The Complete Guide to Residential Proxies & How Can They Help You Harvest Online Data?

What are Residential proxies, and How Does it work?

What are Residential proxies, and How Does it work?

A proxy server sits in the middle of your device and the internet. It’s the intermediary who keeps you safe and anonymous online.

Residential proxies are associated with a specific location. This is the IP address that your home or business uses. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has assigned it to you. Residential proxies and regular IP addresses are indistinguishable to websites. Because residential proxies use regular IP addresses, this is the case. They should come from persons who consent to have their IP address used as a proxy. Unfortunately, not all organizations are ethical when getting IP addresses, which could jeopardize your brand’s reputation if you collaborate with them.

3 Reasons To Use Residential Proxies: 

  • Content Aggregation

Many firms build data aggregation from many sources and show it on their platform for a mixed review insight in this day and age of big data. Residential proxies are required by these services to keep their aggregated content database up to date. It won’t be easy to keep data like pricing for various items on multiple e-commerce sites up to date without this technology. Most of these websites would have prohibited such behavior from avoiding further commercial demands.

  • Buy The Best Sneakers

Limited-edition sneakers are frequently featured on shoe websites. Because these sneakers are produced in small quantities, only a select few people will be able to purchase them. Because many buyers utilize robots to examine sneakers when they arrive at the store, this is the case. However, you’ll need a residential proxy to employ a robot to detect footwear. Robots can be easily identified on e-commerce sites, but when combined with residential proxies, the robots appear to be regular people purchasing sneakers. Furthermore, proxies frequently change your IP address, allowing you to buy more footwear than the shop permits.

  • Market Research 

Google, for example, provides various results depending on the location of the searcher. The residential proxy allows you to look for the most up-to-date information by searching through a local IP address. Additionally, you can do competitive research using a rotating residential proxy and a web crawl. Web crawlers enhance your market research by organizing, combining, and processing data from large numbers of rivals. Because your IP address is frequently changed by residential agents, websites have difficulty identifying and blocking your web crawlers.

3 Reasons To Use Data Center Proxies

  • Management of Social Media Accounts

Datacenter proxies are an excellent way to avoid being blocked from several social media accounts. With the introduction of new algorithms, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter attempt to eliminate fake accounts. So, if you wish to have many ids, a proxy is a simple solution.

  • Access Geo Restricted Content

An excellent data center proxy server will allow you to divert traffic to towns or cities while encrypting all requests for security and giving high levels of anonymity. Geo-blocked content, such as streaming TV episodes or movies, online commerce, and so forth, necessitates proxy access to bypass the ban. Using a different IP address, you will seem like a regular server and will be diverted to the site you want to get to each time.

  • Resolve A Ban On IP Addresses 

If a website has blocked your IP address, data center proxies will allow you to get around the limitations. When you connect to a proxy server, you will obtain its IP address and use it to conceal your real one. As a result, the destination site will have no way of knowing that you, the banned IP address, have access to the information.

The Pros and Cons of Using Residential Proxies


  • Choose Your Location Yourself

Residential proxies provide the advantage of allowing you to select a specific location. This can refer to a country, a city, or a mobile provider. You can then access the web as a user in that location without being prohibited. As you might expect, there are numerous compelling reasons to do so. But, perhaps most crucially, the proxy shields you from ordinary online traffic while also masking your IP address, thanks to its intermediary function.

  • Safe And Secure

Residential proxies provide a level of security that is nearly impervious to hackers. Furthermore, because they originate from a legal ISP, they appear more legitimate, making them difficult to detect and identify. As a result, blocking or blacklisting these is difficult.

  • Access Geo-Restricted Content

Over time,  there is an increase in unwelcome geo-blocking, which hinders users from freely accessing legally available content outside their jurisdiction. A residential proxy will allow you to log in using IP addresses from several countries, bypassing geographical restrictions and accessing content worldwide. 

  • Easy To Manage

You’ll be given an address that looks like a URL, which will connect you to a proxy server, which will choose an IP from the provider’s proxy pool. After a period, this IP will change, but the address of your server will not. For situations like web scraping, this is useful.


  • Expensive 

Residential proxies can be pricey since they are not bulk made and originate from a reliable source. It is, nevertheless, well worth the money because it provides exceptional features such as unbeatable security, secured data protection, total internet anonymity, and a larger choice of regional IPs to which a user can connect than a shared or centralized proxy server can provide.

Conclusion: It all depends on your use case

Although residential and data center proxies mask your IP address, residential proxies are safer because they are harder to identify by the websites you visit. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of investigating data center proxies. They’ll be safe and affordable, not to mention speedier, if you get them from the correct source. However, it all comes down to your requirements and how you intend to use the proxy. Residential proxies are a good choice if you want high security, authenticity, and dependability.

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