How To Fix QuickBooks Online Login Problems?


QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting programes available. It has all of the tools that accountants and businesses need to keep track of small and medium-sized enterprises’ cash flow. QuickBooks Online also allows you to save your data in the cloud and view it from a variety of devices. However, users may sometimes be unable to access their QuickBooks Online accounts. When they click the login button, either nothing occurs or they get different error numbers. To solve the issue, follow the steps outlined below.

Why am I unable to access QuickBooks Online?


Use a Different Login Link

If you’re unable to log in to QuickBooks using the usual sign-in URL, try a different one. Check whether you can login in at or

Use Incognito Mode

Though, Open a new window in your browser and choose More choices. Check whether you can log in by opening a new Incognito window. If you can log-in to your account, it’s likely that your cache and extensions are interfering with the scripts QuickBooks is attempting to execute on the page. Check the results after clearing the cache and disabling your addons.

Clear the Cache

On a Chromium-based browser, go to More options, choose History, and then Delete browsing data to clear your cache and cookies. Then, verify the findings after deleting your cache and cookies from the previous four weeks.

Disable your add-ons

Then choose Extensions from the More options menu. A list of all the extensions installed on your browser should now appear. Turn them all off, start a new tab, and see if you can access your QuickBooks account.

Update or Reinstall Your Browser

If the issue continues, check for updates and upgrade your browser to the most recent version. To check for updates, go to More options, Help (or Help and Feedback), and choose the About option. Check the outcomes by restarting your browser.

Switch to a other browser if the issue continues. It’s possible that your current browser version has a flaw. Log in to your QuickBooks account using a different web browser.

QuickBooks should be added as a trusted site.

If the issue persists, try adding QuickBooks as a trusted site.

  1. Select now the Security tab from the Internet Options menu.
  2. Hit the Sites button after selecting Trusted sites.
  3. To the list of trustworthy websites, add and
  4. Save the changes, restart your browser, and try logging into your QuickBooks account again.

Flush Your DNS

Clearing your DNS may assist you in resolving your login issue.

  1. Close your browser first.
  2. Then run Command Prompt as an administrator.
  3. Hit Enter after running the ipconfig /flushdns command.
  4. Close Command Prompt, restart your browser, and log into QuickBooks again.

Reset Your QuickBooks Password

Resetting the QuickBooks password, according to many users, fixed the issue. To begin, go to the sign-in page and click on “I lost my user ID or password.” Then, to create the password reset link, follow the onscreen instructions.

Contact the support staff if the issue continues. Return to the sign-in screen and choose I forgot my user ID or password, then Try Something Else. Then, to speak with an expert, click on Talk to an expert, fill in the necessary information, and click the Submit button.

Final Words:

If you’re having trouble logging into your QuickBooks account, try using a different login URL. Clear your cache and cookies, deactivate your extensions, and upgrade your browser after that. Finally, add QB as a trusted site and flush your DNS if the issue continues. Did these suggestions assist you in resolving the issue? Leave your views in the comments below. 

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