How to Get Spotify Hulu Student Discount?

Spotify Hulu Student Discount

With over 450 million users, Spotify is without a doubt the biggest audio streaming service in the world. It offers high-quality music to its consumers. However, Hulu, one of the greatest streaming services available in the US, lets customers view a wide variety of films and TV shows. Since both platforms operate on a subscription basis, you have to pay them each month in order to use their services.

However, there is a workaround if you don’t want to pay for both platforms. Together, Spotify and Hulu have teamed to provide this discount. So, what is the Student Discount for Spotify Hulu? How To Get Spotify Hulu Student Discount? Let’s discover in this post.

What is Spotify Hulu Student Discount?

It would be wise for us to examine the discount offer before to forward with this buying procedure.

You may purchase the Spotify Premium plan for $4.99 a month if you are over 18 and enrolled in any accredited institution or university. Not only that, but Hulu and SHOWTIME subscriptions are also included.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Hulu account that comes with the student plan contains promotions, and that once you purchase the plan, you cannot combine it with any other Hulu subscriptions.

How to Get Spotify Hulu Student Discount?

You must first have a Spotify student plan in order to be eligible for the Spotify Hulu student discount. In order to subscribe to the plan, you must provide proof of your student status.

If you have never used a Spotify student plan, you can run into problems. Therefore, you may follow the instructions below to finish the procedure without any problems.

  • Access Spotify at
  • Press “GET STARTED.”
  • Using the same login technique as when you signed up, access your Spotify account.
  • Enter your information (name, college, and birthdate) on the next screen, then click VERIFY.
  • SheerID will automatically validate your status as a student if you are connected to your college’s WiFi. You will receive an email about this.
  • To finish your Spotify purchase, enter your billing details now.

It’s likely that your Student ID won’t be instantly validated if you weren’t using the campus WiFi. Don’t worry if this also happens to you; there is another manual method for confirming your status as a student. See How to Get Spotify Premium Free as well.

In order to prove your identification, you may also manually upload your papers to Spotify. Use any document that shows your name and the date of issuance, such as your Student ID, Official Enrollment Letter, Current Class Schedule, Registration Receipt, or Current Transcript.

You can manually confirm that you are a student by doing the following steps:

  • Click Manually Verify on the student page of Spotify once more.
  • Click Next Step after entering your information (email, name, college, date of birth, and phone number) on the next page.
  • Click Choose File to begin uploading any college document you like.
  • Next, choose any documents that are in your file.
  • In the unlikely event that this file is not validated, you may also submit another file.
  • To upload a document, click.
  • You will receive a message from Spotify if your information is confirmed, and you will then need to finish the paying procedure.

How to Activate Hulu from your Spotify Account?

It’s time to activate your Hulu account after you’ve set up your Spotify student account. To do so simply, follow the instructions below.

  • First, go into your student account on Spotify.
  • Click on your profile photo now.
  • Next, choose Account.
  • Select the tab for Account Overview.
  • Enter the information as requested.
  • You should click the prompt from Spotify to activate your Hulu account.
  • By using the same Spotify email, you may access your Hulu account as well.

How to switch plans on Hulu?

As previously stated, the Spotify student plan only grants you access to Hulu’s ad-supported version; in order to get rid of the advertising, you must buy one of their plans.

You may maintain your profile preferences and viewing history by using the same email address that you used to apply for the Spotify Hulu Student Discount.

In order to accomplish this, you must first deactivate your Hulu account; I’ve included instructions on how to do so below.

Once your Hulu account has been properly deactivated, return to the Hulu registration page and use the same email address to establish a new account.

How to Cancel your Spotify Hulu account?

Let’s say you signed up for the Spotify student Hulu subscription and now wish to terminate it. You may then access your Spotify account page by going to Account > Account overview > Deactivate Hulu. This won’t affect Spotify; it will simply delete your Hulu subscription.

Final Note

Thus, the focus of this post was to Get Spotify Hulu Student Discount, and we have compiled all the relevant data. I hope the post has given you a clear understanding if you were looking for the same thing. Nevertheless, feel free to leave a question in the comments section below if you have any.

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