How To Kill And Find The Sleeping Dragon In Elden Ring?

Sleeping Dragon Elden Ring

Greyoll is a gigantic sleeping dragon that you may find in Caelid, which is located in the northeastern part of the Elden Ring. If you attempt to attack Greyoll, you will be met by five smaller dragons who will fight together to protect it. Greyoll has just one attack, a roar that wakes the smaller dragons while lowering your total stats, making the fight against the smaller dragons much more difficult. The dragons surrounding Greyoll are all tied together since killing Greyoll kills the dragons, and killing all the dragons kills Greyoll. Greyoll has a large health pool that is exceedingly difficult and time-consuming to destroy. Like every FromSoftware game, many players have discovered a few exploits to make this fight much more doable.

Location And The Traditional Route Of The Sleeping Dragon In Elden Ring

Sleeping Dragon Elden Ring

Greyoll is found in Caelid’s northern region, directly west of the Fort Faroth place of Grace. If you wish to get to this monster sooner, you may ride torrents down the northern roads of Caelid, attempting to avoid some of the area’s harder foes, which will ultimately lead to the dragon. Greyoll is a large white dragon that can be seen from a long way. One strategy When facing Greyoll is to kill the five smaller dragons surrounding it. These five dragons are mainly standard dragon adversaries with good health pools but nothing particularly noteworthy about them. You may attract the attention of more than one dragon simultaneously, and you will fight numerous dragons simultaneously. Using this strategy, you will fight near Greyoll, who has a special roar ability. Greyoll’s Roar lowers your attack and defense, and once you have the dragon’s full attention, Greyoll will continue to roar and negate your stats until you are killed. Regular dragons are standard dragon foes with stomp, bite, and lunge attacks. Greyoll’s health will be reduced by 20% every time a dragon is killed.

Easier Way To Kill Sleeping Dragon In Elden Ring

Sleeping Dragon Elden Ring

If you are okay with a little cheese in this boss encounter, using a bleed weapon and attacking Greyoll’s tail will make the fight much easier, but it will still take time. Greyoll’s tail is pointed away from its head and the other dragons if you travel to the rear of Greyoll at Fort Faroth. Attacking the tail from here will avoid drawing the attention of the smaller dragons, allowing you to continue attacking Greyoll in peace. With Greyoll’s massive health pool, you are strongly advised to employ a bleeding weapon to speed up the process dramatically, regardless of your build. Each time a bleed condition effect occurs, a portion of Greyoll’s health is depleted. Even with the greatest weapons in the game, your assaults will be ineffective unless you remain there for an hour attacking this monster.

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