwide marketing strategy. KFC offers a localized menu in each country that caters to the particular tastes and preferences of the people. Every KFC location across the world has three distinct menu options. For example, the KFC menu in China will feature 50+ items, which is 20 more than in the United States. Because they’ve adapted to Chinese preferences, the cuisine served at KFC stores in China is spicy. Well, menus are translated into local languages so that all citizens may enjoy their culinary products. This ultimately leads to an increase in revenue for the brand.

12+ Best Translation Services Tools You Can Use

Translation services ensure that a company has a skilled translator who can speak and understand both languages, i.e., the native and targeted languages of the company. Similarly, the best online translation tools, often known as CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tools, use software to translate translators from one foreign language to another. The 12+ best translation services and tools for every company are listed below.

1. Gengo

Translation Services

Gengo, a Japanese company owned by Lionbridge, is one of the world’s largest translation companies. They offer high-quality translation solutions at reasonable prices. Now, they have around 21000 translators who can translate over 5 million words weekly. They can handle the needs of any industry, including eCommerce, travel, hotel, media, gaming, marketing, SEO, technology, business, and, finally, legal. They have collaborated with several large companies, including Airbnb, Sony, and YouTube. Gengo charges $0.06 per word for everyday content and $0.12 per word for professional content.

2. GoTranscript

Translation Services

GoTranscript provides transcription and translation services that humans entirely create. You may achieve exact results for your business by using GoTranscript. Professional translators can quickly accept special assignments and satisfy tight deadlines. Regular clients can get special discounts and cheaper rates on their purchases. It provides translation services for every area, including media, education, marketing, medical, and many more, at $0.06 per word. They strive to provide the most cost-effective and efficient translation services while maintaining high quality. Well, their professional translators work around the clock to meet the demands of their clients as soon as possible.

3. Fiverr

Translation Services

A platform where a business may obtain multi-language translators is Fiverr. The temptation to use online translation tools is always there. However, on Fiverr, one can readily obtain translators for bargain rates and of the best quality. You may also engage freelancers to complete the job. A professional translator comprehends the mood and idea that a business wants to express. The danger of “losing the message due to misunderstanding” is eliminated by using a human translator. They may be useful for creating marketing or promotional content. On Fiverr, one may obtain translators for practically every language.

4. Upwork

Translation Services

The Upwork is a platform that connects businesses and professionals. It offers competitive translation services and assists companies in hiring translators who are a good match for the job. They may examine professional work samples and pay for work only once approved. There are translators available for every language. A skilled human translator might be sluggish and costly compared to a computer translator. It does, however, yield significantly more accurate findings. In addition, human translators are better at understanding cultural subtleties and making an impression. Professional translators on Upwork offer proofreading services, which are an important part of any translation service.

5. Smartling

Translation Services

Smartling provides the ability to automate, organize, and professionally translate content across devices and platforms. It focuses on providing brand experiences to support global expansion. They have visual context, quality checks, and many productivity tools to provide clients real-time insight throughout the translation process. Consequently, brands may expedite translation efforts and reduce time to market. They provide translation services for any content, including microsites, social media, product websites, virtual reality, and blogs. Many well-known brands, like tinder, H&M, Pinterest, Canva, and Samsung, have used Smartling’s translation services. So you can entrust them with your job.

6. Translated

Translation Services

Translated provides professional translation services easy. They provide a simple and quick solution to professionally translate documents, manuals, websites, and even software to fit one’s schedule and needs. They offer services in 194 languages and specialize in 40 areas. Translated provides various translation services, from customizable localization solutions to automated translation services. Translated has worked with and supplied services for several well-known companies, including Google, Airbnb, IBM, and WHO.

7. Stepes

Stepes provides corporate translation services and solutions that assist multinational companies in remaining ahead of the competition in global markets. You can scale multilingual content delivery while maintaining quality and speed. Stepes offer professional translation services in over 100 languages and native translators in all European, Asian, Latin American, and African languages. Aside from that, they assist in providing the best international client experience internationally, with no language boundaries. It boosts productivity and efficiency by using cutting-edge technology advancements such as translation memory, Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE), and workflow automation. Meanwhile, they are enabling their professional translators to deliver the finest degree of linguistic correctness. They provide one of the most cost-effective professional translation services within their competitive sector.

8. Blend

Blend assists businesses in localizing their operations with a unique grasp of local context, culture, subtleties, and customer behavior. Thanks to an unequaled localization technology platform, they are at the forefront of industry innovation. It uses API-driven workflows and bespoke integrations to link its worldwide staff with client processes. As a result, they will create you in creating a natural localization service experience. Blend assists businesses in scaling at the required rate by combining Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology with a large global staff. They aim to drive customers’ development at every step, whether entering new important markets or expanding to build a truly global presence. They protect data by enforcing stringent network isolation and data encryption regulations.

9. TheWordPoint

By providing excellent human translations, TheWordPoint hopes to help the world become more connected. To ensure clear communication, trained specialists, native speakers, and cutting-edge technology deliver translations. Their professional language specialists can translate documents into more than 50 languages. The majority of translators are certified by organizations such as the American Translators Association (ATA), the Bundesverband der Dolmetscher Ündbersetzer (BDU), the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT), and others. They can handle anything from immigration, legal, and medical documents to technological items like manuals, apps, and websites. Any project’s turnaround time is determined by the size of the document and the language pair. A typical translator’s daily word count is between 2000 and 2500 words. The University of Denver, BMC, Promena, and Berlin Brands Group have all used TheWordPoint’s services.

10. GTS

GTS is an abbreviation for Global Translation Services. It’s a translation company that has been offering high-quality translation services for over 15 years. GTS offers language knowledge in every region of the world, with skilled translators in over 100 countries and over 80 languages. They use a completely human translation process backed up by a strict quality standard. GTS also uses modern CAT (Computer-Aided-Translation) tools and software technology. Their operations are optimized to translate texts as quickly and precisely as feasible. An international certification agency audits the GTS Quality Management System (QMS) yearly to ensure compliance with the ISO standard. To guarantee that brands get a good translation service from their platform, all translations are evaluated before delivery.

11. RushTranslate

RushTranslate provides businesses with speedy and affordable document translation services. Well, their professional translators have extensive experience and profound specialty in various areas. For example, they specialize in translating supporting documents for US green card or citizenship applications, financial data for mortgages, and legal documents for court processes, among other areas. Brands can have their documents translated into 60+ languages by a qualified translator for only $24.95 per page with 24-hour delivery at RushTranslate. In addition, they provide basic translation at $0.10 per word for commercial or personal usage.

12. DeepL

It is a neural machine translation service introduced in August 2017 by DeepL SE, situated in Cologne. DeepL’s neural networks can catch tiny variations in various languages and deliver them throughout the translation. DeepL’s API enables programmatic access to the company’s machine translation technology, which may be used in any third-party platform. They enable high-quality translation capabilities to be added straight to websites and applications. You may translate up to 500,000 characters each month for free with the DeepL API Free plan. DeepL API Pro enables limitless translation with utmost data protection and priority translation request processing for more complex use cases.

13. Tomedes

Tomedes’ objective is to deliver professional translation services that are memorable. They’ve 15 years of professional translation expertise and a client satisfaction rating of 98%. The Tomedes guarantee applies to their certified translation services. They’ve a worldwide pool of 20,000 native speakers who speak over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. Their translation credentials are widely recognized by institutions such as the USCIS, the American Translators Association (ATA), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). They may translate any document from various fields, including legal, medical, technical, financial, and many more.

14. Taia

Taia is a cutting-edge localization platform. They provide 600 native speakers with at least five years of industry-specific expertise. After each finished job, you may evaluate their translation work. Using Taia’s Catapult service, you may self-translate your documents up to three times more quickly. Catapult is a cutting-edge online AI translation tool designed for in-house employees. You may even hire a highly skilled team of professional translators to do them for you. They uphold the highest quality standards and have a client satisfaction record of 99.4%. Brands may specify the delivery time, translation quality, and unique needs and monitor project progress.

15. Smartcat

Smartcat is an artificial business-driven translation environment that helps businesses grow abroad. It makes translation easy, quick, and inexpensive. They offer 15+ major machine translation engines from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, all accessible via a single interface. Businesses may translate their files automatically with a few mouse clicks. Smartcat simplifies translating apps, websites, online courses, files, and software. They can edit translations with Smartcat’s staff or hire a professional. In addition, they offer smooth connections with connected translation tools like WordPress, Google Docs, GitHub, and Figma.


Well, the capacity to translate content from one language to another has proven immensely important in a globally interconnected world. However, a translator does much more than translate a phrase from one language to another. This is why a human translator is still required despite progress in automation and machine language processing. Translators are vital assets for brands trying to expand into international markets in the current world.

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