Lumonitor: Is It Worth Buying in 2021?

Lumonitor: Is It Worth Buying in 2021?

Passionate gamers, remote workers, designers – they all depend on high-quality screens to perform daily tasks. But often, a single monitor isn’t enough to accommodate all user requirements. Fortunately, portable monitors are here to help. These handy devices do a great job at boosting productivity levels when used in a dual setup. In fact, a recent Jon Peddie Research found that there is a 42% increase in productivity with multiple display usage.

In general, portable monitors are useful gadgets that occupy less space, are power-saving, and easily mountable. Lumonitor is one of the latest solutions to hit the market, and we’ll have a look at some of its key characteristics today.

Introduction to Lumonitor

Lumonitor was founded by a team of dedicated engineers with a vision that surpasses simple gadgets. They came up with a device to consolidate all the functions of a gadget into one easy-to-operate, lightweight system. The whole idea behind this portable monitor was to have a device that will finally unplug people from their desks and empower them to take their productivity outside their offices.

In a world where most people have transitioned from offices to home offices, this solution no doubt sounds attractive.

What Does Lumonitor Offer?

Everyone looking for productivity enhancement on a large display can benefit from Lumonitor. Some of its most notable features are the Ultra-HD 4K resolution, an extremely bright LED screen, ultra-thin display, and excellent compatibility.

With the rise of technology, screen quality standards keep going up. With its 15.6-inch screen, Lumonitor does a great job at displaying colors and clarity, and it’s equipped with PinPoint touch screen technology. Users now have complete movement control and can make thinner strokes seamlessly.

Equally important for everyday portable monitor users is the battery life. Lumonitor’s 4,000mAh battery is integrated, with a running time of around four hours. Also, as modern-day electronics users are often on the move, additional power sources to plug in their devices can be an issue. Lumonitor serves as a portable power source for the devices it’s connected to. This makes it an excellent solution for frequent travelers or anyone who moves around a lot.

Lumonitor is designed to be a universal monitor and fit a whole range of uses. Streamers, coders, designers, photographers, gamers, and remote workers can all benefit from it equally.

Compact, Yet Fully Functional Device

The last thing a modern graphic designer or remote worker needs is to carry a heavy piece of equipment around wherever they go. Fortunately, Lumonitor isn’t one of those devices. Extremely lightweight, with less than 6mm in width and 1.3lbs in weight, no iPad or tablet can match its sleek design.

This important feature makes the portable monitor suitable for multiple screen setups. These tiny but robust devices comfortably fit most backpacks and can also serve as a replacement for a full-size computer when bringing your office home.

Another noteworthy feature is Lumonitor’s universal compatibility. Many brands tend to be restrictive in USB ports, but this monitor pairs perfectly with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Do you need to turn your smartphone into a big screen? No biggie. This robust device is ready to perform when you are. Users don’t have to install special apps or software, not even a setup – the device mirrors the display as soon as it’s plugged in.

Tons of modern monitors come with limited brightness, making it almost impossible to see during the day. Lumonitor does a great job at boosting brightness levels, ensuring a clear image in bright conditions. The feature that lets the screen auto-adjust to the surrounding lighting conditions makes it even more suitable for usage under different environments. This is an important thing to consider for everyone who likes to make the park, beach, or backyard their office from time to time.

Enhancing Gaming Experience

Gaming in 4K may seem like a dream for some passionate gamers today. But Lumonitor now offers just that. Plus, gamers will appreciate the 10ms response time that, when combined with the PinPoint touch technology, ensures zero lag and ultimate precision. Thanks to these enhanced features, Lumonitor is one of the most advanced gaming-ready monitors on the market.

Another vital part of any gaming experience is the sound. Compared to most other modern monitors, Lumonitor doesn’t come with grainy and hollow speakers. It has augmented Hi-Fi stereo speakers, dynamic audio, and deep bass.

Plus, gamers will love the fact they can connect the device with Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch.

Lumonitor: Is It Worth Buying in 2021?

Universal Monitor for Enhanced Productivity

Portable monitors have indeed found their audience. Photographers, graphic designers, gamers, or remote workers – all of them can now squeeze more tasks in on a daily level. For this reason, Lumonitor is an effective solution for users looking for an additional screen to boost their productivity. The fact that it’s incredibly lightweight, doesn’t need setup, and allows seamless streaming across devices makes this screen truly worth the consideration.

If you’re interested in purchasing or learning more about Lumonitor, you can visit the official website by clicking on this link.

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