6+ Best Remote Team Communication Tools You Can Use

Remote Team Communication Tools

Top Remote Team Communication Tools: Work-from-home jobs were only available to employees who needed to take maternity leave or couldn’t otherwise attend work in person. As a result, remote-friendly is one of the most often encountered when searching for fresh job advertisements in industries such as technology, marketing, engineering, and others. Similarly, many new businesses are being established purely based on a remote-only work environment. This is primarily due to the accessible talent pool throughout the world. On the other hand, getting visas or work permits for persons you want to have on your team is more difficult. So, if you’re seeking top talent for your team, working remotely is a good compromise. Looking at remote work data before and after COVID-19, we can find that 44% of workers work remotely five days a week, up from 17% before COVID-19.

Remote Team Communication Tools

Suppose you regularly search for tech-related jobs on the “Who is Hiring?” monthly thread on ever-popular Hacker News. In that case, you’ll notice that many companies are presenting their job openings as remote-friendly. A few years ago, there were just a few dozen advertisements. Now, over 100 companies are searching for individuals who want to work conveniently from their homes or offices. So, to summarise, this is an excellent time to become a remote worker. Work from a tropical island’s beach (digital nomadism), from home while looking over your children, or from your automobile as the Grand Canyon looms in the background.

Communication And Role It Plays In Work

Although working remotely has several advantages, it is important to remember that you are still part of a larger team. This implies that communication is still important to your daily (or bi-daily) operation. For example, graphic designers, freelance writers, and other gig-based remote workers may often get by with just Email/Slack communication. However, this will not be the case if you enter a company as the engineer, human relations representative, or any other job where communication is needed.

As a result, companies and startups must typically decide on a certain remote communications tool, they will use in the long run. Unfortunately, choosing a certain tool might backfire, and you must move everything to an alternative. Similarly, you must examine the learning curve and usability of the particular remote communications tool for your company type.

Tools That You Can Use To Communicate With Your Remote Team

A Google search for “remote communication tools” yields billions of results. It’s a profitable issue to concentrate on since remote work is rising (as we saw), and creating your own business of this type is also profitable.

6+ Best Remote Team Communication Tools You Can Use

Remote Team Communication Tools you can use in 2022.

1. Connecteam

Remote Team Communication Tools

Communication tools are spreading because they enable employees to connect and cooperate. Connecteam is a one-of-a-kind company app that enables teams to manage, communicate, and educate non-desk employees while being easy to scale, customize, and use. It includes employee scheduling, employee time clock, employee ask management, employee communication, checklists & forms, and employee training & knowledge center. Connecteam is appropriate for a variety of things, including:

1 – Simplified internal communication puts everyone on the same page, collects quantifiable feedback, and enhances engagement, communication, and transparency.

2 – Managing tasks with fewer clicks, swiftly engaging with the team, setting tasks, and receiving real-time automatic alerts.

3 – It facilitates time monitoring and employee management by providing an accurate and simple time clock. It also follows labor rules, improves time management, eliminates buddy punching, simplifies the payroll process, prevents time theft, and so on.

4 – Automate work procedures and eliminate paper, making businesses embrace digitization.

5 – Using configurable features to save time on scheduling guarantees a pleasant user experience and fewer mistakes for managers and employees.

The tool provides a better onboarding process and training to learn how to monitor progress with visual insights, work with a professional team, and measure success with quizzes. In addition, Connecteam provides complete transparency by allowing users to create content, adjust admin access, conduct tasks, supervise employees, and so on. This is one of the best Remote Team Communication Tools.

2. Slack

Remote Team Communication Tools

Slack is the most popular tool on the market. It not only went through many acquisitions but also received a large amount of money from private investors and angel companies. This resulted in Slack going public (IPO) for an astounding $38.50 per share value of $23 billion. I’ve nothing but positive things to say about Slack as a remote worker/employee. It facilitates communication with your team members in a variety of methods.

Slack was originally designed as a chat-based communication tool, but it has now expanded to enable audio and video calls. This makes it easy to join a conference call, train new employees, or conduct general meetings for the company. But it isn’t all. Slack also specializes in assisting with particular difficulties for certain industries. These are the industries:

1 – Marketing.

2 – Engineering.

3 – IT.

4 – Customer Support.

5 – Human Resources.

6 – Project Management.

7 – Media and more!

Whatever industry you work in, Slack makes communication as easy as possible. For example, if you manage a marketing agency and want to use Slack to communicate with your team and customers, you may get some big benefits. The first is integration with your preferred marketing tools. Slack offers all your favorite marketing tools (over 100 as of this writing) that you can incorporate into your communication workflow. Invoices, social media things, reviews, and so forth can all be controlled simply from your Slack dashboard.

This also applies to all of the other industries that Slack serves. Is it a jack-of-all-trades? Sure, to a point. However, various tools and approaches to communication problems are required in different contexts. So, let’s see what additional remote communication tools are available on the market. And you’ll find something better appropriate for your business or project. This is one of the best Remote Team Communication Tools.

3. Monday.com

Remote Team Communication Tools

Look no further than Monday.com for a dependable approach to managing large-scale projects. Nobody loves missed deadlines or, worse, difficulties that directly impact clients (sales!). And Monday.com solves this problem with its remote working tool. The cloud-based features of the remote working tool make it easier for users to define objectives, align tasks with the team, enhance team collaboration, measure progress and communicate with employees. Then, create a plan, write the specific tasks, and assign them to the relevant team members. This is one of the best Remote Team Communication Tools.

It’s as simple as that. And you may repeat this procedure as often as possible, starting on Monday. The tool makes it easier to promote company culture, communicate across platforms, manage processes, keep resources up to date, and encourage team-wide communication. The usual cloud-based solution allows employees to manage processes, monitor progress quickly, and prioritize projects or tasks. However, it is an all-in-one remote working solution that allows users to share information and manage deadlines or workloads. Employers may also quickly create a new hires board, including checklists, tasks, attached videos, automated check-ins, etc. And much, much more. Writing a full post on Monday’s amazing features for remote teams would be easy.

4. Workplace

Workplace from Meta is a talking tool that enables employees to video call. The business communication tool has made it possible to engage, connect, and educate employees regardless of location or time. The Workplace might be a good match if you seek a tool that improves company communication, fosters a positive culture, and increases employee engagement. It is a secure tool built on technology similar to Facebook, with features like creating groups, live videos, and talking with employees or teams. It is easier to combine the communication tool with any product, such as Microsoft, Dropbox, or Google. Well, any successful remote team needs a tool to communicate easily and monitor real-time projects. It has a simple UI that takes less than a minute to get used to. These folks have put a lot of thought into making the Workplace as simple and productive as possible. WhatsApp integration links frontline workers, making it easier for employees to communicate and positively affect the company. This is one of the best Remote Team Communication Tools.

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a wonderful choice if you want a collaboration and communication tool. The all-in-one tool is simple since it allows members to communicate and assign tasks. This tool is ideal for business and personal communication and may be used in education. The tools include numerous features, such as expressing your thoughts and sending emojis, stickers, and GIFs in one-on-one and group chats. Meet over one-on-one, the video conference, and group chat makes it easy to connect with two to 10,000 users. Receive and make calls immediately and use sophisticated features such as cloud voicemail, group calling, and call transfers. Users may also use Microsoft products like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel to share, find, and edit files in real time. This is one of the best Remote Team Communication Tools.

6. ClickUp

With ClickUp, you can make collaboration more accessible and manage work from anywhere. The remote work OS tool may help with task planning and keeping track of the team’s work and progress. Users may eliminate emails about action-based communications, develop clear protocols with the team, create reminders, evaluate weekly targets, and so on. To make it easier to monitor employees, ClickUp enables users to choose work views, filter workflow, and display tasks on dashboards. It aids in visualizing project progress, adjusting timetables, and seeing what employees are up to. Employees may work in real-time and report tasks to ensure smooth virtual management. Because we’re making on development, it also monitors backlogs and sprints, paving the way for a solution for remote development teams. This is one of the best Remote Team Communication Tools.

The concept behind ClickUp is that you can assign a full team from start to end. Consequently, everything from mistake correction to ticket management may be completed while remaining at the top of the development game. Conversations on projects and tasks include emojis, attachments, links, and other features to make them more engaging and collaborative. It also makes it simple to assign priority for groups and tasks. Users may connect ClickUp with Zoom to easily organize and start meetings from inside tasks, get information, be informed to attend meetings, and even access recording links. ClickUp is linked with Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, OneDrive Cloud Storage, and Zoom. Users may customize, provide transparency, and prioritize tasks using many pre-built templates. Team members may assign tasks and cooperate to ensure that everything is addressed.

7. Workvivo

Many companies consider Workvivo to be the best employee communication software. It enables employees to connect to bring them together. The features offer digital features that allow companies to connect, excite, and engage their customers. Using Workvivo to connect individuals, users may tackle any work-related issues. It facilitates employee communication by letting them participate, like, publish, and comment on news stories, videos, Livestream, and podcasts. Users may assess morale and feedback via Pulse surveys and polls. To improve employee experience, Workvivo may establish employee-organization alignment, provide appreciation via public shout-outs, the nominate colleagues for awards or badges, tag objectives, etc. The tool works similarly to a social intranet, engaging with team content while reducing noise from email or chat. This is one of the best Remote Team Communication Tools.


There are several fantastic tools for managing a remote work environment. Finally, you must determine a suitable match for your unique business and the type of team you manage. Getting started with your project management environment is always a challenge. However, once you have everything rolling, navigating across projects and specific tasks should be easy. The tools shown here are ideal for your unique requirements.

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