How Tech is Revolutionizing LED Business?

How Tech is Revolutionizing LED Business?

After the invention of the electric bulb by Thomas Alva Edison, there was not much interesting thing that happened than the reinvention of the same design of Alva’s invention like the Incandescent bulb till the year 1962. In the year 1962, scientist Nick Holonyak Jr. Created a laser. Further, he developed the more Fascinating thing i.e.Lepro RGB LED strip lighting.

Then it came to sales in the year 1968, and it did not get much attention from the Consumers. So, It is been used for more industrial use. This is the beginning  LED revolution.

The Technology Behind LED

Other than LED, other forms of lights from use electricity for creating heat, and thereby the light will glow.  LED uses a unique technology(semiconductors) and it glows by photons. Though it is weak in lumens, it created curiosity among scientists and they begin to contribute their work for the further growth of technology behind an LED. Sounds Great.

Over time, LEDs become more popular around the ’90s and this has become user-friendly. Finally, the first ultra-bright LED lights came to the market in the 21st Century.

This technology is loved by many consumers and it is greatly loved by people. People began to use LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs.

Difference between Incandescent bulbs and LED lights.

LED lights have many benefits while comparing to incandescent bulbs. The great benefit of LED light is it gives 100 lumens per watt. But the incandescent bulb gives only 15 lumens per watt.

Edison’s incandescent bulb can glow for Thousand hours. Where this is only the fraction of the glow time of LED. The antiquated idea makes the LED look hard. So, many people are started to hate LED without using it.

Yeah, this is true.LED lights tend to improve the Color rendering index. This is the thing, which most people dislike. The ideal value of CRI is 100. The lights having a CRI value less than 90 are considered to be less appealing.

LED light has a CRI value of less than 90.  LEDs with a CRI value of around 90 are considered as good light sources and they give great-looking brightness.  LED with a CRI value of less than 90 gives unnatural light.

Applications of LED 

LEDs are used in Traffic lights, mobile phones, and Computers and that is the most powerful and cost-effective option while comparing to other forms of light.

Technology is growing rapidly day by day. Likewise, the intelligence of LEDs has also risen more quickly. Its Cost-effectiveness and user-friendly options are the reason for rapid growth. In past, Flim Cameras take hundreds of years to work in a certain way, But digital made it obsolete in less(less than a decade) time. A similar thing is applied to LEDs.i.e.Incandescent bulb is electrical equivalent and the LED light is the digital equivalent. This led to great development in the 21st century.

Once the LED is properly installed, it serves as Energy Savers on many levels. For those who are in the lighting field, SSL (solid-state lighting) gives a revolutionary experience. If you’re forced to learn all terms and technology for the first time, then it will be the ultimate game-changer.

OLED Technology 

Next to the Innovative LED Technology, The OLED Technology has raised. This is Similar to LED technology but has different lighting apparatus. The bad thing about this technology is the Complimentary method of producing light. ( produces light by using planar structure). We can also expect further development in this technology.

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