12 Best Sites To Download Free Books Easily

Sites To Download Free Books

Sites To Download Free Books: A good reading to do is to read every day. Reading books improves your English, but it also makes you think and be creative. A lot of new technology has come out in the last few years, but reading books has not become easier or more accessible. Our phones, computers, and Kindles can all be used to read books now so that we can read them anywhere. It was not only that but many books could also be downloaded in PDF format. As of right now, there are a lot of sites on the internet that give away free books to people. You don’t have to give a penny to download these books.

12 Best Sites To Download Free Books

So, in this article, we’re going to share a list of the best sites to read and download free books from, so you can do that. You can find free books on various topics at these sites. For example, you can read romance novels, self-help books, and more.

1. ManyBooks

Sites To Download Free Books

When you go to ManyBooks, you can find many different ways to download books. Moreover, it gives you access to a lot of free books. The books came in all kinds of genres, and most of them were free to download and read. Besides, the ManyBooks interface is also very clean, making it easier to find what you like there.

2. Librivox

Sites To Download Free Books

To find free audiobooks, Librivox is an ideal place to start. The site has a lot of volunteers who work hard to make high-quality recordings of classic books. As a result, all of the titles on this page are free, which is good news for those who have had to pay a lot of money for substandard audiobooks.

3. Wikisource

Sites To Download Free Books

A book download site isn’t what Wikisource is. It’s a place where you can find source texts in any language, whether they’re public domain or CC license. On Wikisource, you can find many contents that other people have written. Most of it was free to read, and you can find it there. But, this isn’t all: Some user-submitted content was also available in an eBook form that you can download and read for free!

4. PDFDrive

Sites To Download Free Books

PDFDrive is also one of the best sites to read and download free books. The site doesn’t have any annoying ads, and you can download as many as you want. Instead, you should use the search bar to find your favorite book. Then, if PDFDrive has the book you want, you will be able to download it from there. From fiction to self-help, the site has a lot of different types of books on it.

5. Free Computer Books

Sites To Download Free Books

Well, every computer subject and programming language you can think of is covered at Free Computer Books, where you can find them. In addition, it’s possible to get textbooks and lecture notes for free. People who study computer science, data science, computer engineering, Java programming, networking, and computer are some people who study these genres. There are also many subgenres, making it easy for you to find the book you want.

6. Authorama

Sites To Download Free Books

Authorama is one of the best sites on the list to download high-quality books. However, there is a good thing about Authorama. It has a good selection of books that you can read right in your browser. Besides that, all of the books were in the public domain, meaning they were free to read and share.

7. Open Library

Open Library has a huge collection of free books on every subject you can think of. In addition, the Open Library has a lot of books in different formats, like PDF, MOBI, EPUB, and so on. The site has an advanced search option to search for eBooks by authors or titles.

8. Google Play Books

Not many people know that the Google Play Store has a separate area for books. Once, they can read Google Play Books on their Android phone or computer. This is one of the best places to download free books in PDF formats. It’s even possible to use your Google Opinion rewards points to buy books from Google Play Books.

9. Project Gutenberg

The Project Gutenberg is one of the largest and oldest sources of free eBooks on the internet. It has been around for a long time. More than 70,000 downloadable books on the site cover a wide range of subjects. You can download books in different formats, such as EPUB and MOBI Kindle. You can also read them on your computer in HTML and text format.

10. Library Genesis

Library Genesis may not be a popular site, but it’s probably one of the best sites to download free PDF books. The best thing about Library Genesis is that it has books in many different languages, which makes it great. In addition, library Genesis lets you search for a book name as a search engine for books. It will show you the search results that have the book in them, and you can choose which one you want.

11. Kindle Store

The Kindle Store is an online ebook store run by Amazon. It’s possible to read all of the books in the Kindle Store with the Amazon Kindle App. Also, it’s a service where you have to pay a fee each month to read more than 1.5 million books. It has books by famous authors like Ruskin Bond, Amish, Jeffrey Archer, and more on the service, so we can talk about what it offers.

12. Feedbooks

Feedbooks is another great site on the list. It has more than 10,000 ebooks in its library. Because Feedbooks is different from other sites, it asks you to sign up for an account to download the books obtainable under the public domain. There are a lot of different types of books on the site, like Mystery Books, Action Books, Fantasy Books, and Academic Books.

The Bottom Line:

So, these are the 12 best sites to download free books. It’s easy to download and read your favorite books from these sites. If this article was helpful to you, I’m glad about that! Let your friends share, too. Further, if you know of any other sites to download free books, tell us in the comment box below.

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