How to Install & Play Minecraft on Chromebook?

Minecraft created a new form of gaming genre after its release, called sandbox games, where players could build, change, or kill their setting. The game was ultimately created for a number of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and more. Even after so many years, however, the game was not created for Chrome OS. But as Chrome OS has the support of Linux, there is nothing to worry about. Without much friction, you can install and play Minecraft and many other Linux games on your Chromebook now. So let’s go ahead & find out the steps for using Linux to install Minecraft on Chromebook.


Install & Play Minecraft on Chromebook in 2020

Well, there are some things that I want to explain before we start. On Chromebook, you can run Minecraft without switching to Developer Mode and downloading Crouton. Google has greatly enhanced Linux on Chrome OS in the past few months and added many of the features to the stable channel. Google has produced GPU acceleration to the stable channel, for instance, so go ahead and activate it right now. It makes the gameplay a lot easier and day and night are clearly the difference.

Aside from that on the Chromebook, the mouse-capture bug on Minecraft is almost gone. The game is much more sensitive now, and you can also increase the sensitivity of the mouse as per your choice. Let’s go ahead & learn how to install and play Minecraft on Chromebook with all of that said.

1. Make sure you have set-up Linux on your Chromebook before going ahead.

Minecraft on Chromebook

2. Next, download Minecraft. Deb file from the official website (Debian/Ubuntu). After that, transfer the file within the Files app to the Linux section.

Minecraft on Chromebook

3. Now, double-click and click the Install button on the downloaded file. Minecraft will be mounted on your Chromebook within a few minutes.

Minecraft on Chromebook

4. Open the App Drawer in order to access Minecraft and navigate to the Linux Folder. You’ll find a “Minecraft Launcher” here. Open it, and voila, you’ve got it there. On Chrome OS, Minecraft works out of the box without any tinkering.

Minecraft on Chromebook

5. Sign in now with your Minecraft account, and the new release will be downloaded, and the update will install itself. After installation, the app will close automatically, so open it again from the app drawer.

Minecraft on Chromebook

6. With WASD key control, the game runs perfect, but the mouse sensitivity is slightly on the lower hand. Tap Options -> Mouse Settings and change the sensitivity to ‘Hyperspeed’ to correct it. Now on Chromebook, you can play Minecraft smoothly and without any jitters.

Minecraft on Chromebook

7. Go to the Terminal app from the Application Drawer if you find an installation error. After that, run the Linux commands below to install the Java Development Kit one by one. In addition, to begin the installation, click ‘Y.’ Finally, from the Files app, install the Minecraft. Deb file normally.

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get upgrade
  • sudo apt-get install default-jdk

Minecraft on Chromebook

Enjoy Minecraft on Chromebook Without a Hitch

So that was our guide to how to install the popular game Minecraft on Chromebook and play it. Things appear to be much easier now for Linux apps and Chrome OS games as a whole with the enhanced Linux (Beta). And the best thing is that your Chromebook doesn’t need to make any updates. All is installed into the Linux framework, including the packages and dependencies.

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On top of that, the acceleration of the GPU gives a major gameplay difference. Anyway, all of that is from us. If you can play Minecraft on your Chromebook, please comment below and let us know about your gaming experience. 

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