12+ Best Affiliate Programs To Try In 2022

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs To Try: Well, Affiliate marketing is one of the most underutilized marketing strategies. Not only may your affiliate partner program earn you a steady revenue, but it can also create a lot of discussion about the products you’re selling. And this is why:

1 – Useful Products are always in high demand. People will utilize your products if they benefit them, whether you’re in the blogging sector or running a company. So it makes sense that the same people would desire to earn a passive income via an affiliate program.

2 – Many affiliate program participants often create blog articles about your product to increase affiliate revenue. This equates to free product marketing, including the creation of high-quality backlinks.

Affiliate programs are especially effective for digital startups. This is because the client does not need to buy a physical product to utilize it. It also makes it easier for others to promote your product since it is easily accessible in digital form.

Affiliate Programs Basics

If you’re unsure what it takes to run an affiliate program, here’s a quick tutorial to get you started. Well, in return for a commission, an affiliate program allows you to ask third-party collaborators (bloggers, publishers, etc.) to help promote your products. Although most affiliate programs vary, the following essential elements are shared by all:

Sales-driven Commissions

Affiliate marketing allows you to be creative in compensating people for their efforts in promoting your product. You do not have to pay a commission if there is no sale. As a result, running an affiliate program is incredibly cost-effective. In addition, it encourages third-party affiliates to put money into their efforts to earn commissions.

On-going Commissions

You may either pay a one-time charge for each new client or allow your affiliates to earn commissions on an ongoing basis. Pay a commission, for example, when a consumer spends a particular amount on your products. This method is well-known among brands such as DigitalOcean. The rest is totally up to you. The additional features you may provide will also be determined by your chosen affiliate program platform. Which also happens to be the topic of this guide.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest affiliate program tools on the market to assist you in getting started with your affiliate program. These tools will assist you in scaling your affiliate program from basic to enterprise level if required. In addition, we’re expanding our offerings to include particular affiliate program tools for WordPress and business website customers. So let us not spend any time and go right to the good stuff.

12+ Best Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs to try.

1. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is an affiliate program platform that uses snippets. Their focus, though, is on becoming a jack of all crafts. Tapfiliate, in other words, particularly targets a broad range of content and website systems. Their affiliate program software is compatible with Shopify, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and other well-known platforms.

2. Rewardful

Rewardful provides some of the most user-friendly tools for businesses to create their affiliate program utilizing the Stripe payment system. The platform automates everything from commission administration to payouts and refunds. To top it all off, Rewardful boasts one of the simplest set-up procedures of any affiliate program platform. In addition, any affiliates that join up for your program will have their dashboard on Rewardful.

3. Kiflo

Kiflo specializes in assisting companies such as yours to implement a Partner Relationship Management strategy. Its key audience is developing enterprises looking to take the next step in product promotion. Once you believe your sales follow a linear curve, you may use Kiflo’s broad PRM tools to increase your long-term exposure. Everything from the affiliate dashboard to custom link management is available to you. You may also utilize Kiflo’s single dashboard to engage with your partners and create long-term connections. In the end, your partners are likely to be product consumers themselves.

4. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is a specialized affiliate tracking tool for managing sales, payouts, and affiliate users. It comes with an all-in-one dashboard for managing your affiliate program. Previous technological skill is not required to utilize this platform. Almost all installation processes are code-free and clearly described. Sales tracking, specific product support, discounts, and commission management are all features of the platform. Post Affiliate Pro helps to avoid dissatisfied consumers by monitoring possibly incorrect transactions; fraud prevention.

5. CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction had a bad image in the affiliate marketing industry in the early 2000s. However, almost all digital marketers at the time utilized Commission Junction primarily because it offered the most products to promote. As a result, CJ Affiliate is now concentrating on assisting advertisers and Publishers. Unlike standalone affiliate software, CJ offers unique advantages for getting your affiliate program up and running. The Advertiser function allows you to list all of your products on a single dashboard. From there, you may describe even the smallest specifics regarding the product or service you’re attempting to market. Second, CJ is also a publishing platform. Consequently, you will have an easy approach to acquiring new affiliate partners right now. CJ’s Publisher board shows all products that are available for promotion. And since the audience is so wide, someone is always seeking a product in a certain sector.

6. WP Affiliate Manager

WordPress is an extremely powerful content management system. WordPress, formerly known for having the greatest blogging capabilities, is now used to power media sites, SaaS startups, business platforms, and eCommerce storefronts. WP Affiliate Manager will be a blessing if you run your business or startup using WordPress. This plugin is intended to interface with your current product management software before allowing you to ask affiliates to join your program. WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WP eStore, S2Member, and many more platforms are already supported. And since it’s WordPress-based, you get the standard, simple workflow environment. This tool generates user dashboards and provides affiliate management features based on your current WordPress data.

7. Impact

Affiliate marketing isn’t just about making money. It’s also about collaborations – the people who enable you to earn more long-term income. Impact Engage is a platform that allows you to communicate with all of your partners. You’ll be able to discover which partners are doing extremely well if you have access to thorough information. And, if you’re pleased enough, you may offer them exclusive offers and higher commission rates in exchange for their efforts. Generally, you’d do this based on intuition or a decent heart. But instead, Impact helps you in making data-driven choices.

8. ShareASale

ShareASale was founded in the early 2000s. The platform has seen numerous changes in the marketing industry, but it remains a strong solution for anybody wishing to promote their product via an affiliate system. The main benefit of ShareASale is that it is a well-known platform. Even well-known businesses, such as Awesome Motive, use ShareASale to manage their affiliate requirements. Part of this is that ShareASale makes it easy for publishers. Anyone may effectively promote a product and earn affiliate income. In addition, their excellent payment history makes it an easy option for affiliate marketers.


CAKE is a performance-based marketing tool for lead management, multi-channel strategy optimization, and partner relationship management. It is ideally suited for an in-house affiliate system. Gathering quantitative data to enhance your affiliate performance will also be advantageous. Although it may initially seem complicated, learning CAKE is easy since most of its features are intuitive. Using the tools offered in your dashboard, you may compile reports, monitor individual partners, and send out promos.

10. Voluum

Voluum is a comprehensive advertising tracker for your business. This tool allows you to do more than manage your affiliate programs. If you already have a medium-to-large company business, Voluum is one tool that will give you a statistical advantage over your rivals.

11. AffiliateWP

Without question, WordPress is one of the most user-friendly website management tools available. And, for many, the concept of moving to a different option is unthinkable. However, we have some fantastic news for WordPress users that wish to manage their affiliates from inside the main dashboard. AffiliateWP is a WordPress-exclusive affiliate marketing management plugin designed to help you earn more money. Because you’re already using WordPress to publish your products, utilizing AffiliateWP will be a breeze.

12. Refersion

Refersion is an all-in-one affiliate marketing platform that may assist you in developing an affiliate system for your product. However, it also helps to recruit new partners. Customers of Refersion have access to a unique marketplace where over 5,000 publishers are seeking new products to promote. Several instructive guidelines and tutorials on marketing your product via affiliate marketing. This affiliate platform tool will be very useful for eCommerce site owners. For example, suppose you have a Shopify shop and want to grow your business. Refersion integrates seamlessly with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other prominent eCommerce platforms.

13. EasyAffiliate

EasyAffiliate is a WordPress plugin that helps you to create a self-hosted affiliate program for eCommerce businesses or WordPress blogs in minutes. You can increase your sales with an affiliate dashboard, real-time data, fraud detection, eCommerce connections, email marketing, one-click payouts, and no transaction fees. There is no need to meddle with the database or run any extra scripts. The WordPress Customizer helps you to customize the pre-styled dashboard to match your brand. The dashboard allows your affiliates to change account details easily, check status, examine payment history, and download banners and links.

The Bottom Line: Affiliate Programs

It is not difficult to start an affiliate program. If you have a good product to sell, there is probably someone out there who would want to help you promote it. And the advantages are immeasurable. First, however, you’ll need to analyze and assess your alternatives for the best affiliate marketing platform based on your product/business size. This guide of affiliate marketing tools should be diverse enough to meet your demands in small and large firms.

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