Best SwiftKey Alternatives for Android & iOS


SwiftKey was one of Android & iOS’s most successful third-party keyboards, even before Microsoft acquired it back in 2016. For features such as its swipe typing, AI-powered predictions, cloud storage, auto-correct, bilingual typing, emojis, customization, and more the Keyboard received a lot of praise from its users. One of the bit third-party keyboards with all those features was SwiftKey back then. We now, however, have a lot of third-party solutions that are just as good if not better, as SwiftKey. So if it’s too hard for you to keep up with the choices and pick the right Keyboard for you, then you’re in the right place. For Android & iOS, we will take a look at the top 7 SwiftKey Alternatives in this post.


Best SwiftKey Alternatives for Android & iOS



Gboard has won its position as one of the best alternatives to SwiftKey, mostly because of all these features it brings to the table. With lots of features like Glide typing, GIF support, and more, Google has built Gboard. Heck, the Keyboard also has the search engine of Google built right into it, making it easier for you to pull up the search results & more.

Gboard also forecasts your sentences, just like SwiftKey, and gives you feedback based on your typing habits. In class error correction, it also has the best. The Keyboard also supports GIF & Emoji search to make it easier for its users, so you can quickly search for your favourite GIFs or emojis. If you don’t know, Gboard also supports more than 300 languages, making it one of the most open keyboards on the market.

  • Download Gboard: Android (Free), iOS (Free)



Grammar is the way to go if you want to keep your messages, emails, and documents error-free. The Keyboard looks very minimal and has minimal characteristics. Its best-in-class error correction is the highlight of the Keyboard. Professional authors use grammar to keep their copies error-free, and if you are a grammar-nazi, the grammar keyboard would be your best friend.

The grammar keyboard supports emojis, but other fancy SwiftKey features such as theme, glide typing and more are missing. That being said, grammar will help you develop your abilities and help you understand your mistakes.

  • Download Grammarly: Android (Free), iOS (Free)



If you used SwiftKey primarily for the predictions of AI-assisted terms, then Fleksy is a keyboard worth looking into. The ‘Auto Word learning’ feature of Fleksy is something that is highly talked about, and it is just as good as the word predictions of SwiftKey. With these forecasts, it’s also straightforward, and Guinness records have recognized it as the fastest mobile Keyboard.

Fleksy’s extensions are also popularly recognized. It’s one of how SwiftKey is one-up. Other than that, Fleksy provides support for different formats of keyboards (QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, Dvorak, and Colemak), customization of keyboards, themes, multilingual typing, etc. Besides, during our research with Fleksy, we did not face any performance problems. With in-app purchases for content, including themes, the app is available for free. 

  • Download Fleksy: Android (Free), iOS (Free)

Kika Keyboard


I would suggest that you try Kika Keyboard just in case the SwiftKey Keyboard looks a little light on the customization front for you. While known mainly as the emoji keyboard, it has all the bases covered for you to be a handy tool. This keyboard app, with over 8000 themes, lets you customize the entire interface to your heart’s liking. Skins such as Spider-Man: Far From Home, Godzilla Themes, Pets 2 themes, Train Your Dragon3 pieces are eye-catching in the film. Plus, you’ve got a lot of fun-loving stickers and cool fonts to use as well.

I think the Kika Keyboard is up to the challenge in terms of typing. This also makes the most of artificial intelligence, much like SwiftKey, to boost precision, get rid of grammatical errors, and speed up typing. That’s not all, and it works with Facebook, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, all social networking and messaging apps to help you connect using hilarious GIMs and stickers.

  • Download Kika Keyboard : Android (Free), iOS (Free)

FancyKey Keyboard


If you want to personalize your Keyboard absolutely, FancyKey is the ideal alternative to SwiftKey. Such as incredibly. Only look at the theme store that provides this Keyboard. There Looking beyond the options for customization, there are some functions on the Keyboard. Although the word prediction & autocorrection of FancyKey might not be as strong as SwiftKey, it works well enough.

Swipe/gesture typing, emoji and emoticon keyboard and Keyboard layouts such as QWERTY, AZERTY, and QWERTZ are also included in the keypad. Unfortunately, it does not yet provide bilingual support for typing and supports only 30+ languages. But with FancyKey, along with different themes, you can customize the key form, colour, context, shadow, tone, typing effect, font, etc. of the Keyboard. With in-app purchases to unlock different themes, FancyKey is available for free.

  • Download FancyKey: Android (Free), iOS (Free)

iKeyboard -Cool Keyboard Theme


IKeyboard might not be as feature-packed as SwiftKey, but when it comes to offering a more straightforward typing experience, it is equally powerful. The support for multiple fast gestures that play a vital role in speeding up typing is what I found appreciable in this keyboard app. For example, to swap symbols/letters easily, you can use the sideslip gesture and slide downwards to get rid of the Keyboard.

IKeyboard also makes a good match with the arsenal of improving the accuracy of SwiftKey, because of the reasonably precise word prediction and auto-correction. This is got more than enough to stand out, even on the customization front. The choice to set unique typing sounds is one of my favourite features of this keyboard app. Besides to make the GUI look pleasing to the eyes, there are also several nice-looking themes. IKeyboard is an adequate replacement for SwiftKey, given these cool features.

  • Download iKeyboard – Cool Keyboard Theme: iOS (Free)

Go Keyboard


Go Keyboard seems to be an excellent choice for people who are searching for an alternative SwiftKey app that can succeed in both aspects: personalization and smooth typing experience. The app has all kinds of ingredients, filled wit over 10000 colourful themes, to let you design your Keyboard. And looking at the range of themes, I have to say in this department that it has the edge over SwiftKey. Add to that its range of over 1,000 emojis, a massive library of side-splitting GIFs, and a lot of fonts, and on the customization front, and it has you covered.

Go Keyboard features a primary interface that is very easy to learn to enhance the typing experience. Support for various formats such as the QWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ, and AZERTY provides the versatility you need as well. It also offers spot-on predictions for speed your typing, much like SwiftKey. Not only that, it is a capable alternative to SwiftKey thanks to supporting for more than 60 languages and convenient voice input.

  • Download Go Keyboard: Android (Free)

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Did You Like These Swiftkey Alternatives?

As you can see, there is a lot of good iPhone and Android third-party keyboard options that you can use to replace the Swiftkey on your computer. I love and use the new Gboard software as my default keyboard. It’s easy, it’s precise, and it lets me do whatever I want to do. What are your preferred choices for Switkey? In the comments box underneath, let us know. 

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