How to Solve Sling TV Authorization Error 8-12?

Sling TV Authorization Error 8-12

Some users are facing the ‘Authorization Error occurred. Please try again later. (8-12)’ When trying to see a show via the Windows 10 UWP app, on a desktop browser via Sling, or using a FireStick / Roku stick. This issue is verified to occur with Firefox, Brave, Opera, Chrome, and a couple of other 3rd party browsers. 

After examining this particular issue thoroughly, it turns out that several well-known culprits might be accountable for the apparition of this error code: 


+ Roku Stick / Firestick glitch – As it turns out, this issue can further be associated with some corrupted data affecting the device you’re using when streaming Content. By far, this problem is confirmed to occur with Roku and Fire TV sticks from Amazon. In this example, you can fix the issue by power-cycling the streaming device that you are actively using. 

+ Widevine infrastructure is missing – If you are a browser that does not support the Widevine DRM infrastructure natively, you will need to install the required plugin/addon before you can stream Content from places like Sling TV, Netflix, or Amazon. On most browsers, this is only a matter of clicking on Allow when prompted to do so. 

+ Content is no more available – If this problem only occurs with specific Content, you may be attempting to stream a title that you no longer have the rights to stream. This typically happens with preview-only titles that are exclusively available temporarily on Sling TV. 

+ Corrupted Sling TV UWP app – In the circumstance, you’re only encountering this issue while using the Universal Windows Program app of Sling TV, chances are you’re dealing with some corrupted data that affects the local installation. Most users facing this issue have confirmed that they’ve been able to fix this issue by resetting the UWP application before reinserting their Sling TV credentials. 

+ Account-related issue – It’s not unusual for this problem to be caused by glitched data associated with an account simultaneously used on multiple devices. Some affected users dealing with the same situation have reported that the issue was finally fixed after opening a support ticket with Sling TV. 

Now that you know every possible culprit that might be causing this error code, here’s a list of methods that other affected users have successfully used to fix this particular issue: 

Procedure 1: Power-Cycling Fire Stick / Roku Stick (if applicable) 

As it turns out, this kind of issue is often associated with corrupted cached data that’s affecting the device that you’re utilizing to facilitate playback from Sling. This issue is most commonly stated to occur with Fire Sticks and Roku sticks.

Many affected users that we’re facing the Authorization Error occurred (8-12) error inside the Sling app when using Roku or Firestick have confirmed that the issue was solved after they power-cycled their streaming device of choice. 

If you see yourself in a similar scenario, follow the instructions to power-cycle your streaming device and fix the Authorization Error that occurred (8-12) error. Assure that you’re following the instructions applicable to your streaming gadget of choice: 

  • A. Power-cycling your Roku Device 

1- To reset your Roku device, unplug it from the power outlet and wait for at least 10 seconds to give the power capacitors enough time to clear themselves. 

2- After this period has passed, plug the Roku device back on, press any button on the Roku remote immediately after seeing the signal appearing on the screen. 

3- Open the Sling app once again and see if the Authorization Error occurred (8-12) error is now fixed. 

  • B. Power-cycling your Fire TV Stick 

1- If you’re actively using any app using the Fire TV stick, close it entirely and make sure it’s not running in the background. 

2- Wait for a full minute before allowing the power capacitors enough time to drain themselves. 

3- Plug the Fire TV stick back to a power outlet and open the Sling application inside its interface to see if the issue is now fixed. 

If this problem is still occurring, move down to the next potential fix below. 

Procedure 2: Install Widevine (if applicable) 

If you’re facing this error code on the Brave or a similar Chromium-based browser, you must install the Widevine plugin if you want to stream Content from sites that have some DRM attached (this is the case with most clients of this kind, including Sling TV) 

In case you see yourself in this scenario, you don’t need to install Widevine from a custom location. Nevertheless, your browser should display a prompt (typically on the right-hand side of the screen) if the Widevine infrastructure is needed. 

If you see this kind of pop-up, tap on Allow (or install) and wait until the DRM software is installed before re-trying to play the Content that was previously triggering the Authorization Error occurred (8-12) error. 

You already did this unsuccessfully in the circumstance, or you’re using a browser that supports Widevine natively, move down to the next potential fix below. 

Procedure 3: Checking for Availability of Content 

Keep in thought that it’s not uncommon to see this type of issue in a scenario where you are attempting to watch specific Content that you no longer have access to. This is typically the problem with movies available for preview just for a particular duration. 

According to many affected users, you can anticipate seeing the Authorization Error occurred (8-12) error if your browser has cached Content associated with the free preview. 

You can check the approved Sling TV support page to see if you’re dealing with a free preview that has expired. If this situation is applicable, there is nothing you can do to see the free preview if it has passed. 

However, what you can do is clear the cached data related to your browser to ensure that you don’t get to see the same error code again. 

In the circumstance, you are not experiencing the Authorization Error occurred (8-12) error with preview content. You have the right to view the Content causing this error and move down to the following method below. 

Procedure 4: Resetting the Sling TV app (if applicable) 

If you’re facing the Authorization Error occurred (8-12) error on a Windows 10 computer only when using the UWP app (streaming via your web browser is fine), chances are you’re dealing with some corruption instance that is inhibiting the applications ability to maintain a connection with the central server. 

Note: If you have not tried this yet, start by disconnecting from the app before reinserting your credential to sign back into the app. 

Some affected users that found themselves in a similar scenario have confirmed that they managed to fix the issue by using the Apps & Features app to effectively reset the Sling TV app back to its original state. 

If you have not tried this yet and you find yourself in the exact scenario described above, follow the instructions below to reset the Sling TV app effectively: 

1- TapWindows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Following, type ‘ms-settings: app features inside the text box & press Enter to open up the Apps & Features screen of the Settings app.
2- Once you’re inside the Apps & Features menu, move over to the right-hand section of the screen and use the search function to search for ‘sling tv.’
3- Next, from the list of available options, click on Sling, then click on Advanced options from the list of available options.
4- Inside the Advanced Options menu of Sling TV, scroll down to the Reset tab and click on the Reset button once. When you get asked to confirm, tap on Reset once again and wait for the operation to complete.
5- Once the operation is complete, restart your computer and launch the Sling app once the next startup is done to see if the problem is now fixed.

In the state you still encounter the same Authorization Error (8-12) error, move down to the next potential fix below. 

Procedure 5: Contact Sling’s Support 

If none of the procedure s above have worked in your case, you should open a support ticket and get in contact with a Sling team representative. If your payment plan is in order, the support agent has the strength to reset your temporary account data, which might end up fixing this problem. 

Many users have stated that going this route finally enabled them to fix the Authorization Error occurred (8-12) error after encountering this issue with every browser or device they attempted to use Sling on.

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