Ingramer Review – Features, Pricing, And Is It Safe To Use


Do you want to increase the number of organic followers and likes on your Instagram profile? Ingramer and other automation tools might help you save time and effort in growing your brand. They also save you the money you might spend on sponsored advertisements to grow your audience. Yet, trusting an automation bot to take tasks on your behalf might be tricky. Here’s our Ingramer review, in which we discuss its primary features, pricing, and whether or not it’s safe to use for your Instagram profile.

Ingramer Pros

Let’s start with Ingramer’s pros.

1 – Ingramer com employs HTTPS SSL encryption.

2 – Pricing and packages are apparent.

3 – For payment information, there are verified gateways.

4 – Contact information is easy to find.

5 – These are genuine customer reviews on Ingramer com.

Ingramer Cons

These are the cons we discovered when using Ingramer.

1 – The tool employs Instagram bots, preventing your account from being banned.

2 – That is also against Instagram’s terms of service.

3 – Customer service is only sometimes responsive.

4 – There is no FAQ or assistance page for new users to look to.

Ingramer Features

Following that, I’ll go through the many features that Ingramer provides.

Hashtag Generator

Hand-searching for hashtags to use may take time and effort. However, Ingramer has its hashtag generator that you may use to get various hashtag options for your posts. Just enter a few seed keywords, which will provide a selection of example hashtags.

IG Downloader

Do you want to preserve all of a profile’s posts? The IG downloader makes this possible with a single click, saving you time and effort. They also offer a profile and video downloader that accomplish the same thing.

IG Search

IG Search makes searching for users, services, and products on Instagram simple.

Auto Messaging

Ingramer will automatically leave notes on user posts to increase brand engagement and followers. You may customize the message that Ingramer will leave and the types of accounts on which Ingramer will leave comments. The bot will use your information, such as hashtags, locations, and particular users.

IG Analyzer

This tool assists you in developing Instagram promotion strategies that do not require manual optimization.

Auto Like

Most Instagram bots support automatic likes. Using a sample set of hashtags, locations, or particular users, Ingramer will like accounts on your behalf. Since someone’s post will generate a notice, these users may check out your account and follow you if interested in your content.

Auto Follow

Auto-following operates in the same way that auto-like does. However, Ingramer will follow particular accounts according to your hashtags, locations, or users. This strategy outperforms auto-like since people are likelier to follow an account that has followed them (assuming interests align and they dig your content).

Auto Direct Message

Do you despise responding to using direct messages on your phone? To save time connecting with interested clients, Ingramer developed a solution to receive Instagram messages immediately on your PC and Mac. This tool may be used for all your accounts; you do not need to log in and out of each IG account. The dashboard also includes the following features.

1 – Message Search. 

2 – A sidebar provides information about the profile with whom you interact.

3 – User information – enter the user’s phone number, city, address, etc.

4 – Labels for chat rooms.

5 – Make notes regarding the status of customers.

6 – Quick responses.

Instagram Direct Chat – CRM Integration

This capability is useful for client communication and may assist in increasing sales when coupled with your preferred CRM.

Trending Hashtags

Ingramer, another hashtag-generating addon, allows users to uncover trending hashtags in their respective categories. In addition, this tool displays the hashtags other users use in their posts, allowing you to mimic such hashtags to boost your organic reach.

Smart Unfollow

Following many accounts, hoping that they would follow you back, and then unfollowing any account that has yet to follow yours is a frequent strategy for increasing your brand’s visibility. Nevertheless, Instagram has caught on to users using bots to automate this process and has banned several bot apps. Ingramer, as a workaround, lets you set certain criteria before it unfollows an account, ranging from time intervals to involvement with your profile.

Easy Analytics

Ingramer makes it simple to view what activities it is doing on your profile. Its dashboard is easy to use and will indicate what actions were accomplished, such as followers and likes earned by its automation.

Post Scheduler For Instagram

Do you want to schedule Instagram posts? When scheduling content for posting to your Instagram feed, Ingramer allows users to submit images/videos and add descriptions and locations. Besides Ingramer, I’ve tried Planoly and Buffer, which are excellent options.

Stories Viewer

Ingramer may watch Instagram Stories on your behalf. It will track up to 100 profiles and preserve their stories for you to read later.

Ingramer Pricing

Now that we’ve explored the features of Ingramer let’s look at their pricing approach. Ingramer provides a monthly membership service, although the prices vary based on whatever features you use.

Ingramer Auto Promotion Service

This feature enables you to set up automatic interactions with your target audience.

1 – Likes for profiles you follow or do not follow.

2 – Choose the number of likes you want to leave for each profile.

3 – Appreciate user feeds and comment areas.

4 – Gender/language-specific filtering.

5 – Create a blacklist for certain hashtags, locations, and profiles so that Ingramer avoids such users.

6 – This costs $57 per month.

Schedule Posting

Adding scheduled publishing to your plan raises the monthly cost by $18. However, this has the following advantages.

1 – Scheduled automated posting.

2 – Carousel display.

3 – Posting of stories and galleries.

4 – A single dashboard for ten accounts.

5 – Intelligent follower development.

Direct Messages

For one account, the direct texting feature costs $29 per month. In addition, this package includes the following features.

1 – There is only one online chat for all accounts.

2 – Direct texting in bulk.

3 – Auto-responders for follow-up.

4 – Automatic Responses.

5 – AI-Optimized DM Search Function.

Ingramer VPN Service

It is suggested that you purchase a VPN for your account as a precaution to avoid having your account banned. This is available through Ingramer for $10 a month.

Hashtag Generator

You’ll have to pay $34 monthly to use Ingramer’s hashtag generator. Hashtag Trends, on the other hand, is completely free to use.

Instagram Downloader

At $4 per month, Instagram Downloader can mass download images, videos, stories, and profile posts in full-size/high-resolution.

Free Trial?

Sadly, Ingramer does not provide free trials on its website. It may also be difficult to set up all of these a la carte services if you are unfamiliar with Ingramer or using a social media automation bot.

Is Ingramer Safe?

Now that we’ve reviewed Ingramer’s features and pricing, let’s look at how secure it is.

About Ingramer

Ingramer bills itself as a self-service growth tool that assists users in growing their Instagram profiles using automation services.

Ingramer’s Follower Count On Instagram

Interestingly, I couldn’t discover a confirmed Ingramer account on Instagram. There are multiple accounts for Ingramer on social media, but it’s difficult to tell which one is the actual one. Nonetheless, these accounts have just a few hundred/thousand followers apiece, which is troubling for a tool that promises services to increase your organic reach/engagement on Instagram.

Website Trust Signals

Ingramer has 455 Trustpilot reviews, all of which are genuine. The main issue is that Ingramer needs to connect its social media accounts while browsing its website. They also have no mention of their team on Ingramer com. This is only sometimes a red indicator, but the Instagram growth business may be evil. It’s an excellent trust signal for team members of a tool or service to link themselves with the brand openly.

Customer Support

Customer service is said to be hit or miss. I was fine reaching out for assistance; however, some users have reported not getting answers from Ingramer’s 24/7 support line.

Tips For Using Ingramer

These are some guidelines to follow if you want to use Ingramer.

1 – Always link a VPN to your profile to avoid having your account banned.

2 – If you’re using Ingramer automation, don’t use other services on Instagram simultaneously. This may result in your account being banned for spamming conduct.

3 – When auto-messaging, use the Spintax format to customize your messages and avoid spamming with boilerplate texts.

4 – Review Ingramer’s Privacy Statement and User Agreement. That way, you’ll be completely aware of what you’re getting into and won’t be taken advantage of by their automatic monthly payments.

5 – Before setting up the service, look at some YouTube tutorials or Ingramer’s blog for tips and best practices.

Should You Make Use Of Ingramer?

Using automation tools such as Ingramer entails threats to your account. There are many reasons why people choose to avoid Instagram follower apps to prevent having their accounts warned or banned. The most important guideline is to make your activities look human and honest. I often see users make the mistake of increasing their automation too quickly, resulting in spammy behavior and Instagram deleting their accounts because of obvious spam.

Begin your automation with lesser settings, let them run for a few weeks, and gradually ramp up if you aren’t receiving the desired results. It’s best to play it safe than to automate too quickly and have your Instagram accounts permanently blocked/banned. Although I prefer Jarvee for social media automation, Ingramer is an excellent tool for growing your Instagram brand. We suggest giving Ingramer a go; it’s a useful tool to increase your organic following without much effort.

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