14 Crunchyroll Alternatives | Best Anime Streaming Sites

Anime, or Japanese animation, is no longer a fringe passion for a small population segment. Instead, it has grown into a worldwide sensation with a devoted fan base. Anime now has hundreds of millions of fans worldwide, and more shows are being created than ever before. Crunchyroll is the best Anime Streaming Sites available, and it is also the most popular. On the other hand, Crunchyroll is not without flaws (see below), and there are times when you need something different to watch for a change of pace.

Crunchyroll is a website that offers legal anime streaming and manga from Japanese animation studios. Depending on how much content you wish to watch, it offers both free and paid options. Its subscription allows you to stream anime from anywhere in the world and download episodes you missed if you can’t watch it live. For those looking for mainstream anime, Crunchyroll offers an extensive range of titles. In addition, Crunchyroll also offers simulcast episodes that air in Japan and are streamed as soon as they are accessible on Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll has some drawbacks, such as a lack of specialist anime content that caters to specific audiences. Crunchyroll is also not available in every country, so it’s possible that it won’t be available in yours.

Where can I watch anime besides Crunchyroll?

Suppose Crunchyroll isn’t available in your area, or you offer to seek Similar Anime Streaming Sites with a more specific selection of anime. In that case, if you should check out the Crunchyroll Alternatives below. The video streaming sites like Streameast listed below may not be available in all countries and may require a VPN to access.

14 Crunchyroll Alternatives | Best Anime Streaming Sites

Here are some of the Best Crunchyroll Alternavies Sites to Watch Anime Online.


1. MasterAnime


MasterAnime stands out among the pack as an easy yet effective system full of Anime films and series. This alternative to Crunchyroll was created to determine what would happen if the target market was from a different place. As a result, the titles of all video clips on this website are in English. Masterani offers more anime haven content than you can watch, and you can watch it from anywhere in the world. In addition, you can remove the flicks or collections using various filters, much like on other sites.

2. 9anime


Among the platforms that offer HD and English streaming of anime haven online content. The removal of the language barrier has increased the number of Anime fans all across the globe. The handiest filters to narrow down your search, 9Anime does an excellent job with the most recent, most updated ones, and you can even tailor the filters.

All you have to do is type in the collection’s name if you require it, otherwise go over the FastMenu options above and start enjoying. 9Anime, however, also contains a switch that toggles between the light and dark modes. You can search for series from A to Z, which will undoubtedly result in the listing of new collections to your collection.

3. KissAnime


Another Alternatives to Crunchyroll where you may watch free anime is KissAnime. But, again, it contains a lot of ads, so if you don’t like them, go to one of the more reputable websites I listed previously in this article. You may also watch dubbed anime on KissAnime, and you can even request anime that isn’t available on the site.

4. GoGoAnime


I was excited to see this addition to the listing because it offers you to find the video’s resolution to anything you like. In addition, KissAnime, GoGoAnime, and other anime websites provide you with the most up-to-date and current collection and free movies.

The site’s name could not be more appropriate for the services it provides. GoGoAnime features a section where all of the readily available animehaven material has been categorized alphabetically to make your experience even better. You can also download the videos for later viewing on this platform. It’s fantastic if you only have access to the internet for a short time.

5. Anime-Planet


The addition of the Anime Planet, which is a little different with additional features, completes the bit. The site offers a straightforward user interface and quick groups to help you deliver what you’re looking for quickly. In addition, you can make your list of shows to watch and then start streaming when you’re ready.

While the content is much more, everyone wants to get in to remove everything in one thing, and the users can obtain it right here. A unique addition is that it includes a platform for rating and reviewing each show that you view or stream. So, whatever you’re seeing, submit your testimonials right away to make that they can help (if they can).

6. AnimeHeaven


The best combination of hard effort and digitalization is Japanese animation or AnimeHaven. When it comes to animation, the majority of us enjoy practically everything, and we adore it.

The storyline and the quality of each new anime haven episode or series improve and become significantly better. AnimeHaven is a popular and well-known site that allows you to view these excellent anime haven content on your desktop and mobile devices.

What happens, though, when you have even more to watch and fewer sources? As a result, we are forced to use a unique platform that suffers from heavy usage and cannot appreciate as we had hoped. That is why we have compiled a list of the top Alternatives to Crunchyroll that will undoubtedly give you a fantastic aesthetic experience. Let’s check a look at anime Sites like Crunchyroll and admire the never-ending service.

7. AnimeNova


Another Crunchyroll Alternatives, Animenova is the best anime streaming sites, with many features and an easy user interface. As you can see on the top portion of the site, this site covers several categories, including a dubbed anime list, newest anime Movies, popular anime Movies, and so on. The classifications are apparent, and the web site’s structure is straightforward.

The website has numerous features such as a collection of animated movies, HD content, anime content, regular commentary, and updates, and so on with a simple, quick, and easy-to-use UI.

8. AnimeTosho


Compared to the other options in this article, AnimeTosho is likely the most active anime community online. AnimeToshno has a simple (though a bit of crude) UI that is available in English. That means you can expect a regular stream of anime torrents, including various media kinds such as movies, novels, and TV shows. In addition, AnimeTosho offers a mirror that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you’ll always have a backup.

9. Chia-Anime


Although, This list would not be complete without the inclusion of Chia-Anime a little later. KissAnime, Chia-Anime, and other anime websites are popular worldwide, implying that the shows are titled in English. The only catch is that you’ll see a few adverts in between filling out a video, but that’s fine. Keep an eye out for the outcome.

So, if you’re a massive fan of anime and manga, this platform was created specifically for you. You may use KissAnime to start filtering out the shows you want to watch using the various filters available. Additionally, you can download and save video segments to watch later!

10. AnimeLab


The sites in this article will have “best sites” a lot of the time, and believe me when I say they are considerably better than the others with fresh additions. The legal platform is a collection of several classifications and categories. AnimeLab is a sort of collection that has everything.

AnimeLab, unlike the Crunchyroll competitors, gives you a bit about the collection you’re about to view. Please hover over the thumbnail, and there it is, complete with details on whether it has been dubbed or subtitled. It comes in helpful for me. Go to the register page and start using one of the finest animehaven sites, like KissAnime.

11. AnimeFreak

The best Crunchyroll Alternatives is AnimeFreak, which is exceptionally Similar to Crunchyroll in terms of current programs and categorizing everything. In addition, AnimeFreak provides a variety of filters to check you narrow down your search. All you have to do is “Register” on the system, and you’ll be able to browse the animehaven collection.

AnimeFreak, one of the most popular anime haven-content-streaming sites, allows you to watch anything even if you haven’t signed up at all. Isn’t it incredible? Once you’ve started watching something, you can choose to follow the series to ensure that you don’t miss any of the episodes in the collection. 



Its offers a wide range of content, including the most recent Japanese anime. HIDIVE is Similar to Crunchyroll in that it provides both subbed and dubbed anime, but it has a more extensive selection of exclusives.

It is one of the most fantastic places to go if you want to watch more mature anime, as they feature a lot of 18+ titles that Crunchyroll doesn’t have, as well as some horrific horror series like Corpse Party. Popular anime TV shows such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Mob Psycho 100 are also available. You can even watch anime with English dubs or subtitles, depending on your desire, such as Fate/Extra Last Encore and The Girl in Twilight.

This Crunchyroll Alternative offers free ad-supported anime streaming, while ad-free premium memberships cost USD 4.99 per month or $47.99 annually and include no ads across all platforms.

13. AnimeUltima


Another site where you may watch free anime online is AnimeUltima. Type the title of the anime you want to watch into the search field. AnimeUltima, like the other sites mentioned, is free, but it has its downsides. For example, you may see a variety of advertisements or new tabs open.

14. VRV


VRV is a non-gaming subscription streaming platform offering a collection of content from various sources, including Crunchyroll and HIDIVE, two of the most popular anime streaming services.

Because VRV has partnered with various video streaming sites, it offers a diverse selection of anime titles. Popular anime series like “Food Wars” and “Attack on Titan” fall under this category.

VRV offers monthly subscriptions to give their video streaming site a try. Their channel subscriptions can be purchased separately or as part of a premium bundle. A premium ad-free streaming subscription is available from VRV for $9.99 (plus taxes) per month.

VRV offers users their first 30 days free in addition to having an extensive database of anime titles. Unfortunately, this option from our list of Crunchyroll Alternatives is currently only available in the United States.

Final Thoughts:

While the Crunchyroll Alternatives described above don’t offer the same extensive catalog of anime titles as Crunchyroll, they’re all worth checking out before deciding which option best suits your needs. We hope that you will avoid some typical errors by reading this article while selecting an anime streaming site. Nothing should stop you from getting the most out of anime watching online if you keep these ideas in mind. 

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