The Science Of Snapchat Planet Order of 2024

Snapchat Planet Order

Snapchat Planet Order is the arrangement of planets in the Friend Solar System that indicates the placements of friends on a user’s Best Friends list. Each planet symbolizes a certain place in the list, and users may touch on the badge to find out which planet belongs to which friend because each planet symbolizes a personal friend and has a unique symbolic significance. These rare planet custom stickers may be presented to the appropriate friends. These stickers may be attached to your laptop, mobile phone case, workplace desk, or even birthday presents you give to friends, so you can see them wherever to remind you of them, and it also means that your friends are always with you. You may modify it on! This kind of gift is something with unique significance and memories. It demonstrates your friendship and unique emotional bond. Each planet sticker has a specific significance. The friend may be identified with various planet stickers. Several close friends also contributed to this gift, making it a valuable remembrance for a close friend. Snapchat has also launched a premium-priced version called Snapchat+. The latest version adds some really interesting possibilities dubbed “Snapchat Planets.” In addition, Snapchat’s features may organize your contact list like a solar system established on how often you communicate with each person. Here, you may learn about Snapchat and its many features, as well as the Snapchat Planet Order and Snapchat Plus, and how to get them. You will also learn about Snapchat Plus Planet Order’s meaning and other aspects.

What Is The Snapchat Planet Order?

The Snapchat Planet Order feature arranges your eight closest friends like planets in the app’s social ecosystem. The order is based on how close your connections are, with Mercury at the top and Neptune at the bottom. You, the Snapchat user, are like the sun, with your buddies orbiting around you like planets in this astronomical metaphor. The structure allows users to display and prioritize their most important relationships on the website in an easily consumable way.

Where Do Snapchat Planets Come In?

Snapchat Planets Order is a brand-new feature introduced by Snapchat. For example, you may become the sun if you use Snapchat Plus. The individual with whom you share the most streaks is the first planet in the solar system, which is your closest genetic match. That individual will be your “First Closest Friend” on the site. According to your streaks, the other planets (your friends) will line with the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth planets. It’s crucial to understand that Snapchat planets are just a fun method to emphasize your app-based relationship. As a consequence, you should avoid taking anything too literally. Free Snapchat accounts are unable to access this content.

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Snapchat Plus Planet Order

The Snapchat Planet order is excellent because the Snapchat Plus features disclose your relationships to other users. The Best Friends badge also signifies your close friends with the recipient. The Friends logo also indicates that you are in their inner circle of friends, but they are not in yours. For example, in Snapchat Planets Orders, if your friend is Mars and you are Moon, you are Mars’ fourth closest friend. If you want to learn more about the Snapchat Plus planetary system, see the table below. The planetary order for Snapchat Plus is as follows.

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune

Snapchat Planets Order Explanation


Snapchat Planet Order

Mercury circles the sun first and is closest to it. The Mercury Bitmoji will appear next to the person you share the most streaks with. You trust your closest best friend the most. A Pink Planet decorated with red hearts stands in for the planet.


Snapchat Planet Order

Venus is Snapchat’s next goal after Mercury. If you look at a world map, you can see the other individual in many of your streaks. A beige globe with yellow, blue, and pink hearts symbolizes this world.


Snapchat Planet Order

The Earth planet represents your third favorite Snapchat friend.


Snapchat Planet Order

Mars is the next best friend you might have in the solar system. The image shows a red planet covered with purple and blue love hearts.


If Snapchat existed, you would add Jupiter as your sixth closest friend. This planet appears as an orange ball with no red hearts on it.


Saturn symbolizes your sixth-best Snapchat friend. The planet is represented as a golden sphere surrounded by a ring.


Your seventh best Snapchat friend is Uranus, our solar system’s seventh planet. A chilly, green world also depicts it.


Neptune is the planet you will most likely add as your eighth Snapchat friend after adding the first seven. A frigid, blue sphere depicts the whole world.

What Do All These Snapchat Planets Mean?

In Snapchat jargon, what does Earth represent? When using Snapchat, what does the sun represent? Users can only fathom living with Snapchat Plus. Consequently, Snapchat+ is handy since it arranges your friends in a circle around you based on their proximity to you. If there are more streaks, it means they are quite near to you. In addition, the Snapchat Planets Order displays the number of individuals with whom you have common friends. Furthermore, all users who share an upgraded account will access the features by clicking the friends or best friend’s badge.

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Difference Between Snapchat to Snapchat Plus

The main difference between Snapchat and Snapchat+ is that the former is used more regularly to communicate with friends & family and share photographs and videos. Snapchat users may share stories, send location updates, and place phone calls. Furthermore, Snapchat users cannot access the one-of-a-kind badge and its incredible powers. There are no restrictions or extra costs for them to use Snapchat’s key features. In contrast, Snapchat+ needs a paid subscription. Users must subscribe to Snapchat+ to access the most recent and best features.

Snapchat Plus Features

Story Viewing Count

The story rewatches indicator may help you track who has seen your videos several times. The function also doesn’t identify the friends who have rewatched your stories but rather the total number of times they have been viewed. Also, Snapchat Plus lets you see who has rewatched your stories by clicking on them and sliding them up.

App Theme & Icon Modifications

A Snapchat Plus subscription allows you to change your profile image easily. Depending on the user’s selections, the app will display one of forty colorful Snapchat Icons.

Snapchat’s Plus Badge

Well, When you sign up for Snapchat Plus, you’ll be identified as a premium user by a star symbol next to your profile. Furthermore, the Snapchat badge may be blocked by default; to enable it, go to your profile, click the Snapchat+ membership card, and then choose the Snapchat+ badge toggle. When your friends view your profile, they will see the Snapchat+ badge.

Personalized Endings For Stories

Snapchat stories still expire after 24 hours, but users may choose one hour to seven days with Snapchat Plus. This permits users to post articles with a minimum expiry of one hour.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

Snapchat Planet Order is the app’s latest and most stunning feature. When using Snapchat+, you are the sun; the person with whom you share the most streaks is the closest planet to you. This person will now be included in the “First Closest Friend” section of the profile. As your winning streaks grow in length, your friends will automatically take on the roles of the solar system’s second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth Snapchat planets. This and other premium features are only accessible to users who subscribe to Snapchat Plus for one month, a year, or a seven-day trial.

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