19 Best Games like Dark Souls – Dark Souls Alternatives

Games like Dark Souls

When discussing some of the best games of the last decade, it goes without saying that Dark Souls must be mentioned. Dark Souls created a seismic wave in the gaming industry by combining old-school gaming with modern sensibilities to create something unique and revolutionary when AAA publishers became increasingly opposed to adding significant difficulty to their games. It was only natural for this game to spawn a franchise, and the trilogy is widely considered one of the best video game franchises of all time.

As a result, it’s understandable that completing Dark Souls would leave a void that most games will not be able to fill. However, the success of this franchise has resulted in a slew of Souls likes, some of which are worth noting. So, for those who want to relive their feelings when they first played Dark Souls, here are some action RPGs very similar to this groundbreaking title.

19 Best Games like Dark Souls – Dark Souls Alternatives

Dark Souls is, without a doubt, one of the greatest games of all time, having come out when most studios avoided truly challenging experiences in their high-budget AAA titles. Dark Souls exploded onto the scene and demonstrated why games excessively holding a player’s hand aren’t all that exciting. After completing Dark Souls, it’s natural for most players to want to play more games in the same genre. Well, Keeping this in mind, here are some of the best Dark Souls like games to satisfy your itch.

1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Games like Dark Souls

It would be possible to talk about games similar to Dark Souls by mentioning the other games released by this company. Since this legendary 2011 release, FromSoftware has been on a roll, constantly diversifying the IPs it has handled over time. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of FromSoftware’s most recent games, and it’s every bit as good as you’d expect. While Dark Souls is slower and more meticulous in everything from pacing to combat, Sekiro throws this philosophy out with some of the most fast-paced and adrenaline-inducing combat ever seen in a video game.

2. Bloodborne

Games like Dark Souls

The Bloodborne is, without a doubt, one of the best games FromSoftware has ever created. The Gothic architecture and Lovecraftian influences transform the game into a hauntingly beautiful nightmare, engrossing players from the first few minutes. This title features some of the most tense combat in a video game and FromSoftware’s first foray into advanced dodging mechanics instead of blocking. Well, Every perfect dodge feels like a massive accomplishment, only surpassed by the thrill of stunning an opponent with a perfectly timed countershot and then following it up with a powerful, visceral attack.

3. Nioh 2

Games like Dark Souls

Nioh 2 decided to fully immerse itself in the spirit of Soulsborne games, with a custom-made character, less emphasis on an overt story, and some of the most difficult combat the gaming industry has seen. Any fan of Dark Souls will find right at home with Nioh 2’s combat system, which is brutal yet fair in its execution.

4. Mortal Shell

Games like Dark Souls

A recent souls like to hit the market is also considered an absolute gem of a title that, despite having a relatively short runtime, managed to capture fans’ attention with its deep lore and intricate gameplay mechanics. Mortal Shell may not be as difficult as any of FromSoftware’s games — or any of the other souls likes on this list — but there’s no denying that it’s a lot of game to play.

5. The Witcher 3

Games like Dark Souls

Well, The Witcher 3 is easily one of the best video games of all time, and one only needs to look at the title’s massively positive critical and commercial reception to understand why. The game’s combat is unmistakably reminiscent of Dark Souls, albeit with more things to do in any given situation. Players who enjoy great games like Dark Souls will find everything in this legendary title.

6. The Surge 2

Games like Dark Souls

Deck13 was widely considered as nothing more than a poor man’s FromSoftware before the release of The Surge 2. As a result, the first Surge game could have been more memorable. Some might argue that it was mediocre compared to some of the other great souls likes available then. The Surge 2, on the other hand, completely outperformed its predecessor, featuring superior combat, visuals, and a story that was quite coherent.

7. Blasphemous

Games like Dark Souls

It’s only possible to discuss art styles by mentioning Blasphemous, which incorporates religious themes and motifs into an entertaining journey through one of Metroidvania’s more interesting worlds. Blasphemous is a great recommendation for anyone looking for a souls like set in a unique, engaging, and rather gory world… though these people should be aware of the frustrations that can be experienced with the game’s obsession with including instant-death spike pits all over the map.

8. God Of War

Games like Dark Souls

While the only similarity between God Of War and Dark Souls is combat — and even that is debatable — there is no denying that the 2018 reboot of this legendary franchise is worth playing regardless of one’s affinity for Dark Souls. The story, characters, combat, and world design are just a few of the many aspects of God Of War that helped it become arguably the best game to release in a year filled with some truly amazing titles.

9. Hollow Knight

Games like Dark Souls

Well, Side-scrolling souls likes have become quite popular in the indie market, but no other game does it better than Hollow Knight. To dismiss Hollow Knight as nothing more than a souls like would be a disservice to the title’s incredible pedigree, which makes it an absolute must-play for anyone even remotely interested in the Metroidvania genre.

10. Salt And Sanctuary

The Salt And Sanctuary is another side-scrolling souls like that has largely gone unnoticed since its release in 2016. However, people who decided to give this game a chance were rewarded with one of the most unique and challenging gameplay experiences available, as well as an art style that is hauntingly beautiful despite appearing somewhat minimal at first glance.

11. Death’s Gambit

Death and rebirth are common themes in Dark Souls that transcend gameplay and speak to players’ infinite power: immortality. Death’s Gambit runs with the idea that one’s demise is only permanent if one gives up, and it begins with the player confronting the Grim Reaper themselves in a chilling conversation that establishes the tone for this atmospheric and polished 2D souls like. Well, An intimidating world with cool bosses, highly variable area design, and many weapons and abilities make this game one for all Dark Souls fans to check out. There is also a slew of hidden quests and character dialogue to discover, which can keep a player’s attention focused on this enthralling journey into death’s embrace.

12. Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma contains elements similar to Dark Souls, but it is not a souls like game because it does things differently, albeit with a similar vibe to FromSoftware’s masterpiece. Instead, Dragon’s Dogma plays more like a traditional ARPG in that there is a greater emphasis on exchanging blows with foes rather than avoiding damage. Nevertheless, the stakes are just as high due to the setting’s dominant draconic antagonist, who steals the player’s heart, forcing them to build the strength to find and challenge the winged fiend. The journey in this game is long and arduous. Still, it is an adventure full of crazy mechanics like being able to carry, lift, and throw NPCs, unleashing ridiculous elemental spells, and cleaving through waves of skeletons & bandits with a trove of weapons.

13. Dark Devotion

Because of physical constraints, there are some unavoidable differences between this game and 3D ARPGs like Dark Souls, but this is separate from games in an older-school style. Dark Devotion places players in the shoes of a templar tasked with exploring an ancient temple and rescuing their people’s god from deep beings’ clutches. A lot of original, deep lore can only be explained through item descriptions and books found worldwide, giving the setting an ominous mystique, similar to how FromSoftware’s games deliver their stories. Dark Devotion’s weapons are all a lot of fun, especially the boss weapons. In this addictive game, players will encounter lightning-launching greatswords, spells with energy beams, and much more. Because it is rogue-like, the structure and map progression are also set up for much replay value. However, there are also consistent paths and numerous shortcuts that reduce the time spent traveling.

14. Demon’s Souls

Without Demon’s Souls, there would be no Dark Souls. The original ‘Souls’ game had a lot of janky issues, but it was a lot of fun for many gamers worldwide. Many players prefer the imbalance because it allowed for absurdly fun and broken builds in both the PS3 original and the PS5 remake. If you want to travel through a dark fantasy world full of dragons, demons, and other monsters, there is no better game to pick up if you enjoy block-parry-dodge action in your ARPGs. The game’s structure differs from Dark Souls in that the world is not open and free to explore but rather organized in a level-by-level format that makes things easier to get into for many gamers who prefer compartmentalization.

15. Code Vein

Well, Calling Code Vein an anime, Dark Souls might be a bit of an oversimplification. However, after playing through this title, it’s impossible not to draw this comparison. However, the high-octane combat and emphasis on co-op make this game stand out. As a result, anyone looking for games like Dark Souls can confidently recommend Code Vein.

16. Hellpoint

Hellpoint, despite being set in a sci-fi universe rather than a dark fantasy one, delivers immersive mechanics and a great world full of sinister threats. Here, The variety of weapons and powers allows for as much freedom as a player could want, but the challenging bosses and enemies will put one’s patience and prowess to the test at the same time. Exploring a cryptic world is always intriguing, especially when death has ramifications. When players die in Hellpoint, they leave behind a ghost that they must exorcise through combat to reclaim their currency. The Dark Souls fans will have plenty to do in this radical romp through space, with many areas to explore and succulent secrets to discover.

17. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Breath of the Wild is a must-have when it comes to games that allow for a wondrous sense of exploration. Nintendo’s efforts to revitalize the Zelda franchise were enormously successful, with Breath of the Wild becoming one of the best open-world games ever. It also helps that the combat and difficulty of the title feel similar to Dark Souls. Overall, It is a great choice for players looking to try out games similar to Dark Souls in some way.

18. Dead Cells

The infamous Filip Miucin plagiarism incident is what most people remember about Dead Cells. That, however, does a disservice to a title that deserves a lot of credit for being an excellent title in its own right. Dead Cells is an excellent roguelite and one of the best Souls like games. Each playthrough feels distinct and varied, and the player feels great accomplishment when they finally complete the game after numerous failed attempts.

19. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Well, If there’s one thing that Dark Souls is known for, it’s the series’ wondrous sense of exploration. Another game that feels very similar is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Skyrim may not appear to be a Souls like game at first glance. However, only when players begin exploring the land will they feel the same joy as they did with Dark Souls.

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Final Thoughts: Games like Dark Souls

Well, That concludes our list of the 19 best games like Dark Souls that you can play right now. If you believe we missed a game that should have been included on this list, Let us know in the comments box below.

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