How To Find The Halfway Point On Google Maps Easily

This Article is About to Google Maps: Google Maps is one of the most widely used navigation applications. We’ll teach you how to locate the midway point on Google Maps in this short tutorial. You may either utilize the Measure Distance option or manually compute the coordinates. We’ll also provide a few useful options at the conclusion of this article as a bonus.


How to Used Google Maps to Find the Midpoint Between Two Points?

The midway point function is not available in Google Maps. To put it another way, the software is unable to compute the midway between two distinct locations, or many places for that matter.

Measure the Distance

One solution is to measure the midway by measuring the distance between the two locations. We’ve previously written a short tutorial on how to use Google Maps to measure distances.

To mark the second place, right-click on your beginning position, choose the Measure distance option, and then click on the map again.

Google Maps

Using coordinates, find the halfway point.

Another option is to perform the math and use coordinates to find the midway.

  1. You must first get the coordinates of each point.
  2. Then divide by two the sum of each person’s latitudes.
  3. After that, multiply the longitudes of each site by two to get the answer.
  4. Make a note of the new coordinates. The midpoint’s latitudes and longitudes are returned.
  5. In Google Maps, enter the updated coordinates.

Check out these two helpful guides for additional information:

How to Locate the Central Address Among Multiple Addresses?

Don’t have time to manually search for the right coordinates or measure the distance between the two points? You may use a web program to determine the midway point between two or more locations automatically.

If you need to determine the midway between several places, we recommend utilizing a web app. When determining the midway point of two or more points that are not in the same octant of the globe, the two techniques mentioned above lose their precision and usefulness.

WhatsHalfway, MeetWays, and A place between us are three great online applications that automatically determine the midway point between various places. Enter your addresses, choose the kind of place you want to visit and leave the rest to the tools. That’s all there is to it.

As you can see, Google Maps isn’t exactly the most user-friendly tool for determining the midway point. Hopefully, Google will add this feature to Maps at some point in the future.

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Final Thought:

On Google Maps, you may measure the distance between two places or calculate the midpoint using coordinates to locate the midway point. Alternatively, you may utilize a web app to do the calculations for you. So, which of these alternatives do you prefer? Please let us know in the comments section below. 

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