10 Best World of Warcraft Alternative Games

World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft is one of the Best MMORPG Games out there. The World of Warcraft played a crucial role in shaping the MMORPG genre. This game is more than a decade old now, and a lot of imitators have come and gone in the meantime, but World of Warcraft hasn’t lost its charm. Millions of passionate fans still log in daily to access the gargantuan open worlds.

This is a testament to Blizzard’s execution, which not many developers have managed to achieve. While it’s tough to replace WoW, several other games offer almost the same concept. Thus, if you are on the lookout for some alternatives, then we’ve curated a great list of games that you can play instead.


10 Best World of Warcraft Alternative Games

Here we have produced a list of some of the best Games Like World Of Warcraft. So, All these games are Similar to WOW.

Blade And Soul

World of Warcraft

Blade & Soul is a free-to-play MMORPG title that looks exactly like the World of Warcraft, if not better. This visuals and gameplay style is so similar to World of Warcraft that it’s popularly known as the Korean version of WoW. This game has two playable factions called Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion, who fight against each other.

Blade and Soul have it all, from some different quests to a massive open-world that’s waiting to be explored. Suppose there’s one thing that sets Blade & Soul apart, then it’s got to be the fact that it’s free-to-play, as I mentioned earlier. Yeah, there are some paid elements in the game, but they won’t affect the overall gameplay. You can tap the link down below to learn more about the game.

  • Download Blade and Soul: (Free)


World of Warcraft

The TERA is yet another free-to-play MMORPG title from Bluehole Studio Inc. Yeah, Bluehole is the same studio that’s responsible for making the wildly popular Battle Royale game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. So, I am sure you must have heard of it. As well, TERA is a beautiful game that’s highly inspired by WoW. However, I can’t call it a complete copy because TERA has its spin on the genre.

The TERA has over 80 zones that are meticulously designed with gorgeous visuals. It’s one of those games that’ll genuinely make you feel like you are in a virtual world. So, You get to choose between 12 playable classes and seven races to explore the open world and its dungeons. This also has a PvP mode, which is among the best in the MMO world.

  • Download TERA: (Free)


World of Warcraft

Rift is one of the most exciting MMOs out there, and it offers a lot of features and tools that it could be the potential World of Warcraft killer in a couple of years. Accordingly, it’s still one of the biggest MMOs out there because it has taken all the positive aspects of MMO games and mixed them into one exciting game that captivates anyone who tries it out. This game has two factions that are at constant war against each other, and you must help your side in winning the war. This is similar to all other MMORPGs out here with character building and resource gathering. Besides that, you must actively look for any Rifts in the world and close them before the enemy starts pouring out of them.

  • Download Rift: (Free)


World of Warcraft

The Warframe is a third-person shooter that’s unique and special in its way. Meanwhile, staying true to its genre of MMO, Warframe manages to offer an MMO experience like never-seen-before.

The Warframe lets you control warriors of an ancient race who are at war with other factions. This is co-op focused action gameplay makes it a one of a kind action title in this list. So, there are a ton of different characters to choose from, and each of them has their unique abilities. Yeah, Warframe may not sound like a perfect WoW alternative, though it’s a great game to play if you’re willing to take some time off WoW.

  • Download Warframe: (Free)

Age of Conan

World of Warcraft

Suppose you are looking for a free MMORPG game like WoW. Age of Conan is perfect for you. The novels of the same name loosely inspire this game. However, the Age of Conan is a direct rival to the World of Warcraft and offers similar gameplay elements. So, You pick your favorite class with unique traits and abilities, explore the vast world, complete quests, gather resources, and upgrade your character’s skills and equipment. You are now free to choose your destiny in this fantastic game. Start a life of a sorcerer or a stealthy assassin; this all depends on your tastes. Explore the legend of Conan in this awesome game.

  • Download Age of Conan: (Free)

Elder Scrolls Online

World of Warcraft

The Elder Scrolls franchise needs no introduction. I mean to say, it’s a franchise that’s been dominating the RPG genre for years now. As well the Elder Scrolls Online is no different. This is a fantasy game that draws inspiration from various other worlds. So, Elder Scrolls Online takes place on the continent of Tamriel, where you, as a player, will get to choose to be a part of one of the three factions.

Although You may not find Elder Scrolls Online to be a complete alternative to World of Warcraft, there’s a lot to be explored in the world of Elder Scrolls Online, and it’s one of the best multiplayer games to try out. This game initially received a lot of mixed reviews, but the developers have been doing a great job of keeping the game updated with fresh content.

  • Download Elder Scrolls Online from Steam ($59.99)

Guild Wars 2

World of Warcraft

Guild Wars 2 is not the same as World of Warcraft, but it’s for those people who are looking for a new experience with some new gameplay elements and a unique storyline. It offers nine individual classes with five different races. Each course was bringing its unique abilities and traits to the table. Your character’s customization options are excellent, which will let you customize your name entirely according to your style. These graphics are beautiful, and the game looks stunning on bigger displays. If you want a completely new MMO experience, then Guild Wars is a game for you.

  • Download Guild Wars 2: (Free)

Black Desert Online

World of Warcraft

Following lots of fanfare after its launch in Korea, Black Desert Online made its way to the global market very soon and managed to deliver on the hype. One of the games on the list takes full advantage of the MMO genre to offer addictive gameplay that’s also being improved over time.

Black Desert Online stands out from the other games because of its snappy action combat and intuitive property management elements in the game. From making alliances to acquiring your buildings, Black Desert Online offers everything. Hence, you can even take control of an entire city if you are capable enough. Overall, it’s a perfect game, which we think should be on your list.

  • Download Black Desert Online: ($9.99)

Dragon Age: Inquisition

World of Warcraft

The Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the best games in the series in terms of gameplay and storyline. This world is being run over by demons that are coming through multiple breaches in the universe. Here, Your character possesses the ability to seal these breaches and help fight the monsters. So, Your job is to recruit new friends, forge new alliances, and destroy any demons that come in your way. However, Seal off all the breaches that are causing unrest in the world’s population and help keep your world safe from evil’s domination. Select a unique race for your hero, with each race sporting unique sets of abilities and characteristics. Well, Best of all, team up with your buddies in the online co-op mode to take on the evil forces together.

  • Download Dragon Age: Inquisition ($15.95)


World of Warcraft

Skyforge is a fantastic game that lets you play as an immortal warrior in a technologically-advanced sci-fi setup. Sounds great. I mean to say, who wouldn’t want to play an MMORPG game in a sci-fi world? So, Unlike many other MMORPG titles in which matchmaking is a huge issue, Skyforge allows its players to change the class of their character at any time. Well, Not only does it eliminates the matchmaking hitch, but it also allows players to have a different experience each time they log in.

The Skyforge also has what it calls a “Prestige system,” which determines a player’s power level based on in-game stats. This game has a lot to offer, and you truly have to play the game to experience it all.

  • Download Skyforge: (Free)

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Best Games Like World of Warcraft

Suppose you are already tired of World of Warcraft, then you should know that there are countless other games out there that will fill the void left by WoW. As mentioned above, the victims are worth a try if you are looking for a similar playstyle or gameplay elements. So, There are more MMOs out there that might have gone unnoticed, so feel free to mention your favorite games like World of Warcraft in the comments below. 

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