12 Best JustDubs Alternatives To Watch Anime Online

JustDubs Alternatives

In the past, animes were not very popular. However, people of all ages enjoy the beautiful and fierce characters that are shown. To find the best dubbed anime websites or to watch anime online for free, this post will help you choose the best anime sites like JustDubs, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Then, a website called JustDubs comes into play. JustDubs is a site that offers users to watch dubbed anime while they’re on the go. Just Dubs also let users download their favorite anime, so they don’t have to have a steady internet connection, which is very important for people in India.

But recently, Just Dubs has stopped working, or it doesn’t work at all (reasons being unknown). Because of this, many users are devastated and are looking for better and more efficient alternatives to do things. So I’m going to show you 12 of the best JustDubs alternatives so you can watch English-dubbed anime online for free without having to pay for it.

12 Best JustDubs Alternatives To Watch Anime Online

JustDubs alternatives or Sites like JustDubs to watch anime online.


1. CartoonCrazy

JustDubs Alternatives

The Cartoon Crazy is a godsend website for users who like to talk to other people online. Not only does it have the normal streaming service, but it also has a good chat room where people from all over the world can talk and discuss their opinions with each other. So isn’t this a great option for people who like to discuss their favorite anime?

2. Crunchyroll

JustDubs Alternatives

Crunchyroll is one of the best JustDubs alternatives and the best in its field, so it’s a good choice. However, if you want to use this feature, you need to pay for a premium subscription. It costs about $8 a month and gives you an ad-free experience and simultaneous streams.

3. Animeland

JustDubs Alternatives

There’s another JustDubs alternative that offers users stream anime in high-quality HD. A downside of Animeland is how it looks to people who use the interface. It has an interface that looks a lot like Windows 98. It’s not very pretty to look at, but it does the job.

4. GoGoAnime

JustDubs Alternatives

Gogoanime is the best place to watch anime online. The new users will find the platform easy to use. It has the most recent manga collections, as well as the old ones, on it. Anime that is both dubbed and subbed can be found here. You can stream or download Gogoanime in 1080p quality. You can also go down to 360p if you don’t want to use a lot of data.

5. KissAnime

JustDubs Alternatives

This Justdubs alternative is one of the best anime streaming sites, and it lets people watch and download anime shows and movies even before the year 2000. The interface is very easy to use, and it’s right on the money, as well. It’s not as fancy as the other JustDubs alternatives, but it’s easy to use and doesn’t stand out as much. All in all, this website has a lot of fans and is one of the best places to watch anime.

6. AnimeHeaven

JustDubs Alternatives

For me, this Anime streaming site is the best one out there, and I’ll tell you why! This website has almost everything an anime fan could want. It has a huge library of all the animes that are shown on TV. It has all of the current series, movies, random animes, and more. Users can watch the English dubbed and subbed episodes as they like.

7. AnimeToon

JustDubs Alternatives

This is another JustDubs alternative that offers you to watch anime online free with a streaming quality of 1080p. It lists all the top genres that the average viewer watches and the content is organized in a way that makes it easy to view what you want to see.

8. AnimeShow

JustDubs Alternatives

This is another good alternative for JustDubs because it has more than 40 different types of genres for people to choose from. Demon, historical, comedy, drama, mystery, police, romance, seinen, shounen, and a lot more are all in this genre, too.

9. 9Anime

There is a website called 9Anime that has some popularity in the world of anime content that can be watched online. People who like to view it know that it has a lot of popular features. It is known as one of the best places to watch anime online for free.

10. AnimePahe

AnimePahe is one of the best anime sites because it has a simple and simple to use UI and is also easy to use. All you have to do is view a lot of captions and copies of the videos, as well as free animated content. In addition, it has a lot of great alternatives for downloading anime that don’t use a lot of information.

11. Anime-Planet

The website has a lot more animated content than other sites of its kind. If you look at the name, Anime-Planet, you can see that it is the best place to find and watch anime. You can also watch online movies at any time. This website has the most recent online anime content, and it also has high-quality links for people to watch anime over the internet so that they can watch it.

12. AnimeUltima

An anime content called AnimeUltima is the best alternative for JustDubs because it has the same anime that was on JustDubs. This website gives its users a wide range of web-based features. All anime fans can now enjoy a great time watching different anime content that has been dubbed in English. Customers of AnimeUltima also get to use a built-in media player on this website.

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