12 Best Google Photos Alternatives You Must Try

Google Photos Alternatives

Google Photos Alternatives: As of now, more than 2 billion Android and iPhone users use the Google Photos app to store their most important pictures online. It saves space and makes sure that all of the photos are the same on all of your devices. Even though Google Photos was free until June 2021, the service will no longer be free. Images who have a Google account will be free to store 15GB of free images and videos on Google Photos from June 2021.

12 Best Google Photos Alternatives

The company has ended its free plan, so many people are looking to see if there are any other alternatives. Luckily, there are a lot of alternatives to Google Photos that have the same storage space and security. So, let’s take a look at some other alternatives for Google Photos.

1. Amazon Photos

Google Photos Alternatives

You should look no further than Amazon Photos if you have Amazon Prime. However, if you want to use the Amazon Photos app, you can only get it for Android on the Google Play Store. The Prime membership costs Rs 99 a month, and it offers you access to Prime Music, Prime videos, unlimited cloud storage, and more.

2. Piwigo

Google Photos Alternatives

The open-source software package Piwigo will appeal more to professional photographers and groups. If you need a photo management program for your website, Piwigo could be a good choice. You can download it for free. It also has cloud storage for photos. This is an easy-to-use and cheap alternative to Google Photos that gives you unlimited photo storage for €38 a year ($48 or so), which is a great deal. Flickr is the only other Google Photos alternative with unlimited storage space for $60 a year.

3. Microsoft OneDrive

Google Photos Alternatives

Microsoft OneDrive is another good alternative to Google Photos that you can think about. The free plan offers you 5GB of cloud storage to keep your important photos, videos, and files safe in the cloud. OneDrive, similar to Google Photos, also makes sure that your uploaded files are available on all of your devices, just like Google Photos. On the other hand, the premium plans for Microsoft OneDrive are more expensive than the plans for Google One.

4. Dropbox

Google Photos Alternatives

It’s also one of the best cloud storage options on the list, but Dropbox only offers you 5GB of free storage space on its basic plan, which you can get for free. Nevertheless, Dropbox is a good thing because you can set the app to automatically upload videos and photos from your camera roll to cloud storage. Once the files have been uploaded, you can access them from any device. They start at $9.99 per month, and you get 2TB of storage.

5. Adobe Creative Cloud

Google Photos Alternatives

As a photographer or a person who wants to keep their photos safe, Adobe is one of the best alternatives to Google Photos. Here, users can find pre-packaged photo storage solutions with access to Lightroom and Photoshop, but they can choose which programs and how much storage space they want to pay for. Adobe Lightroom is a program that helps you edit and organize your photos. Spark is an online and mobile design app and Portfolio which helps you organize and store your photos (website building). Unfortunately, they both cost $120 a year.

6. 500px

500px isn’t very popular, but it’s one of the best places to share photos online. Nevertheless, if you want to use 500px, you’ll have to give up a few things, like the image you upload will be public. Other than that, 500px gives you 10GB of free storage space, and you can read RAW files. Another good thing about 500px is that it can be used to find and download high-quality images.

7. Degoo

The best alternative to use instead of Google Photos right now is Degoo. The best thing about Degoo is that it provides you with 100GB of free cloud storage, which is a lot more than any other service. Even more interesting is that you can get 500GB of free storage space by referring your friends. In addition, according to the play store listing, all files shared on Degoo are encrypted end-to-end and can be automatically backed up.

8. Photobucket

If you don’t want to use Google Photos, Photobucket isn’t the best alternative. You can still upload 250 images for free. However, there are some good things about Photobucket, like that it doesn’t put ads on your images, and it doesn’t make your images smaller. Photobucket also uses 256-bit RSA encryption to keep your account and images safe from hackers and people who don’t want to see them.

9. Jio Cloud

Well, if you live in India and use Reliance Jio telecom services, Jio Cloud might be the best way to store your files in the cloud. It offers you 50GB of free online storage. In addition, it has a “refer and earn” program that will help you get more space. It’s possible to store all of your photos and videos and documents and audio and contacts, messages, and so on on the cloud platform.

10. iCloud

Apple has a very powerful cloud storage service called iCloud, which many people use. Unlike Google Drive, iCloud also lets you back up your photos to the cloud safely. The free plan of iCloud offers you 5GB of free storage. The cost of premium plans was also not too bad. At just $1, you get 50GB of free storage space for your files.

11. Flickr

Over the years, we have recognized Flickr as a place to store images. However, did you know that Flickr also lets you store your files in the cloud? You can back up to 1000 photos and videos with the free Flickr account. However, to pay for the paid plan, you need to upload more than 1000 photos and videos before doing that. The good thing is that Flickr keeps your media file of the same quality as when you took the picture or video.

12. Terabox

Users who sign up for Terabox Cloud Storage get 1TB of free cloud storage. About 300,000+ photos, 250+ movies, or 6.5 million pages of documents can be stored on a free 1TB of space on Google Drive. Terbox also lets you get to things stored on other cloud storage services.

Wrapping Up:

So, these are the 12 best alternatives to Google Photos that offer free storage. If this article was helpful to you, I’m glad about that! Let your friends know, too. Any questions about this? Let us know in the comment box down below.

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