Google Digital Wellbeing Alternatives – Best Screen Time Trackers

Digital Wellbeing, designed and developed by Google, is an exceptional application to beat Smartphone and Social Media addiction. This Android app works brilliantly to help you manage your time wisely, focus on work, enhance productivity, and help you reconnect with real life.

This intuitively designed Google Digital Wellbeing lets you monitor real-time app usage to keep track of Time spent on Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The app enables you to restrict phone usage so that you can practice your hobbies and spend more time with your loved ones. Besides, Digital Wellbeing offers Bedtime mode that reminds you to switch off ay night and alter settings to schedule a screen dim.

It features multiple modules to keep track of your digital habits, such as how frequently you use apps, notifications you’ve received, lock/unlock logs, etc. Google Digital Wellbeing is available for Free of charge on Google Play Store.

However, if you are wondering if there are more such apps in the category “Best Apps To Stop Smartphone Addiction,” here’s a complete list for you.


Top Google Digital Wellbeing Alternatives: Best Screen Time Trackers For Android in 2020

Here’s Listed are the best apps to help you curb your smartphone and social media addiction. Now, Install any of these Google Digital Wellbeing alternatives to boost your productivity and reconnect with real life!


Digital Wellbeing

If you are continually starting your day on your smartphone, StayFree – Screen Time Tracker and Limit App Usage is a solution. This Designed with advanced algorithms, StayFree proffers a complete overview of your daily phone usage. So, You can set reminders for overuse, compare your digital detox journey with other users, and use a widget for quick access to get detailed reports. Well, This is something that every app, like Google Digital Wellbeing, should offer.


Digital Wellbeing

Suppose TikTok or Instagram eats all your day, you need to install the active phone usage tracker, Freedom. This blocks distracting apps and websites temporarily so that you can focus on work and stay productive. It’s features lots of essential tools and all packed in a beautiful UI to schedule timers, lock Social media apps & more.


Digital Wellbeing

One of the most popular and easy to use phone usage tracker, Moment helps to keep a tab on your app usage accurately. This features multiple modules to help you focus on spending quality time, improve sleep, relationships, and work. Well, Unlike other screen time trackers, Moment even offers features to reduce anxiety and boost mood. It additionally displays motivational quotes to make your day brighter & optimistic, making it a better alternative to Google Welling.


Digital Wellbeing

Unplug yourself from the digital world and work efficiently with Offtime. It is a dedicated Social media addiction solution to help you curb your extreme phone usage habits. Now, You can set reminders when you need to shut the phone for a bit. Further, you can block calls, messages & other notifications while working on spending quality time with your family or friends.


Digital Wellbeing

It’s Trusted by Millions of people from all around the world as the best Social media addiction solution, YourHour brings lots of features to help you enhance focus & be more productive. That intuitively focuses on the Time spent using phones and provides a list of recommendations you need to follow to beat cell phone addiction. So, Give yourself challenges & beat your progress each day, undoubtedly a great feature that you can expect from apps like Digital Wellbeing.

Stay Focused

Digital Wellbeing


The simplistic yet powerful Social media detox application, Stay Focused, aids its users to understand and manage their smartphone usage in a wise manner. It likewise helps people block distracting apps for a specific period so that you can focus on other important stuff and reduce screen time. Furthermore, you can enable Strict Mode for your children and set lock mode, so that they do not use your phone for wrongful means.

Digital Detox

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Detox is an intuitive app to stop smartphone addiction without many hassles. So, Digital Detox marks your achievement & leader board at Play Games to enhance focus and limit access to your cell phone during work times. Therefore, you can challenge your friends and curb phone usage significantly. Now, you Must download this similar app like Digital Wellbeing today!

Usage Time

Digital Wellbeing

Usage Time is another superb application to stop smartphone addiction. So, As the name suggests, it accurately tracks total Time spent on your phone with all the usage details like notifications, lock/unlock times, etc. Now, You can set time limits for each application you use and get frequent alerts when your Time gets completed. Well, Time to leave the digital world and reconnect with your surroundings.

Detox Procrastination Blocker

Digital Wellbeing

While the name entails, Detox Procrastination Blocker is a powerful screen time tracker for Android and offers lots of features to begin your social detox journey. So, Using this Social media addiction solution, you can avoid overusing your phone and set timers to get locked out of your device when the time frame exceeds. Moreover, it gives the option to uninstall unwanted and distracting apps.

Which Is Your Favourite Google Digital Wellbeing Alternative?

Cell phone habit (best-known as Nomophobia) is on the rise. Wherever you look, be it, youngsters or adults, it can be tough to tear yourself away from the phone screen. Without using Digital Wellbeing or its similar apps for breaking Social Media And Smartphone addiction can be of great help to start your virtual world detox journey!

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