How to Get YouTube Premium Student Discount?

YouTube Premium Student Discount

YouTube has recently introduced the students discount plans for their subscription in India and other countries. The YouTube Premium and YouTube music cater to video and audio segments separately. 

Both services are available on Android and iOS devices. The students who enrolled in universities and accredited colleges can avail of these services on discounted rates. The individual who gets the premium membership at discount prices can access an ad-free version of the YouTube original and YouTube. 


Who is Eligible for YouTube Premium Student Discount? 

The students enrolled in the full-time higher education institute in India, and other countries can sign up for the YouTube Premium Student Discount. However, the discounted subscription of the premium account is valid for four years. 

Students also need to re-verify their account and eligibility every year. 

What is Included in the YouTube Premium Student Discount? 

Students will get a one-month free trial and need to pay only half of the monthly subscription amount. In India, YouTube Music is available at only Rs 59 per month, and the YouTube premium video services is available at Rs 79 per month. 

However, it is still not clear that these discount prices will be the same on Android devices and iOS devices or not. The student having the premium members can access both services, ad-free versions, and music download facilities to watch movies and listen to music offline. 

Steps to Get YouTube Premium Student Discount 

The SheerID confirms YouTube verification and eligibility. Before you sign, check that if your school is included in the student membership page of the YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium. 

If your school included then move ahead to signup and follow these steps: 

  1. -Visit the YouTube Premium site and click on the landing page. Next, click on Try IT Free. 
  2. -After that, a message will pop-up on the screen that you are redirected for verification to the SheerID after that clicks on continue. 
  3. -Fill the country, university name, first name, and last name. Also, make sure to fill the email address and date of birth. Click on the box to agree for the verification process. 
  4. -Then click on next after filling the details. 
  5. -When you are filling the signup form, sometimes the SheerID looks for more information like student ID scanning, transcript, and many other university documents. You need to upload all the files and click on submit. 
  6. -Once you submit the form, YouTube says, you will receive email verification shortly within 29 minutes. Sometimes it takes more than 48 hours to confirm. 
  7. -If the account’s verification is successful, then SheerID will redirect you back on the signup page of the YouTube premium account. 
  8. -Here, you need to login to the YouTube account. 
  9. -Click on the profile, select the paid membership, and follow the instruction prompting on the screen. 
  10. -Select a payment method. After that, click on start one-month trial. Once the free trial is over, then YouTube will charge you a monthly subscription bill at discounted rates. 

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Final Thought:

Thats it guys! if you know any other method for how to get maximum YouTube Premium Student Discount do let us know in comments section below.

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