18 Best Games like Fortnite – Fortnite Alternatives

Games like Fortnite

Regarding battle royale games, it’s difficult not to think of Fortnite. Just months after releasing Fortnite as a (paid) tower defense survival game, Epic took a risk by creating a free-to-play battle royale mode based on the same core mechanics. It was an instant hit because it combined Fortnite’s building mechanics with the battle royale concept of last-player-standing. That said, Fortnite has been around for more than four years, and you should check out something similar in some ways. We’ve gathered a list of the best 18 games like Fortnite.

18 Best Games like Fortnite – Fortnite Alternatives

Games like Fortnite will be the big thing for a while, battle royale games, shooters, and cartoon aesthetics all being big hits – Fortnite is at the center of that Venn diagram. Not only that but Fortnite’s constant updates and crossovers with other major franchises do their best to keep it fresh and impactful. However, some gamers may want to branch out from there, looking for games like Fortnite that provide similar experiences without becoming stale – taking one of the aspects that make Fortnite fun and running with them. So, if you’re looking for one of the best games like Fortnite, we’ve got something for you listed below.

1. Apex Legends

Games like Fortnite

This new addition comes from the Titanfall 2 developer Respawn. However, expect to be doing something other than piloting giant mechs or wall-running in Apex Legends as you play as one of 10 Legends, each with unique abilities. Call Overwatch meets battle royale: these characters are as different as they come, with one capable of containing an artillery strike and another talented of dispatching a drone to heal allies. You play in groups of three, so someone is always watching your back – but you are not required to stick together if you do not wish to. The good news is that if you and your team are the only people left standing, you all win – no grizzly betrayal or fight to the death required.

2. Warframe

Games like Fortnite

Among the most appealing aspects of Fortnite is the variety of cosmetic options available to help you stand out from the crowd, such as skins that can transform the avatar into a dapper secret agent banana, a PlayStation icon, and/or a dark reflection of Batman from a twisted reality. Warframe delivers the same high of seeing your character decked out in all manner of strange and wonderful bioorganic armor, plus the bonus of being a thriller of a 3rd-person action game that allows you to slice or dice your way through enemies without spending a dime. Waframe is free on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

3. Call of Duty: Warzone

Games like Fortnite

Well, Even if you don’t own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you can play Warzone, a 150-player battle royale based on the Modern Warfare’s multiplayer but with some unique twists. For example, Killstreaks can be purchased, you can respawn by 1v1ing players in a small cage match, and you can even get the multiplayer loadout via an airdrop. Moreover, Warzone supports full crossplay so you can play with your friends regardless of platform.

4. Ring of Elysium

Games like Fortnite

What’s excellent about Ring of Elysium is that it combines the seriousness and FPS quality of PUBG with a touch of the silliness of Fortnite. Is anyone interested in a real cat in a bubble-windowed carry backpack? Yes, we’re all in this together. Well, Not only does it have a seriously amazing character creation engine (I could tweak with those dials all day), but it’s also an extremely solid battle royale game that’ll have you running your BMX across Europa or aboard a skimobile on Dione to exit the ash storm.

5. GTA Online

Games like Fortnite

Before individuals were squabbling over chicken dinners, GTA V was rewriting the rules for what a hugely multiplayer game could be in the 2010s. GTA Online, which spread the groundwork for games such as social spaces in that decade, is still a hive of activity on any given day and adds something new to its sandbox every week. Also, GTA Online is the place to be if you enjoy Fortnite’s social spaces, establishing an online identity, and always discovering something new to do when you log in. GTA Online is included with GTA V but can be purchased separately on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

6. PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


Games like Fortnite

Before the Fortnite game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, reigned supreme in the Battle Royale genre. Well, It has the same 99 v 1 gameplay as Fortnite, but it’s much more serious, realistic, and macho than Fortnite, more akin to Call of Duty. PUBG, on the other hand, has four maps to play on: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi, all of which are much larger than the Fortnite map, to the point where you need vehicles to get around and stay alive. PUBG is for those who enjoy a hint of realism in their battle royale games and/or don’t desire their enemies to build a fort whenever they’re shot at.

7. Minecraft


Games like Fortnite

Minecraft has hosted Battle Royale/Hunger Games/Last Man Standing deathmatches for years, and dozens of servers are always dedicated to this mode on PC. Mineplex communities best provide balanced and/or competitive rounds set in the wonderfully blocky Minecraft world. Since destructibility and building are key selling points for Minecraft in general, it was only a matter of time before Battle Royale appeared. Of course, the combat will never be as fluid as Fortnite’s, but it’ll always be a lot of fun when it’s as adorable as Minecraft. It’s also kid-friendly!

8. Naraka: Bladepoint

Games like Fortnite

Naraka Bladepoint may not have a million people competing to see the best warrior in the land. Still, with a more manageable 60 contestants at any given time, it hits a sweet, competitive place of fun that doesn’t outstay its welcome. Also, Naraka: Bladepoint, a third-person action game in which every player has mastered the way of the blade, gives players the choice of seven different warriors and/or leaves them to their own devices on an isle only big enough for one mighty brawler. The Naraka: Bladepoint’s intricate combat and layered movement systems set it apart from its peers, and while it’s still relatively new in the grand scheme of things, its future looks bright. Naraka is currently available on PC and will soon be available on consoles, beginning with the PS5.

9. H1Z1

Games like Fortnite

H1Z1 began as a completely different game, much like Fortnite and PUBG. It was originally a zombie survival shooter, but since the Battle Royale craze exploded, it’s also decided to follow suit. This version began as a King of the Hill mode, in which up to 150 players scuffle to stay alive, with matches moving much faster and more chaotically than Fortnite’s versions. However, Daybreak Games has released the free-to-play H1Z1 Battle Royale on PS4 and PC. It feels like a game that falls somewhere between the colorful silliness of Fortnite and the serious FPS-ness of PUBG. The Auto Royale mode is also a bonus, pitting 30 teams of four players against each other, with one player controlling the vehicle and the others dealing with the firepower. While driving, the driver must also collect power-ups and smash gear crates. It’s essentially Mad Max Battle Royale, and it’s incredible.

10. Fall Guys

Wobble all you want, but don’t fall!  Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a Battle Royale platformer inspired by Total Wipeout/Castle Takeshi’s in which dozens of players totter their way to victory. A brightly colored obstacle course means that, while you do not always directly fight, you compete, either racing to the finish, attempting to outlast other players, or competing in sporty minigames.

11. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown, unlike the other games like Fortnite on this list, is a true anxiety attack in digital form. The Hunt: Showdown’s mad rush to stop a nasty creature lurking in the depths of its map pits you against other hunters looking to do the identical, and with so numerous itchy fingers, it is not long before the competition starts thinning out. That eerie backstabbing atmosphere makes for a heart-pounding experience and an immensely satisfying one if you survive long enough to emerge as the game’s apex predator. Hunt: Showdown is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

12. Knives Out

Knives Out, a PUBG/Fortnite clone for Android and iOS, was created by the same team that created Rules of Survival. NetEase appears to be obsessed with Battle Royale games. Well, The tweak with this one is that the map is much larger than the Fortnite alternative. Despite its size, it works surprisingly well on mobile due to its vehicles and fast-moving storms.

13. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Are you prepared for a heady dose of pure silliness? If you haven’t already, you should because I’m about to recommend Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. It’s not a game like Fortnite in the traditional sense; rather, it’s a game that takes the battle royale genre and parodies it to within an inch of its life. This slapstick tactical battler features strange, floppy characters who run like they’re made of jelly, which means there’s a lot of falling down and generally worming around. Don’t worry; there are still vehicles, armor, weapons, and an ever-shrinking circle to fight in, but TABG (lol) does things a little differently. Just a heads-up: remember to hit G in the middle of a battle. It’s time to start beatboxing.

14. CRSED: F.O.A.D.

CRSED: F.O.A.D. is a brilliant little multiplayer shooter with battle royale elements, despite having a title that sounds such as a Superman villain. What determines this Fortnite from the rest of the world’s Fortnite is that it began as a glorious April Fool’s joke and then took on a life of its own. First, fans fell in love with the game’s kitchenware armor, horribly noisy vehicles, and/or devil-may-care attitude, and by 2020, the CRSED: F.O.A.D. had evolved into a sarcastic jab at the entire battle royale genre. It’s available on consoles as well as PCs.

15. Surviv.io

Consider Surviv.io to be a top-down version of PUBG. You can play it in any browser (Helloooo, lunch break entertainment), and it’s incredibly responsive once you figure out what all the pixel drops mean. It’s surprisingly entertaining, and while it lacks the personality of the other games like Fortnite on this list, it’s cute and worth a play if you’re new to the genre.

16. Fortnite: Save The World

Well, This is a bit of a cop-out because it’s still Fortnite, but if you don’t like the battle royale aspect of the game but enjoy the cartoon-like building gameplay, try to Save the World. Of course, you must pay to play it, but you are rewarded with a lengthy single-player or co-op campaign in which you fight back against zombie-like creatures known as husks, where you can build traps and save survivors. Although Fortnite Battle Royale is far more popular, Save the World has much to love.

17. Darwin Project

Despite some superficial similarities to Fortnite, Darwin Project is the polar opposite of that game. Each map is limited to ten players, duels are more intense, and the lack of guns adds a tactical twist to the Darwin Project game that needs you to rely on more than just your reflexes. Unfortunately, Darwin Project hasn’t gone well since its launch, as a dwindling player base saw the game eventually die off and studio support fade away. However, if you can find someone to play a few rounds with you, marking a few dates in the calendar for this underappreciated game is worth marking.

18. Worms Rumble

Worms is no longer a turn-based game but a full-fledged third-person multiplayer shooter. Also, Worms Rumble features 32 players, a large arena, and all of the classic artillery and weapons from the original Worms games, with the fuses burning away in real time. This feels like a natural connection for those who enjoy Fortnite’s cartoony art style and chaotic combat. Just don’t stroke the sheep!

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Wrapping Up: Games like Fortnite

This ends our list of the best games like Fortnite. Please let us know if you know of any other games like Fortnite in the comments section below.

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