7 Best Permission Manager Apps For Android

Permission Manager Apps For Android

Permission Manager Apps For Android: Because Android is so popular, there are also a lot of bad apps on the store because of that. Currently, Android has more harmful apps than any other mobile platform. There is nothing to worry about if you only get the Google Play Store apps. However, if you get apps from other sources, there are some things to worry about. Apps that you get from third-party app stores can have many security and privacy problems.

Malicious apps can access all the files on your device if they have access to the storage space on your phone or tablet. So, it’s always good to regularly monitor the permissions we give to the apps. There is a privacy dashboard feature in the latest version of Android, called Android 12. It keeps track of all the permissions you have granted to apps and games. Even though your phone doesn’t have Android 12, you need to use permissions manager apps if it doesn’t.

7 Best Permission Manager Apps For Android

For that reason, this post will list some of the best permission manager apps for Android phones that you can use. With these apps, you can smartly manage your app permissions. So, if you have an Android phone, let’s look at some of the best permission manager apps out there!

1. GlassWire

Permission Manager Apps For Android

For Android, GlassWire is the best app to monitor the track of your mobile data use, data limits, and Wi-Fi network activity. Use it to see how your network connection has changed over time. It’s not a full permission manager app, but you can use it to see how your network connection has changed over time. With GlassWire, you can quickly find the apps that aren’t giving your permission to send your data to other people. There are no apps in the Google Play Store that ask for permission to use your internet. Apps like GlassWire can help you find apps that are using your internet.

2. App Ops – Permission Manager

Permission Manager Apps For Android

Apps Ops lets you manage other apps’ permissions that you don’t know about. You can easily turn on or off permissions that you don’t want to use. It has a great interface and is very easy to use. The app only takes up 203 KB of space and is free. More than one person can use the latest version. Some new features are coming soon, as promised by the person who made this app.

3. Bouncer

Permission Manager Apps For Android

There is a paid app on this list called Bouncer. It does a good job. You can only use it once, so it’s a good app. With Bouncer, you can give apps certain permissions for a short time. For example, you can let Twitter know where you are, and then Bouncer will do it for you later. The app works well on both Android phones that have been rooted and phones that haven’t been rooted.

4. BurnerGuard

Permission Manager Apps For Android

An Android app can help you control how your data is used. The app has a simple interface that shows the risky and safe apps on the home screen. BurnerGuard doesn’t have a lot of extra things. If we talk about the app’s main function, the app is meant to keep track of your phone’s information to other apps. You can use BurnerGuard to find out which apps have permissions and remove them if they don’t need to.

5. Shizuku

Shizuku is an interesting app for power users. It enables you to send ADB commands to your phone wirelessly from your phone. You can check, give, and revoke permissions through ADB if you want to. It’s a great way to do it if you learn all the commands for it first. Plus, it can help you get rid of or change permissions for apps that you might not be able to do the normal way. Of course, not everyone should use this, but it’s a good last-ditch option if nothing else works.

6. Antivirus apps

Antivirus apps may not be able to manage permissions, but they can scan for apps with too many permissions and find apps that don’t need so many. The most popular Android antivirus apps, like ESET, AVG, and so on, can even flag apps as malware that could get in your way. In addition, some premium Android Antivirus apps have features showing you what permissions you’ve given to apps you don’t need. So, premium antivirus apps for Android are another thing to think about.

7. Privacy Dashboard

This is not an Android 12 privacy dashboard. This one is from the developer Rushikesh Kamewar, and it tells you which apps are accessing your privacy permissions without your permission so that you can stop them. The app comes with a clean UI and isn’t too hard to use. It shows the privacy indicators, a dashboard for 24 hours of app use, a detailed view of permissions, and how much time each app has been used.

Final Thoughts:

Permissions are a big deal on Android, and these permission manager apps for Android can help you manage them. If this article was helpful to you, I’m glad about that! Let your friends know, too. It’s also good to tell us if you know of any other permission manager apps for Android that do this.

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