8+ Best Photo Management Software In 2022

Photo Management Software

Photo Management Software 2022: When you have a lot of photos, managing them becomes a nightmare. Digital photography has successfully solved the conventional problem of boxes full of photographs. The circumstance has shifted somewhat, and people are keeping photos on many devices. What would you say if I asked where you saved all of your digital photos?

Your photos are most likely kept on your smartphone, PC, and even some cloud services. Aside from that, you’ll remember that you have some photos on your old PC or tablet at home. Not only that, but You’ll also recall having access to certain photo-filled flash drives and CDs. The usage of digital images is increasing at a rapid pace. It would be impossible to access all photos if they were not properly managed, sorted, and saved. As the quality of your photos improves, you will want more storage.

This is a frequent circumstance in which photos are spread among several devices. You will lose a lot if you cannot access all of the photos saved in various places. So, what’s the solution? Yes, you guessed it: photo management software. Photo management software is used to organize, share, search, and preserve your complete photo library. Organizations often utilize photo management software to maintain track of their company assets. It lowers the time spent searching for photos and gives you more control over them.

Advantages Of Using Photo Management Software

As your family or company increases, so will the number of digital photographs. As a result, it is preferable to have photo management software. There are several benefits to adopting photo management software, whether you are a company or an individual. Among the many benefits are:

1 – Organize and save your photos.

2 – Find your photos easily.

3 – Integrate the photo library with photo editing software quickly.

4 – Export, resize, or edit your photos in the library.

5 – Raw files may be synced with graphic design software.

6 – Integrate video editing software for video file storage.

7 – Use direct URLs to share photos swiftly.

And a lot more… Let’s look at some of the best photo management software to handle the problem of photo management.

8+ Best Photo Management Software 2022

Photo Management Software you can use in 2022.

1. SmugMug

SmugMug is a great place to keep all of your photos organized. Wel, every pixel of the photos would be safe and secure, enabling you to share the photos and albums with anybody safely. Aside from that, you may make money by selling prints and downloads of images via SmugMug’s sales platform. The best thing about SmugMug is that you pay for the features you want to utilize. As a result, there is no need to spend from now on. Users may choose from four plans and subscribe to the one that best meets their needs. This solves the problem of overpaying for features you don’t need.

You have limitless storage space to store full-resolution images. Gain total control over your photos for privacy and sharing. SmugMug provides a promotional place other than social sharing to promote your professional photography on your website. Whether at home or on the go, you may automatically use the mobile app to upload photos to SmugMug. It also lets you edit, browse, download, and organize photos while on the road. SmugMug has many useful features that will make photo management a breeze for you. Real human help for faster replies, total data protection, various sales tools for photographers, and world-class photo labs for printing photos are some of the important features.

2. Google Photos

Google Photos is your best option if you’re searching for a free photo management tool. It lets you backup and accesses your photos and videos from any device. It is a cloud-based storage solution that syncs your photos with the Google account that is currently signed in. People are gravitating toward this platform due to its smooth user experience. You may upload photos to Google Photos by dragging and dropping them or clicking the “Upload” button. As soon as the photos are uploaded to the cloud, Google Photos will automatically organize and make them searchable. To find the photo, type in some relevant keywords. You may search the photos using various criteria such as location, people, activity, and events.

You may easily share photos and albums. You must choose which media files to share or create a link to publish on various social networking networks. You also receive various editing tools and filters for editing and saving images. The most useful thing about Google Photos is that you can easily sync your photos to various devices such as desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Because of Google Photos’ “Suggested Sharing” function, the photo groups are shown at the top. When you go to the Albums Page, you’ll see all of the photos and albums you’ve made due to the AI engine.

3. Adobe Lightroom

There is no better option for cloud-based photo management software than Adobe Lightroom. It helps you organize, edit, share, and store your photos across several devices. You will get 1 TB of free cloud storage, which is plenty for small enterprises and individuals. You may later upgrade the plan. Lightroom features AI technology for automatically managing large numbers of images and even saving altered images to your mobile phone. Lightroom builds albums by identifying them on its own using machine learning technology. You may edit your photos on any device, and the changes will be applied to all of them. Lightroom albums might be created with a single click for improved photo management. You can use flags, ratings, and photo marks to create an album and rapidly organize it. Because of the machine learning function, you can easily search for photos by utilizing relevant keywords. Photographers may share their photos with the Lightroom community to showcase their skills and learn from their peers. Your peers may also provide you with fantastic presets from their posted photos.

4. Amazon Photos

Amazon is a market leader in cloud computing. If you have Amazon Prime, you will receive unlimited full-resolution photo storage and 5 GB of video storage. You can store all your photos automatically and backup your photos and videos to the Amazon Photos safe cloud platform. The most useful thing is that you can easily access all of your photos from any device and any place. This platform organizes your photos and allows you to share them in private groups easily. You may go through your photos from previous year’s events and excursions. Several sophisticated filters are available for easily searching photos based on various keywords. With Amazon, you will notice photo organization on a whole new level. Amazon also provides rapid photo prints for your walls, tables, and other areas in your home or business. You can even use your favorite photos on the Echo Show and Fire TV as a screensaver or backdrop. If you want extra space, you may buy it with various plans and properly manage your photos.

5. Excire Foto

If you want a robust and easy photo management tool on your PC, you should look into Excire Foto. It is quite useful for speedy content-based browsing. Its many smart features make it simple to organize photos and find the one you’re searching for. As a result, instead of battling with photo management, you may spend your valuable time on creative photography. Thanks to powerful facial recognition and AI technologies, you may find the photo you’re searching for in a matter of seconds. The photos are analyzed and labeled so that they may be easily found using relevant keywords. The tool uses content-based navigation to see all of the images easily. You will also find a fantastic method to interact with your photos. Excire Foto’s keywords are not restricted to this app; you may also use them in other apps like Lightroom. You must copy the keywords from the Excire Foto app to the others’ XMP files or photos. Excire makes it easy to share photos by allowing you to do so straight via Google Drive and Dropbox. Excire is a wonderful solution if you are not comfortable saving your photos in the cloud.

6. Movavi

If you require professional photo management software for your purposes, Movavi Photo Manager is an excellent choice. Your whole digital photo collection would be precisely stored and arranged, saving you time and effort. You can find the relevant photo quickly if you use our photo organizer. It is an ideal tool for anyone who values their time and photo collection. Whether the images are in raw format, JPEG, PNG, or another format, this program can manage them all. There are several features involved in correctly managing all of your photos in your collection.

Movavi identifies faces and produces an album for each individual using facial recognition. You may easily explore the photo library by tagging the images using the picture organizer. The program generates albums that are organized by nation, and it also enables you to filter them by city. All visually comparable photos are automatically picked to edit them together or to select one and delete the others. The program can easily find duplicates and help you free up storage space. Duplicates may be removed from all photos that have been uploaded to Movavi. With the aid of this photo manager, you may edit many photos at the same time.

7. ACDSee

ACDSee takes photo organization and management to a whole new level. The creators have made various improvements to make this tool faster and make you focus more on refining your image. This tool comes with a plethora of fantastic features. There is an option to rename numerous images at once, making it easier to react to consumer criticism. The new and updated resize option allows you to resize several images to any dimension simultaneously. You can easily perfect GoPro raw images with GoPro support. You may use the new filters to work on your photo editing skills and make exact alterations to your liking.

Even if you have a large database of saved images, the updated rapid search tool will allow you to find the perfect image in seconds. With the new crop option, you may crop numerous images simultaneously. Aside from that, Digital Asset Management makes it easy to find duplicate photos, store photos based on location, and even search for images using configurable keyboard shortcuts. Whether a small-business owner or an individual, the watermark function will come in handy. You may now easily apply watermarks to your library’s entire batch of images. Face Detection and Facial Recognition makes it easy to search photos of people by naming them once and for all. You can also import face data from apps like Picasa and Lightroom to save time and effort in renaming them.

8. Skylum AI

Skylum isn’t your typical photo organizer or manager. It is an AI-powered photo editing tool that provides quicker and more fantastic editing choices. It is the first image editor that AI controls. With the unique collection of technology, there are additional opportunities to investigate. AI will handle monotonous jobs, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your work. The many editing choices might be somewhat perplexing. There is no longer a need to be perplexed since AI will select the best design for each image. The image is analyzed initially, and AI will recommend several templates. This technique takes 12 seconds and results in a consistent image style. There is no need to be concerned if you are out on a nature tour but cannot snap great photographs. You may mark the aspects you want to change, and AI will produce recommendations based on the photo. For example, you may change the sky and add atmospheric effects to create the ideal scene. Skylum enables you to edit any photo, whether of nature or a person. Because of Skylum’s increased features, a flawless portrait is no longer fiction.

9. PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro appreciates your creativity and considers various practical issues such as image organization, management, sharing, and transferring. This program’s photo editing features cannot be compared to any other tool. It uses AI to eliminate your photo editing experience and provide professional results in seconds. The tool supports various file types to prevent any disturbances on your end. Photos in any file type may be easily saved and imported. In addition, you may manage and simplify your photos in the workspaces by adding keyword tags to images, generating catalogs, and examining the image’s information.

You can also edit your photos like a pro with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Several novel features are introduced to the software for editing photos with a single click. The PaintShop Pro has all the tools you need to edit photos, whether they are the most simple or the most complicated. Aside from that, the tool has creative graphic design features to let you edit your images artistically. In addition, the AI-powered tools provide clever and distinctive solutions based on the photo you’re editing. For example, a batch of photos may be easily edited with a single click. By choosing a group of photos and making a single click, you can rapidly crop, resize, apply a filter, fine-tune the settings, and do much more to them.

The Bottom Line: Photo Management Software

The popularity of digital photos has skyrocketed. This is why we must focus on photo management and preserve each photo in its proper place. This is the ideal time to select a photo management software to centralize and organize all of your digital photos.

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