Overview of GPT4Free: A Complete Guide


One of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence is its adaptability. Regardless of the specific model, modifications can be made with ease if you possess the necessary knowledge to adjust it correctly. That’s what GPT4Free is all about.

This project is the brainchild of a European student, who harnessed their inventive skills and computing expertise to successfully decipher The most recent Artificial Intelligence language model developed by OpenAI This service offers its features completely without charge. In this brief blog post, we’ll delve into what this initiative really entails. Let’s begin.

Basic Information About GPT4Free

OpenAI has gained widespread recognition for its language models powered by Artificial Intelligence. The newest version, referred to as GPT4, Regarded as one of the strongest AI language models to date, this system, however, is not available at no cost. Users must spend funds to access its functionalities.

A student from Europe who self-identifies as Xtekky Circumvented GPT-4’s subscription barrier and offered a version recognized as GPT4Free This edition is free of charge and its functionalities can be utilized at no cost. The official collection can be reached by users through. URL: https://github.com/xtekky/gpt4free .

GPT4Free Was Created By Xtekky

Xtekky is studying computer science. This project’s connections were initially uncovered through Reddit. It swiftly became popular on GitHub, attracting users from a variety of industries.

How was Xtekky able to accomplish this feat?

Xtekky’s project employs techniques of reverse-engineering, which are fairly straightforward to grasp. Essentially, the project deceives OpenAI into believing that the user of GPT4 has settled their fees. It’s akin to fooling the system into recognizing incoming commands as if they originate from a website that has acquired GPT4’s advanced functionalities.

This is a quite clever method for circumventing OpenAI’s algorithms in order to access their most potent AI model without spending any funds.

How Do You Get GPT4Free?

Due to the contentious nature of GPT4Free, obtaining access to it can be quite convoluted. This contrasts with the earlier versions from OpenAI, which were more directly accessible. You can’t simply visit an official website to begin utilizing this AI model. Rather, you should adhere to the following procedures:

  • The initial step to take to acquire this project involves visiting Google.
  • In the search field, enter the search terms “ GPT4Free. 
  • You’ll be directed to a range of search outcomes; you are required to select the top option. Clicking this link will lead you to a website that provides comprehensive details on how to use this GPT4 iteration.
  • Examine the table of contents on the website closely, as it holds important details you may require regarding this artificial intelligence model.

To start this project, you’ll likely need to engage in some programming. The necessary information can be found on the webpage we’ve covered.

Aspects of the GPT4Free:

Since  GPT4Free Essentially GPT-4 less its subscription cost, the capabilities are identical to those found in the official version.

Artificial intelligence is versatile and can be customized according to your preferences through various technological methods. This flexibility is exemplified by GPT4free, a no-cost iteration of the GPT4 model developed by a student in Europe as part of a project.

It is Free to Use

The hint is in the name. This AI chatbot is available at no cost. You can utilize all of its features without spending any money, as there is no charge for its use. Xtekky managed to circumvent the payment barrier for OpenAI’s service in their project. .

It Can Understand Your Commands in Depth

The Prior iterations of GPT-4 were less sophisticated. At the time of their debut, they were quite sophisticated, but GPT4 has elevated the technology to an entirely new tier. This AI language model possesses a deeper comprehension of your instructions, enabling it to produce responses that are more pertinent to the context.

It Can Analyze Visual Data

This is one of the  main improvements of GPT4 The new model offers an improvement by being able to process visual information. It allows users to input pictures into the system and then pose questions about them. This capability is particularly useful for interpreting various kinds of graphical data.

What Was OpenAI’s Response to GPT4Free?

After Xtekky had developed the  GPT4Free project OpenAI contacted him and requested that he bring down the repository It makes sense that individuals would not be inclined to spend money on a product if they can use an equivalent version for free. OpenAI might have viewed it as a potential risk to their business.

However,  Xtekky He shared some vastly divergent opinions. He stated his belief that OpenAI had no justification in requesting the removal of his repository. He clarified his viewpoint by stating that since the project doesn’t directly utilize OpenAI’s work, their request was unwarranted. The API from OpenAI is not utilized directly; rather, it compiles information from various websites that compensate OpenAI for accessing the capabilities of GPT-4.

Additionally, the explanation provided indicated that Xtekky cannot be held accountable for how other people utilized his project. He has not made a decision on whether to remove his GitHub repository.

Should You Use GPT4Free?

Essentially, the decision to use GPT4Free is entirely up to you and will vary based on the specific situations in which you intend to utilize it. Given that its use could be contentious, the responsibility of whether or not to employ it rests with you.


 GPT4Free Xtekky has created a project offering features comparable to OpenAI’s advanced AI chatbot, GPT4. To ensure users can access this AI language model for free, Xtekky circumvented the need for payment imposed by the original company. The project operates by utilizing APIs from various websites that might have previously compensated OpenAI for the privilege of using its high-end language model.


The provided details offer useful understanding regarding this complimentary chatbot. We trust that it has aided in your comprehension of the true nature of this initiative and additional associated data.


Who can use the GPT4-free model?

This model is available for all to use, though the method of access may be somewhat challenging. Once accessed, however, it can be used with ease by those who have the ability to do so.

Is this model entirely free?

Certainly. This GPT4Free version is completely free of charge. There’s no need to subscribe in order to utilize it.

Is using this GPT model legal?

This GPT framework could potentially infringe upon legal regulations as it is fundamentally a concept from OpenAI that is safeguarded by copyright laws.

Is there a lawful substitute for this approach?

Certainly. Alternative lawful options to the GPT-4 model, like Bing AI, are available for use at no cost and without legal concerns.

Is it okay to disclose confidential information with the service known as GPT4free?

Avoid sharing any confidential details with GPT4free, as it is an unauthorized model.

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