9+ Best Employee Management Software You Can Use

Employee Management Software

Employees are the primary drivers of your business. Using employee management software allows you to manage your matters while assuring employee happiness. Keeping employees happy is one of the most critical parts of developing a successful business. If they are happy, they may work with greater devotion, productivity, engagement, and a sense of ownership. Although manual methods may be used to manage your workforce and ensure their contentment, they are time-consuming, repetitive, and exhausting. Employee management software may help with this issue.

They provide outstanding features for automating processes, allowing you to save time and effort while avoiding errors. Using the tool will make managing your workforce simpler, whether you work on-premise or remotely. It can also help you track and manage everything from hiring and firing to retention, attendance to leave management, payroll to appreciation, and so forth. Before we go into some of the finest employee management software for your business, let’s go over a few basics regarding employee management.

What Exactly Is Employee Management?

Employee management is the combination of processes, tools, and strategies used to manage employees and expedite human resource tasks in an organization. It strives to assist you in achieving your goals and enabling your employees to perform to the best of their ability. Many tools, termed employee management software, are available on the market to make employee management simpler, faster, and more realistic. These tools track everything from recruitment and payroll to attendance, talent, and performance management, among other things.

Employee Engagement Software Features

Some common features of employee management software include:

Recruitment – Finding the proper individuals, hiring them, and managing them.

Employee Database – The software can correctly store employee data such as bank credentials, contact information, address, work position, pay, etc. Employees may also get access to them and make modifications where appropriate and approved.

Employee Engagement – This helps you understand your workers’ needs and handle their problems, ensuring they are engaged, happy, and performing at their best. It also raises the likelihood of their staying longer, and even if they do leave, there is a better possibility of keeping them.

Performance Management – Gather performance reports for analysis to understand where your employees thrive and where they need to improve.

Time And Attendance Management – Employee management software helps you to track your workers’ attendance and avoid payroll mistakes precisely. Similarly, time tracking helps to simplify timesheets while also ensuring accurate payrolls.

Leave Management – This enables you to view all of your workers’ leave data. Employees may also use it to plan their time off, track their leave balance, seek leaves, and access leave regulations.

Payroll Management – This enables you to manage payroll on time, efficiently, and in line with taxes, industry, and compliance standards.

Why Is Employee Management Software So Important To Businesses?

Employee management software simplifies tasks like payroll, attendance, talent management, performance evaluation, hiring and firing, and so on. They allow your employees to know their performance, access information, and be inspired to accomplish their best by streamlining the process. Here are some of the many benefits of adopting an employee management tool.

Payroll Accuracy And Speed

Payroll management is crucial for every organization, regardless of size. The process must adhere to company standards, compliance requirements, and tax restrictions. Although it is possible to perform everything manually, it would be time-consuming, laborious, and error-prone. Not to mention that even little mistakes might result in significant losses. Using an employee management platform is a good solution to these issues. It will precisely compute each employee’s payroll while following all requirements. In addition, it will assist you in automating the process so that you can automate more in less time with fewer errors and challenges.

Happy Employees

Keeping consumers satisfied is critical to ensuring your company’s success and growth. Using an employee management tool can assist you in establishing a positive work culture by providing employees with access to information, keeping them engaged, rewarding them for excellent performance, and allowing payroll to be completed on time and with accuracy. All of this may keep your consumers happy and instill a sense of ownership and confidence in your company for a long time. Even if they leave your organization for whatever cause, they will have numerous reasons to part ways with no regrets.

Enhanced Workflow Efficiency

Employee management platforms enable managers to track employee attendance, leaves, timesheets, performance, and other factors via automation. They may also process payroll on time and ensure that everyone is engaged and adequately rewarded while maintaining a positive work environment. This saves time and effort, allowing you to complete tasks while enhancing employee productivity easily.

Securely Stores Data

It is tough to secure data in an age of escalating cyberattacks. Attackers seek ways to get into your business and steal sensitive data such as bank information, credit card details, license numbers, social network passwords, phone numbers, etc. And if you need ways to protect the data, the consequences might be disastrous for your business. For example, it may expose the organization to additional security and compliance risks and a loss of employee and consumer confidence. The good news is that employee management software includes several security methods to protect your data, such as strong data encryptions, two-factor authentication, and so on.

Remote Access

You don’t have to be concerned about where you run your business. Instead, use the employee management tools to remotely access employee management through a cloud-based solution. In addition, it will make task management more convenient and faster. So, are you ready to reap all of these benefits?

Check the finest employee management platforms for your organization.

9+ Best Employee Management Software You Can Use

Employee Management Software you can use in 2022.

1. Connecteam

Employee Management Software

Connecteam allows you to manage, train, and interact with your remote employees. It is easy to expand, customize, and use and provides many solutions in one location. Among the features available are employee time checks, employee scheduling, checklists, forms, employee task management, and HR management. With paperless work, you get everything you need for your business, from time management to payroll. In addition, the tool helps you streamline your workforce communications and keep everyone on the same page. For example, your human resources department may use a variety of tools to keep employees motivated, compliant, and engaged.

The admin tool is your mainframe for monitoring what is going on with the complete report. You may add features, produce content, perform admin access, monitor each employee, run reports, and do other things from a single location. Furthermore, you may monitor and track everything in your organization and use the same data to take appropriate measures. Connect this software to your numerous applications to simplify your work. It is free for the first 50 users and includes a work schedule, infinite checklists, forms, a template library, task management, and real-time clock-in and out. More benefits are available with a premium plan, which costs $39/month for 50 users and $0.5/month for each additional user.

2. Rippling

Employee Management Software

Manage your employees, payroll, attendance, and other tasks from a single platform, reducing and streamlining your HR and IT work. It offers a single workforce platform and all the features required to run your workforce, from HR to IT. Rippling allows you to automate and oversee employee operations from onboarding to offboarding and all in between. You will get superior HR features and tools to help you run your worldwide workforce. Furthermore, it allows for customization depending on your company’s demands and processes.

Rippling can integrate with over 600 applications, including Slack, Office365, and many more, ensuring you are never left behind. In the Rippling platform, you can automate any workflow, from single-step jobs to multi-step tasks. For example, create offer letters, run background checks, add individuals to your payroll, enroll them in health insurance, the assign sexual harassment training, and more. In addition, Rippling next-generation workflow automation allows you to set up applications and PCs in 90 seconds.

In minutes, you can deploy best-in-class security across your devices and applications. Additionally, enable the security feature, such as SSO, and customize it to meet your requirements. Rippling connects HR with IT so that you may have all your workers’ records in one place. It provides:

1 – Identity and application management

2 – Inventory and device management

3 – Rippling unity.

Take a free tour to get a closer look at the features.

3. Justworks

Employee Management Software

Justworks can help you run your business’s benefits, compliance, HR, and payroll. It can handle tax withholdings and benefit deductions and provide sophisticated time monitoring for a smooth payment process. Gain access to high-quality dental, vision, and medical insurance and savings options. You will get several perks for your employees at a very low cost. Furthermore, you can manage your complete workforce from a single platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets.

Justworks offers an HRIS tool to manage online onboarding, pre-built reports, attendance, PTO management, and other tasks. This tool can make your tax preparation a lot easier and less stressful. Justworks is always accessible to provide comprehensive assistance by email, chat, SMS, Slack, or phone. Talk to actual people to obtain what you want and make a great first impression by displaying your company rules on the dashboard. Without the need for manual paperwork, you can pick the perks and benefits to provide to your qualified employees.

Allow your team to get automatic alerts and comprehensible deduction breakdowns. You may track your employees’ work time with Justworks’ geolocation tracking feature. It also integrates with automated reminders, overtime notifications, shift scheduling, and other features. Choose the appropriate plan for your requirements and get the tools you need to manage your workforce. The pricing for fewer than 25 employees begins at $49/month/employee.

4. ADP

Employee Management Software

With ADP, you may choose the ideal employee management solution and make your work simpler with its many features. It offers dependable, secure, faster, and easier solutions for managing your whole workforce, regardless of company size. The tool helps you to focus on what is important while leaving the rest to ADP’s best-in-class solutions, ensuring that you are always caught up in this contemporary age.

It will aid in improving employee performance and processes such as payroll, human resources, retirement, health insurance, benefits administration, talent acquisition, and workforce management. In addition, ADP integrates with key business software to provide anything from accounting systems to ERPs. As a result, you may use the ADP API to integrate your favorite tool, connect it to ADP, and begin automatically exchanging data. For example, define the number of employees you need, pick your job, specify your requirements, and get a quotation.

5. Paychex

Employee Management Software

Paychex provides HR, benefits, payroll, and other services to the contemporary workforce and business. It enables confident worldwide employee management and the creation of a productive workplace, whether onsite, hybrid, or remote. This tool will help you maintain a better company policy and ensure that each employee understands the policy during onboarding. Paychex offers all-in-one payroll solutions, compliance specialists, professional assistance, and other helpful business solutions.

This tool is ideal for solopreneurs, small startups, medium-sized businesses, and organizations. It will save you time and effort in maintaining all of your records. It will also improve employee focus, productivity, and growth. Define the number of employees, the services you desire, and your business location to get the best solution for your requirements.

6. BambooHR

BambooHR provides all-in-one HR software for your organization to manage your worldwide workforce. It compiles all of the employee data you’ve acquired and arranges it so you can get deeper insights. So whether you are creating a culture, arranging remuneration, or onboarding new employees, BambooHR provides you with the information you need to focus on the important things. It is designed to improve overall performance for both businesses and employees.

BambooHR allows you to manage every employee’s information precisely and rapidly, reducing data leaks caused by manual spreadsheets and reports. It saves all the data in a single, secure database that can be edited and has extensive reporting tools. As a result, data time is faster, safer, and more secure with BambooHR. In addition, you may use the BambooHR dashboard to preserve employee records, manage workflows and approvals, view reports, and experience and learn. Begin your 7-day free trial now to get first-hand experience with the platform. Sign up for free.

7. Zoho

Use Zoho’s employee management application to empower your workforce and exceed your goals and company productivity. It offers a dependable and secure solution for maintaining employee balance in your organization. Make your daily tasks simple, fast, and easy. Zoho puts all your workers’ information in the cloud, so you don’t have to deal with spreadsheets. Instead, input current data and use it on any device from any location.

Give your employees the to view their profiles, submit asset requests, add preferences, request time off, and more via customizable portals. You can track their activities using an easy-to-use dashboard that shows every detail. Employees may also access the dashboard from their portal to keep up to speed on what’s happening in your organization. Thanks to the solution, your managers may approve/reject requests with a single click. Furthermore, with Zoho’s employee management solution, employees will enjoy updated information or notifications, giving them more control and flexibility. It integrates with other Zoho products to provide all of your fundamental requirements.

8. Workpuls

Workpuls offers solutions for employee time tracking and monitoring. An accurate and easy time-tracking tool will ensure that your remote employees are working appropriately. Track everything they do, from there in and out clocks, break time, frequency of their breaks, and what they’re doing to how productive they are, what they use, and how much time they spend on various websites and applications.

You may label each application and website unproductive or productive and view productivity reports and charts for each. It gives you images of your workers’ displays so that you may change the frequency. Workpuls may manage projects by dividing them down into smaller tasks. You may create priorities to let them know what work they have and how much time they have. Easily increase your profitability and project quality. Learn the easiest solution now and sign up for a free trial.

9. Zenefits

Spend as little time as possible controlling your workers’ activities. Allow Zenefits to do this for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business and quit dealing with manual spreadsheets. Zenefits provides all the tools your business needs to manage employees, from onboarding to PTO monitoring. You will get charts, evaluations, and other tools to help you improve your performance and productivity. In addition, it provides several benefits to your employees, ranging from healthcare benefits to other perks, such as commuter benefits.

Pay your employees more quickly and easily by recording their leaves and working hours. It connects benefits, scheduling, payroll, and HR in a single platform to simplify and streamline your workflow. It automates compliance tasks and tax filings for you. Furthermore, the built-in protections prevent unintentional errors and ensure you never miss a deadline. It also helps you increase your employee experience and productivity at the same time. Say goodbye to errors by using a digital platform to keep on top and work freely from anywhere and on any device without having to worry about manual spreadsheets. Stay relaxed since all of your information is protected with Zenefits. Begin with a basic plan of $8 per month per employee.

10. Gusto

Stay ahead of the business with Gusto’s contemporary benefits, payroll, and HR solutions. It enables you to manage your whole workforce from a single location. You can recruit, insure, pay, and support your employees with the all-in-one people platform. Employee benefits, time-attendance solutions, personnel management, hiring and onboarding, a full-service payroll system, analytics, and reports are all available via the tool. Well, get all the tools you need to perform a productive operation and track each employee’s activities from the clock in to clock out. In addition, Gusto helps money and time by automatically filing your taxes, identifying tax incentives, and assisting with compliance.

Your employees will enjoy financial and health benefits as a reward for joining. With a more successful hiring method, you can welcome the perfect individual to your team at the right time. You may also track your workers’ performance and get tools for training, growth, and evaluations, among other things. Use employee feedback surveys, workforce costs, and payment tools to create a terrific environment. You may improve employee performance with precise insights and actionable data. For small businesses with basic salaries and pay schedules, the pricing begins at $39/month + $6/month for each worker.

The Bottom Line:

Employee management software improves productivity, keeps employees engaged, and inspires them to achieve their best. It also manages the whole employee management process, from hiring, payroll, attendance, and performance to retention. Thus, choose the finest employee management software from the list above and enjoy the benefits.

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