Best SHEIN Alternatives for Android & iPhone


SHEIN has long been an excellent outlet for modern fashionistas looking for fashionable clothes and accessories. Plus, rightly so as the China-based shopping app excels as a one-stop women’s shopping platform in most respects. The Chinese app has always been involved in several scandals, sadly. It has not been able to hold controversies aside, whether it is the sensational data breach that leaked the sensitive details of about 6.42 million customers in 2018 or the recent ban in India due to safety and privacy concerns. We won’t blame you for seeking the best SHEIN Alternatives for Android and iPhone in 2020 if these arguments are sufficient enough for you to search for a replacement.


Best SHEIN Alternatives for Android & iPhone

Shein is not the only application that caters to the clothes and fashion of women. There are many apps for shopping that manufacture and sell women’s clothing. However, then again, not all of them can contend with the enormous variety of Chinese rivals. We’ve selected the top Shein replacement apps that will let you buy the new dresses and accessories after taking a close look at a variety of shopping apps.

These Shein replacements also provide strong men’s and children’s clothing in addition to offering a wide selection of women’s clothing. And yes, with exclusive offers and a ton of discounts, they also entertain you, so you can save money whenever you buy new clothing. Now that you know what they have in store for these shopping applications let’s dive right in!

H&M – we love fashion


H&M continues to be a perfect alternative for modern fashionistas who never seem to get enough of the hottest clothing. Yeah, you read that correctly! The app has one of the most acceptable ranges of apparel and accessories from the world’s best brands. So, if you want to set the trend or keep up with a hot style that’s just gone viral, chances are you’re not going to have to look past it.

In terms of user experience, H&M looks a bit better than Shein, in addition to a wide range of clothing and accessories. It includes a visual search that allows you to use your images or screenshots to search for an object. It offers matching/similar pieces after identifying colors and patterns. The’ Find in Store’ is another notable feature of this app that allows you to find out which store a specific item is available.

Smart searches aside, based on your interest, H&M also provides customized recommendations. Consequently, it becomes straightforward to find the sort of collections that get along nicely with your style. On top of that, unlike Shein, H&M has a reasonably decent reputation for safeguarding users’ personal information. Given these remarkable characteristics, the argument of being one of the best alternatives to Shein can safely be staked. 



Going by the sheer numbers, the most popular shopping apps by far are Amazon. And if with a mammoth array of fashionable clothes, you have set your eyes on a Shein alternative, this one will easily suit your needs. Amazon can deliver a tough competition for Shein and even win on certain fronts, with a range of trendy pieces tailored for both classy and modern women.

The app also excels in providing garments, shoes, accessories for men and children, in addition to offering an excellent selection of women’s apparel. It also provides a fast way to compare rates so that you can find the best offer according to your budget. Besides, customer reviews also play a critical role in helping you to make an educated decision.

Checking the availability of any clothing or accessories becomes very simple with barcode scanning at the disposal. The ability to build a wishlist of items that you want to purchase is another feature worth taking note of. This keeps you updated about the price drops by timely updates so that you do not forget to cash-in-on the bumper discounts. Overall, as opposed to Shein, Amazon has also had an excellent reputation for protecting users’ personal information.


If there is a search for a top-notch shopping app that could be a capable substitute for Shein, it would be a mistake to miss out on a well-known player such as ZARA. And so correctly. Including trendsetters, the app is very highly rated among shoppers of all ages.

ZARA also provides clothes for women, men, and children, much like its Chinese counterpart. But it’s the selection of women that makes it a forum so sought after. There’s a wide range to cater to your fancy, from beautiful dresses to casual t-shirts to jumpsuits.

With up to 70% discount on the hottest items, when it comes to saving your bucks, it can also make a good match with Shein. Not to mention, it helps you to share with others your favorite items and even ask some questions before purchasing an item to sort out uncertainty. Long story short, for fashion stars, Zara is the ideal SHEIN substitute.



If Shein claims to be a top-notch fashion shopping app, neither is Myntra behind it. It’s planned to be a great shopping destination for all kinds of customers, including aspiring fashionistas, with a wide range of items from over 2500 brands. It also includes several filters, such as a discount, prices, colors, sizes, and popularity, just like Shein, to allow you to find the kind of clothing you are looking for quickly.

You get a chance to purchase a product at a massive discount thanks to the integrated Myntra coupon codes. Besides, to ensure that you do not miss significant offers, it also provides real-time updates about exclusive deals. As a consequence, at a low price, you can catch high-quality skirts.

So if Shein doesn’t seem to live up to the hype of offering at a reasonably low price point beautiful dresses, you can count on Myntra to fill the gap. What’s more, to help you select the right apparel that can improve your fashion quotient, it also offers style notes from expert fashion editors.

Besides, to get the style proposals, you can create wishlists and share them with your buddies. Myntra is a full-fledged replacement for SHEN for women’s shopping. 

Shoppers Stop Fashion Shopping

Though “Shoppers Stop” might not be as successful as some of its noted rivals, such as Myntra, it has all checked off to be suitable for Shein. It’s got you completely covered, from gorgeous fashion accessories to luxury watches to the new cosmetics. Additionally, to have an impressive range of women’s clothing and accessories, it’s also up to the mark when it comes to the collection of men and girls.

Shoppers Stop features a pretty neat guy that makes it very easy to browse clothing. Besides, it also has many filters, such as discounts, costs, colors, and sizes, making it very simple for you to spot the item you seek. Based on what drives your fancy, you will create a comprehensive wishlist to keep a tab on your favorite clothes and accessories.

According to your taste, the style recommendations are another feature that makes it a fair competitor for Shein. So you can keep this in mind if the Chinese fashion app cannot give you personalized fashion recommendations.



It aims to be your one-stop platform for women’s apparel and fashion, while Urbanic is a relatively new player in the cut-throat industry. An ever-growing library of thousands of the latest clothes is what places it at the forefront. It’s completely prepared to live up to the demand of different options, from the gorgeous skirts, funky-looking t-shirts to elegant gowns. Notably, for certain out-of-the-box sets, you can still expect it to impress you.

One of Shein’s key highlights is that it brings many new trends every day, making it very popular among aspiring fashion stars who love to draw attention to their beautiful style. Even in this respect, it seems that Urbanic is up to the job.

So no matter what kind of designs you are looking for, you won’t be disappointed by its library. It’s even-steven in pricing, thanks mainly to the significant discounts, coupons, and flash sales. Therefore, at a comparatively low price, you can purchase suitable quality clothing.

You can talk with the Urbanic team with the live chat feature to know more about a particular cloth and whether it will go along with a specific theme. It also offers hassle-free returns for ten days, so if it does not fulfill your demand, you will have no problem returning an item. 

ROMWE – Women’s Fashion


When it comes to women’s apparel and jewelry wear, a fashionable assortment works better than anything else. And ROMWE has long been a highly-rated forum in this regard. So on the female fashion side, it’s completely qualified to deal with Shein.

ROMWE ensures you still have access to the leading brands’ newest offerings with over 200 daily new arrivals. Like Shein, various pieces, including t-shirts, skirts, bottoms, sweatshirts, rompers, jewelry, shows, and more, it also provides regular exclusive deals. So, it shouldn’t be a significant request to get the desired commodity at a reasonably low price.

Besides, ROMWE also provides hot sales that will let you grab products at a discount of up to 95 percent. You can easily make payments thanks to different payment methods, such as PayPal and credit cards. But what tilts the tide in ROMWE’s favor is a return policy of 60 days. Considering Shein doesn’t have a perfect return policy, it quickly gets the upper hand in this critical aspect.

Bonus: Clovia – Lingerie Shopping App


Are you looking for an alternative to Shein that excels in offering stylish nightwear and lingerie? Look no further than Clovia if your reply is in the affirmative. The best thing about this app is possible that it designs its lingerie line of high-quality fabrics. They never fail to impress, as a result.

The occasion-specific offerings like bridal lingerie, beachwear, and sportswear are another feature that has caught my eyes in this app. So no matter whether you’re getting ready for a beach party or planning your fabulous marriage ceremony, you’re going to find the right lingerie that’s going to look great on you. Oh yeah, it’s also no pushover, much like Shein, when it comes to providing significant discounts on the new lingerie and nightwear.

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Choose Top Apps like SHEIN for iOS & Android.

So these are the highly-rated shopping apps that can give SHEIN healthy competition and even beat it on several fronts, like discounts and privacy. I hope your eyes have found the right bet with some unique applications on the beck and call. By the way, for your taste, which one of these apps has proven to be spot on? Before heading on a shopping spree, be sure to spill the beans about your favorite shopping app! 

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