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Well, do you want to boost the sales of your Shopify store? Check out the list of the best Shopify apps for increasing sales. An online store allows you to connect your business and its customers easily. However, you cannot ignore the difficulties that arise along the path. Shopify is, without a doubt, one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms. According to January 2022 data, more than 3.76 million websites use Shopify. However, if you are one of them, you will face stiff competition to attract customers to your Shopify store.

But don’t worry!

Shopify has a vast library of over 7000 apps and plugins to assist you with your eCommerce business. Furthermore, you may integrate various other tools with your Shopify store to help your business grow. Still, selecting the best Shopify apps is a tough task. Therefore, this blog will provide a hand-picked list of the top Shopify apps and tools for increasing sales.

Why Do You Need Tools And Apps For Your Shopify Store?

While Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform, its fundamental features cannot offer your company the essential boost. That is why you should look for extra Shopify apps or tools. Shopify apps are plugins that allow you to enhance the functionality of your store. You may integrate these apps into your online store and enjoy additional features that make your and your customers’ experiences more smooth. Here are some of the advantages of using the best Shopify apps.

Advertisement And Marketing

Shopify apps help you with promotion and marketing to convert leads into customers. In addition, Shopify store owners may use such apps to spread the word about their products and collaborate with affiliates.


The goal of every Shopify store is to sell more products. Many clever tools in the Shopify App Store may find you increase your sales in various ways. The Shopify store owners can find the best Shopify apps to enhance sales and income based on their products and prospective customer base.

Lead Generation

You should remember to meet your sales goals with your Shopify store if you need quality leads. As a result, lead creation should be an important component of any marketing plan. There are several specialized funnel automation and lead creation apps that may assist you in identifying new customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Although Shopify as a platform is compatible with SEO, you may boost your website’s rating and impact in search engines by installing extra apps. You may use generic apps to see an overall boost in your website’s SEO. You may use the best Shopify apps for specialized SEO if you are a specialist in site optimization.

Improved Customer Service

Good customer service is essential in today’s e-commerce market. You can quickly respond to your client’s inquiries and demonstrate your dependability by using sophisticated and simple customer care and service apps.

Product Review Generation

Customers rely heavily on customer reviews and ratings when purchasing a product or service. As a result, collecting customer reviews is an excellent approach to demonstrating your trust with potential customers. In addition, many Shopify apps gather reviews on your behalf and, as a result, aid in sales.

Examine the following list of apps and tools for Shopify store sales boost.

14 Best Apps And Tools For Shopify Store Sales Boost

The Apps And Tools For Shopify Store Sales Boost in 2022.

1. Yotpo

Shopify Store Sales Boost

It is an eCommerce marketing platform that provides SMS, Loyalty, Reviews, and Subscription solutions to assist brands of all sizes in building seamless customer purchasing experiences. Yotpo SMSBump enables brands to engage customers with customized text messages, with an average ROI of 25x. Yotpo Loyalty and Referrals reward current customers with solutions to boost customer lifetime value. Reviews provide a dedicated location for collecting and displaying customer material to capitalize on social proof’s power. Subscriptions may also assist in converting customers into repeat shoppers. When combined, these solutions provide linked data that gives brands better insight into their customers and what is most important to them. The Yotpo platform, as a Shopify solution, is great for developing brands trying to achieve traction in their sector and boost brand and product discovery. Furthermore, it is a simple solution with technology that works together to provide a more intuitive experience.

2. Manychat

Shopify Store Sales Boost

Manychat gives prospective customers who visit your Shopify store a more customized and engaging experience. As the name implies, it communicates with your store visitors through Facebook Messenger and SMS regarding order information, abandoned cart notifications, and personalized promotions. Because it touches people directly, it has a larger probability of generating more customers and orders. Manychat also allows you to generate unique and customized promo coupons for each customer that can be used with a single touch. It also has an automatic message function that keeps customers up to date on bought orders and delivery. In addition, businesses may use Manychat to produce reviews for their store, which will help them get a reputation.

3. UpPromote

Shopify Store Sales Boost

If you operate a Shopify store and need to manage all affiliates, including brand ambassadors and social media influencers, UpPromote can help. The app makes it simple to create and distribute discounts and affiliate connections. UpPromote also lets you easily monitor an infinite number of referral orders. Businesses may use UpPromote Marketplace, customized landing sites, and multi-level marketing to attract and appoint affiliates, even from within their existing customers. UpPromote ensures a professional connection with affiliates by providing customizable affiliate registration forms, email templates, and contact capabilities through email and chat. The app also creates statistics and data analytics on your affiliate team’s success, such as commission, clicks, and orders.

4. Vitals

Shopify Store Sales Boost

If you’re sick of paying for many apps installed on your Shopify store, it’s time to try Vitals. Installing this platform will assist you in eliminating difficulties caused by many plugin installs, such as sluggish site loading and app conflict. In addition, it offers some of the best Shopify apps, 40 in total. Product Reviews, Stock Scarcity, Announcement Bars, Shipping Information, Currency Converters, Pop-ups, Countdown clocks, All-in-One Chat, Instant Search, Social Media Buttons, Content Protection, Quick Access Links, Scroll to Top Button, and SEO ALT Tags are some of the most popular apps.

5. Fomo

Shopify Store Sales Boost

Are you looking for an easy-to-use social proof app to boost traffic and engagement on your Shopify store? If so, consider Fomo. It offers a simple but automatic personal suggestion solution to your store visitors by showing real-time customer interactions. This app may be used by businesses to show recent sales, new social media followers, form submissions, newsletter subscriptions, active visitors, product reviews, and support tickets that have been handled. You have two ways of presenting social proof when using Fomo. Fomo Inline, for example, may be placed anywhere on your website. The Live Fomo notice is the second. You may choose any of its fully customizable themes to attract your audience with social proof.

6. ReferralCandy

Shopify Store Sales Boost

ReferralCandy is among the best Shopify apps for word-of-mouth marketing by rewarding current customers for referrals and encouraging new customers to buy from your store. This app pays the referral incentives automatically, eliminating the need for you to do it manually. You must choose from various prizes, such as gifts, promo coupons, and cash. Monitoring your referrals and showing the data gives insights into extra sales, top referrers, and industry benchmarks. This app may also assist you in dealing with fraud and spam. In addition, you can get a dedicated account manager, enterprise-grade security, and customizable features if you are a Shopify Plus merchant.

7. PushOwl

Shopify Store Sales Boost

PushOwl is among the best Shopify apps for providing online store owners with a web-based push notification service. It generates reminder alerts for making new purchases or finishing orders and displays them on the screens of various devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. This app is ideal for converting visitors into customers via better exposure and clicks on alerts. It does so without even requesting any personal information from them. In addition, PushOwl features a robust reporting function that provides information on impressions, revenue, popular products, campaign performance, and other important data. Businesses may also keep customers interested by showing them notifications about inventory changes, cart abandonment, and shipment.

8. Spocket

If you use Shopify dropshipping, your store should have the Spocket app to make the process easier. It lets you get high-quality products from thousands of reliable vendors in the United States, the European Union, and the rest of the globe. In addition, you may optimize your earnings and get a competitive advantage by taking advantage of the up to 30% discount from this app’s certified dropshipping providers. Sprocket also offers a reasonable return policy that you may use to experiment with selling unusual products. In addition, customers will be able to experience features such as one-click order fulfillment, real-time order tracking, and flat-rate shipping after you add this app to your Shopify store.

9. Hextom

Hextom isn’t a single app. Instead, it lists the top 13 Shopify apps for increasing sales via multiple channels. It may offer you a SaaS software suite for a collection of applications spanning from inventory management, store automation, SEO, customer interaction, and many more, regardless of the size of your business. Some of its most popular apps include

1 – Timer Countdown Bar. 

2 – Translation of My Store & Currency. 

3 – Edit images in bulk.

4 – Shop Workflow Automation. 

5 – Bulk Product Edit & CSV import. 

6 – Multi-Currency Converter. 

7 – Image SEO. 

8 – Email Collection Bar.

Furthermore, Hextom’s Ultimate Sales Boost app enhances average order value by promoting your products throughout the purchasing process.

10. Adwisely

The Adwisely is a prospecting and retargeting app that integrates your Shopify store with the two most popular sales channels, Facebook and Google. It allows you to run advertising on various platforms easily, allowing your business to grow with less work and expense in ad administration. This sophisticated online ad tool aids you in various ways throughout the ad production and management process. Prospecting advertising promotes your products to attract people to visit your store for the first time. Adwisely uses retargeting advertisements to remind people of their abandoned carts or seen products. Aside from the features listed above, it provides enticing seasonal sales to customers to entice them to return to your store.

11. Drip

Businesses wishing to automate workflow and email sequencing might consider Drip, a strong Shopify marketing tool. It offers email marketing, SMS marketing, forms and popups, segmentation and customization, workflow automation, and insights apps. You may use these apps to reach out to more prospective customers, build your list, and convert more visitors into customers by sending them tailored emails. Using these apps, you can improve customer engagement and increase income. In addition, you may design marketing plans for your business by employing the customer insights and tailored suggestions supplied by this solution.

12. Jebbit

Jebbit is among the best Shopify apps for increasing sales. It lets you build visually appealing and interesting quizzes for your audience. These shoppable or match quizzes boost conversion rates and sales by guiding visitors in finding products that are a good fit for them. Furthermore, you can use this app to create surveys, personality tests, lead-generating forms, and more, and then distribute them through email, Instagram, Facebook, and other channels. Companies may use any of the 50 pre-built templates; this no-code platform provides and personalizes them to match their brand identity. The data and leads gathered from these quizzes will assist you with marketing and copywriting for your website.

13. Recart

Recart’s SMS marketing service may help you grow your business since people are more attached to smartphones than ever before. Businesses benefit from the app’s automation of SMS and Facebook Messenger marketing. You may deliver targeted and customized promotions to your prospective audience using its Sponsored Message campaign. The app includes opt-in tools that you can use to rapidly grow your marketing list for SMS, Messenger, and emails. Recart’s Flow Editors enable businesses to use a process for Messenger and SMS in a matter of minutes. Pick any pre-built flow from its Template Library to improve ROI by giving a conversational experience to your customers on a large scale.

14. Bold Upsell

Bold Upsell is a Shopify app that helps you sell more to your customers by replacing their orders with an upgraded version. It generates dynamically updated upsells depending on the customer’s past decisions. You may also use Bold Upsell to cross-sell related and complimentary products based on the products in the basket. The app enables simple app setup and the generation of product/service offers. In addition, you may evaluate consumers’ behavior, the value of the shopping cart, and upsell analytics when making upsell offers like free shipping and discounts.

Conclusion: Apps And Tools For Shopify Store Sales Boost

This post discussed the best Shopify store apps that you can use to boost sales and building a loyal customer base. While all of these apps are popular owing to their features, you should choose an app with the essential traits and capabilities to meet your business demands. Make sure the best Shopify app you select is simple to use, inexpensive, and time-saving. It’s also good to check its rating to see what other people think.

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