The Main Advantages Of Building A Memory Palace

The Main Advantages Of Building A Memory Palace

Many people today have heard about the memory palace technique. It promises to help a person learn to control the state of his memory and learn to systematize and structure it. This approach varies from person to person. However, to understand how effective it is only after trying it yourself.

What Is A Memory Palace?

Before you understand how to build a mind palace, you must first know how it works.

So, back in Ancient Greece, philosophers used an unusual technique called the Method of Loci. This word is the plural of “locus,” which translates as location. The point is that a person builds a mind castle, where they put the necessary information. In the future, you can come here and get the data.

During the Middle Ages, this technique was almost wholly lost. For a long time, this was perceived solely as another myth.

However, a few years ago, the world community woke up and began to return to this topic again. A considerable impetus for this was the release of several films and TV series about Sherlock Holmes. This unusual detective solves complex criminal offenses thanks to his phenomenal memory, which he has learned to structure and clear from unnecessary information. As a result, many people worldwide began to argue about how Sherlock Holmes’s mind palace could be a reality and how likely they will be able to master it.

It turns out that anyone can get such an excellent memory, like that of the famous detective, if they practice a little. First, you need to create a mnemonic device in your mind where you will store important information for you. Then, you can place memory palaces, get the necessary data, and delete unnecessary data. In general, this technique proposes to organize your memory, as a computer does, but in an unusual way.

How To Master The Memory Palace Technique?

How to build a mind palace? Do not think it is easy, and you can master this technique within a few days. Let’s take a look at how it works:

  • Close your eyes;
  • Imagine a building that you know well;
  • Choose the information you want to remember;
  • Choose a place in the building, such as a nightstand or closet;
  • Put the information in the place you choose;
  • After a while, return to the mind castle and pick up the information.

It sounds fantastic enough, but there are several examples of people who were able to master this technique and even actively demonstrate it to others.

Jonas von Essen, a two-time memorization champion, has developed his program that helps anyone who wants to master the memory palace technique. As part of this program, the memoryOS mobile application was created.

It involves using:

  • 3D models;
  • Joyful learning;
  • Simple and more complex workouts to improve the overall state of memory;
  • Programs to improve fantasy and imagination.

The primary purpose of this mobile application is to help you build memory palaces. It is assumed that you will train every seven days a week for 20-30 minutes, in which case the result will be noticeable in a few weeks. You will notice that your memory will be much better.

It is desirable that training takes place at the most relaxed time of the day for you, for example, before going to bed. Scientists have proven that during falling asleep, a person can more vividly imagine some images because that part of the brain responsible for creative thinking is activated. It is the main explanation for seeing such vivid and beautiful dreams.

To master the memory palace technique faster, you can perform other memory training exercises, such as learning poetry, reading various literature (fiction and scientific), learning phone numbers by heart, and much more.


Many people think about trying to build memory palaces. This technique has truly revolutionized our understanding of how our minds work and how a person can learn to manage their memory. It should be understood that mastering such technology takes a lot of time, and if you regularly skip training, you will not be able to achieve the desired result at all.

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