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GPT Zero

With the expanding usage of AI tools for content generation, there is a greater need for AI plagiarism detectors. GPT Zero is one tool business owners and educational institutions use to detect AI-based content. It is a free tool that may be used straight from the GPTZero website. GPTZero was created by a Princeton University student shortly after the introduction of ChatGPT in 2022. It accurately differentiates between human and AI-written content. However, people continue to doubt GPTZero’s accuracy and dependability. This article will go through GPT Zero and its features rapidly. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What’s GPT Zero?

GPT Zero

GPT Zero is an AI detection tool that Princeton undergraduate Edward Tiana created to detect AI-written text. GPTZero may be accessed through its official website ( The tool is trained on a big dataset to distinguish between language produced by people and text generated by AI tools such as ChatGPT, Jasper AI, and others. GPT Zero recognizes AI text based on patterns and terms found in the content. When creating content, AI tools often follow a pattern. As a result, they are less efficient than humans. AI detectors can readily detect such patterns, allowing them to identify AI-written content. GPTZero is now free, but you may need to register an account to use it for lengthier content. The disadvantage of this tool is that it is currently under beta testing. Consequently, it is occasionally prone to making mistakes or producing incorrect findings.


GPT Zero does not charge anything for AI text detection. It is free to use, regardless of the length of your writing. The only catch is that you must create a new account by providing your email address to test lengthier messages. GPTZero, once again, provides premium features for educators. Fill out the appropriate form on the official website to upgrade to the premium edition. This package includes a deep content analysis and an expanded character limit with limitless batch processing. The premium version has yet to be made available. You must apply for access and wait for approval from the staff.

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GPT Zero is used by one million people throughout the globe. The platform has several characteristics that set it apart from other AI content detection tools. The following are some of GPTZero’s most notable characteristics.

Holistic Plagiarism Scores

GPT Zero uses two elements to create plagiarism results: perplexity and burstiness. Perplexity measures how well an AI platform predicts a text’s next word. Burstiness examines the sentence structure and arrangement of a piece of content. If it detects a resemblance in the pattern, the content was probably created by an AI tool.

Highlights AI Content

Only a small fraction of your writing may have AI content. GPT Zero emphasizes material that it believes was authored by AI. You won’t have to re-edit the whole content this way. Rewrite and submit the discovered content!

Offers API

GPT Zero is still in its early stages; however, it does provide an API for developers. This API may incorporate GPTZero features into other websites or apps. The API is not accessible to everyone. As a result, you must apply for GPT Zero API by completing its API request form.

Works For Different AI Platforms

The majority of users use GPT Zero to detect ChatGPT-written content. But it does not stop there! GPTZero accurately detects content authored by multiple AI systems based on language models such as GPT-2, GPT-3, LLaMa, and others.

Company Behind GPTZero 

GPT Zero is not a firm that has been founded or owned. Edward Tian, a Princeton undergraduate, created the tool to assist instructors in detecting AI plagiarism in students’ academic writings and projects.

How Does GPT Zero Work?

GPT Zero

GPT Zero recognizes AI-written content by detecting text patterns and anticipating the next content words. AI tools write readily predictable texts. Alternatively, if the text has a variety of sentence structures, words, or patterns, it was authored by a person. GPTZero detects AI content using two criteria.

  • Perplexity – Based on predictability, it assesses the unpredictability inside a text. It is AI-written if a text is readily foreseeable. It computes a perplexity value ranging from 0 to 100. A value of 0 indicates that the content was created artificially, whereas a value of 100 indicates that a person authored it.
  • Burstiness – Burstiness refers to the employment of uncommon words in a text. Humans are largely responsible for content comprising various words, phrases, and sentence patterns.
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Enter your text in the field provided on GPTZero’s website and click Get Results to detect AI-written content. GPT Zero will check the content and deliver AI, human, or mixed findings. You may also attach a pdf or doc file.

What To Do With GPTZero?

GPT Zero is mostly used to detect content that has been intentionally written. Educators, schools, and colleges frequently use the platform to examine their students’ work. GPTZero detects AI plagiarism in academic content.

Is GPT Zero Accurate?

GPT Zero needs to be more accurate. The issue with GPTZero is that it employs burstiness and perplexity to determine whether or not the text was authored by AI, which could function better.

GPT Zero Accuracy

GPTZero, on the other hand, performs an excellent job at identifying texts written using ChatGPT. GPT Zero’s accuracy is predicted to be over 98%. This implies that it can properly identify whether a particular text was produced by a human or an AI 98% of the time. While GPTZero is quite accurate, it has its challenges.

Consider The Following:


GPT Zero is an outstanding AI detection tool. The greatest feature of this tool is that it is completely free and produces accurate results for nearly any form of content. The tool can detect content authored by several AI language models, including ChatGPT. If you want a low-cost yet effective AI detector, GPTZero is a must-try! Remember that the tool is still in beta. Its output may be inferior to those of paid AI detection tools.

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